New T1 Building Materials

Could we possibly get some new Tier 1 building materials? Maybe flip the ratio so that more wood is needed than stone, and give us the ability to make crude log cabins. It’s strange that the only thing that can be made cheaply is sandstone, when stacking logs should actually be easier.

Would be nice to see new buildings in the northern and eastern areas using region-appropriate building mats instead of out-of-place sandstone everywhere.

Thank you much.


Would love to add to this structures made out of hide and bone. Lots of classic Conan art shows tribal structures abd barbarian dwellings made this wat or even made from giant animal bones.


More than once while starting over with a new exile I’ve found myself wishing I could build something out of wood or thatch. For all the things about Ark that have kept me from going back to it I did like that the first thing I could build with was just thatch, it felt more primitive and survivory than immediately throwing up stone structures right off the bat.

Maybe like…a rickety wood and thatch “Tier 0” that you know right away without using knowledge points to unlock (since any idiot can tie a bunch of sticks together), that offers basically no protection for PvP but would give PvE and roleplayers an option for better immersion or whatever when they’re just starting out.

As an added bonus it could include a thatch ceiling piece so we can finally make thatch roofs with flat tops that actually match the sloped parts.

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This makes perfect sense in the context of ancient cultures where most lived on their own work. Sure there were craftsmen to hire but seems reasonable themost primitive of structures could be managed.

And I’d like to have some VERY cheap “tier 0” literally made of sticks and ropes just for modelling purposes. No protection from anything except sandstorms, very weak, just some modelling my T3 and scaffolding too :slight_smile:

Going along with having a Tier 0 I also thought about pushing the sandstone building materials back to like level ten so it feels a bit more earned, but I don’t know what that’d do to PvP players just starting out.

(Then again it’s not like it’s hard to level up that far, the last time I started over I got there in about ten minutes without even meaning to.)

I like the idea of having some new T0 or T1 building mats, I particularly like the log structure idea, and I could live with the bone and hide suggestions (but we’re not really killing very large animals until we’re higher in level and taking down elephants, mammoths, rhinos, and dragons).

But, if we are to keep getting more handmade building/crafting recipes, we need a better filtering system in place (at least for PS4) – I’d prefer it if each building style had its own tab or sub-tab in the inventory screen. It is getting pretty ridiculous scrolling through a bazillion recipes… certainly more than a bit unwieldy at this point.

Like this??


Those look good. Mods I assume?

I love that mod and I’d step over my own mother for an entire set of building pieces in that style.

Yes, but it is not a full set, so I can’t use it for modelling some not obvious units in higher tiers buildings (

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