New structures levels: T4 e T5


I would like to see in conan new level of structures:

T4 could be like twice as strong as T3 and use starmetal

T5 could be four times as strong as T3 and use some new ingredient that could be farmed from a boss, a dungeon, or with the use of magic rituals, or something else so that making a base fully of it would be really demanding, but it could be used, in small amounts, at some points of strategic importance, such as a treasure room or main column.

If anyone could add do this, that would be great.


Think the tiers are fine where they are at, siege needs to be updated and they said that it was on their list for near future.

I’d rather see the option of admin’s interacting with already placed pieces to make them indestructible except by admins, or a way to make pieces in the inventory indestructible once placed sort of like an “upgrade” to gear but for building. Reason being for player made dungeons, to not make them siege vulnerable or purge.


Yes its verry mutch needed, its far to easy to raid to day. But maybe have a limitation on howe many block/peases an clan can have just so you can protect the most important and limit the alfaclan to dominate to mutch.


No, more tiers means more grinding and we have plenty of that already, 3 is fine.


I agree that we have enough tiers. Reevaluating the state the tiers vs siege weapons is a must and they are currently doing that. Once they come out the feedback will come from us players for FC to really get a grasp for further change or direction. I feel the tiers, especially black ice, is a little too easy to gather and even easier to bring down by seige. The grind isn’t overwhelming but the security you should feel with your walls built isn’t there.


Imagine what a warzone the north would be if a tier required Star Metal… ouch.

Plus that’d just make Alpha clans even more ‘Alpha’ since if they could control the relatively few spawns of it they’d be the only ones growing stronger.


Yes thats whay i added a limitation on howe many blocksyou can have, lets say 20 t4 and 10 t5 just to safe up the most important. And so the alfa cant massproduse it.


There would be no need for new building models. The models could just change colors at some parts, depending on tier, like the t4 could change a few collors on the models to blue, such as the spikes on t3 black ice, and the tier 5 could change a few collors on the models to red.


No. T3 is max. You want different T3 colors then buy the dlc. The whole point of dlc is different looks.


The new tiers rule also just add clutter to the already over cluttered craft menu.


Wow. This is the day. The day I can agree with Bryan on something. :astonished:


I already have all DLCs, and i will keep buying all of them! And, more than that, i bought the game for a few friends too! That is how much i love this game. Can you say the same ?!

This talk about colors is to make it easier to implement the idea without having to create new models.


Yes its almost not poseble to be able to paint youre house, the system cant suport it. It was clear in early acces that all block become one part.


He was talking about a simple color texture instead of whole new models. But they aren’t necessary because they can’t reach a balance with what they have now why even attempt to mess them up even more. The crafting slider is overly crowded more structure parts would drive me insane.


A t4 makes sense to me I see this amazing material star metal and its used for everything but buildings. It would be easy to make that addition. As far as the balancing of it… grinding only happens on official servers :slight_smile: To us private fast craft fast harvest server players … a t4 would be welcomed.


in a limit nr of blocks.



I preorder. 65 bucks.

Every color has to have a model to that.

New models are easier to program than adding a new color to an item.

All that coding.

You want to dye your base play Ark then.

This is Conan Exiles not painting.

I’m a barbarian not a painter.


Yes its not poseble to dye the Buildings. as the system is build.


T3 already to PVP players as OP.

We don’t need more nerfs for a new tier.

We don’t more raiders complaining.

Star metal for building is a waste.


say what a t3 wall / roof is like butter in the sun to raid, its imposeble to protect anything unless you box it in whe 5+ walls or so. Its far to easy to raid.

But i guess you are the alfa raider that lives on looting.

We need a limit nr/ clan of T4-5 blocks to be able to protect somthing so you don have to start from 0 when you got run over.