DLC t1-t2 Options

Why do the DLC’s just include t3 alternatives? I’m sure if Funcom was lacking in ideas the community would have no problem offering up suggestions. I’ve personally read about Adobe(clay), snow or ice (like igloos), Wood (cabin style). There are LOADS of lore friendly t1-t2 alternatives.

Not really a suggestion of mine just a little curious about why.

yada yada, cost and expenses. Forewarned if I am going to hear that I would hope it would be from a dev or a mod and not a Joe Somebody like me that has no idea what Funcoms budget is :stuck_out_tongue:


i gues it dont have much use when you hit higher level, and ability to reskin lower tiers can breake balace / i see t3 skin ,i dont go there even if it have sandstone wall hp/

I think its mostly do to T3 being “best” and making a cosmetic design of lets say Japanese Paper Homes. It looks great…till you wanna use it in T3 build zone, and Purge 1-2 shots thru it cause it wasn’t T3 building.

I wanted to ask for t1 design before… then purge started on my server and sat laptop down and went. “Oh hell, I get it!”

To me anyway, It be limited in use for most of it as a t1 building type.

Yeah I get that. But I mean Funcom never provided us with a reason for end-game so aside from pvp Conan is a huge RP attraction and the map is divided in purge zones. So you could build an entire village in t1 or 2 and with a few typical purge defenses secure your town. Perhaps more options will only come from the modding community, but nothing says you must upgrade to t3 to survive.

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I pretty much use Khitan/blackice in far norths, and insulated in greenlands of north.

I tend force purges in SP, So I need make sure I got right tiers. T1 one stuff might as well be paper in t3 zone.

It matches nicely in south thou, (thou i tend go insulated everywere for foundations)

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