Testlive Is Great But some disadvantages {raiding}

With the current test live I has been generally great combat is massively been balanced out and feels great. The biggest gripe I have is t3 being able to be destroyed from fists to legendary weapons. If you have a base of any size it is FARRR more cheaper. I personally dont like this move since each hit of a legendary weapon with 40 str does with the best weapon 160 dmg per hit. Most players that dont build megalithic structures have no chance with the current test live. I would recommenced that if the dmg to anything it should not be full damage but 1/10th or 1/16th for t3 and t2 structures.

Put your suggestions of what you think. :slight_smile:


I think that T1 should be vulnerable to everything from Iron forwards, but T2 requires at least orbs, and T3 at least explosives. I think it would be awesome to be able to break through walls with a sledgehammer, but I’m not sure if that should apply to T2 or T3.

It’s very interesting that they made this move, to test it out. I’m assuming it’s intentional. Might be related to the purge, and how those creatures need to be able to destroy your base walls and foundations.

I’m hoping that they add Bel, the god of Thieves, eventually to the game, alongside a lockpicking mechanic to make doors more vulnerable. This would also encourage light raiding, where Tier-1 ‘thieves’ could infiltrate Tier-3 bases.


In addition to what TwinCrows stated, I’d also point out that while you can damage T3 with your Legendary weapon, you are also subsequently expending a fairly rare item (when the server goes to normal progression/crafting), and you will not make it very far into someone’s T3 base with that weapon. Don’t forget the time it would take to break into any single layer, and the risk of running into someone’s thralls or even such player you are raiding.

All said IMO, I don’t see a big problem with it at this time, unless suddenly the weapon becomes commonplace or ridiculously cheap to repair.

weapons are common place, If you know where the legendary MOBS are I have all the chest spots known and 2 days of work got me there and I didnt say the best weapon was a legendary weapon but there is another far cheaper and with the same effect.

The bosses are currently really easy, started farming the bosses at L40 and now at L60, I am running from chest to chest after a server re-spawn to loot them all as I have so many skeleton keys.

These keys are far far too easy to get. The bosses need to be harder. With a good axe and shield, its insane the damage you now do. Really need to re-look at the balance and make tier 3 walls immune to any weapon damage or a least greatly reduced.


against npcs yes, against people can vary based on there armor type and perk layout. If they are in heavy and have 40 vitality with good healing they are unstoppable. Medium can be effective in groups and rolling Nerfed make so many things viable besides bows

Just to reiterate. You can easily farm the scorpion boss with a stone spear while naked. Drops a key every time.


Boss need to have more special attacks, like shield smash and some form of range attack. If you can farm them with a stone spear while naked and collect 100+ keys before you get to L60…there is an issue!

On my server, the chests are all gone but all the bosses are up cause its now just a race after a server reboot to unlock the chests with the hundreds of keys lots of player have before someone else de-spawn the chest by getting there first.

The current system does not work well. No one makes end game shield or weapons cause you can loot way better with only a few mins work!

Almost all players raiding are wearing heavy armor with 40 points in vitality, lots of healing potions and using the boss shields and weapons…All PVP fights are just see who runs out of healing potions first. No skill.

Most are wearing a full set of silent legion since its so easy to make and there is no environment damage at the moment (heat or cold on testlive does nothing)

Frostbite should be a damage over time effect.

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frostbite negation reduces health pool walk in silent legion in the north plus other armors are as ell cheap to make for being Epic. I agree with healing potions but that directly ties into not only the perk system but also the healing type that is available.

So what does Frostbite exactly do now? It lowers your health pool and stops you from climbing but nothing else? Was sure it used to slowly damage you over time on the normal servers.

What about when you get really hot? Does that do anything besides make your water rate go down faster?

So its now ok to wear Silent Legion armor anywhere if you do not mind a small drop in total HP while your in the snow?

That was the first state the game was in if I remember correctly… People were unhappy with it, which was why it was changed to steel+.
This is also why I think its clearly a bug that fists can damage any building. ?
I say: let orbs be t1 explosives, capable of damaging t1+t2 structures. Rest should stay as it is?

I dont know how “purge” will turn out, so I wont go and ask for more. But I dont think it will be related to fistfighting.
But I really think that we wont be able to stack three foundations an then shoot that black rhino down when purge hits testlive/live. Since then those should try to do their attacks on the lower position on the player -> damaging the first foundation, making the player fall. If players exploit AI, then at least in a natural way. (Climbing a rock/hill/mountain.)

I think the devs should stick to the “no repair” idea.

As for daggers, I usually go with kingslayer. If religion was working, I would probably change to set daggers instead… depending on what is needed to repair them.

Not only them. Another attempt is by keeping the bosses staggered (wont work with every boss though) by using daggers. That spidercave is funny. I get once a stack of 3 poison and thats it. (Now imagine if I used herbal tea, regenerating my stamina instead of backing off…)

I really think all healing should be reduced to eigther 1/3 or not allowing potion+eating to stack and reducing healing to 60%. As I saw that herbal tea and potion must stack as well… Thats bluntly put a double aloe potion. And even one potion heals a lot!


This game certainly did not need any mechanism to make raiding easier relative to building. This is the exact opposite of what needed to happen.

Im guessing the testlive server build is not the same as the gold build or the dev.buil. its more there to test out stuff to see reactions etc. i cant see them releasing the game with this legendary chest setup. i think there are some choises.

  • Make the key a rare drop (like 5-10% drop rate) and let the chest have a 50% droprate on items.
  • Make some crafteable weapons a tiny bit better in some stats (lighter or extra stats etc) so not everyones first choice is legendary weapons.
  • Make bosses intended as groupfight (balance to 2-3 lvl 60 people) with unpredicteable attacks/minions etc.

Legendary weapons should really be exactly that - Legendary!


well I hope not for the raiding with fists to leg weapons they just need to nerf heals and buff arrows

No offense to anybody who’s smart enough to post and participate here, but I’ve studied some streams lately. If Funcom hadn’t flipped the dial to “easy” for this build, 9/10 of everybody I’ve played against or watched would’ve rage quit. This game is hard, and I think at release it’s going to be as punishing as we like. :star_struck:


punish all!!! survive and dominate

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Also @Polarbear_Igloo since you’re always on too: the Legendary Chest on the Spider Plain above Summoner’s (don’t want to spoil it). I hit E on it during last build without a key, but at LVL 60. It turned into a bag with two pieces of loot each time. Have you seen this?

have yet to break chests ty Ill test it

I am not sure what prompted them to let weapons do dmg to t2 - t3 structures. But I agree with the OP it should be bombs and trebs that dmg T3.

T1 = Steal weapons, orbs, trebs, and bombs
T2 = orbs, trebs, and bombs
T3 = trebs, and bombs

ITs already really easy for a solo player to have micro bases scattered around the map and offline raid all the bases with orbs. I think this really hurts the game as it pushes people away from building all but the biggest bases. Kinda hard to build and dominate when buildings are so easily compromised by everything in the game.


Wish there was a server setting to make it so orbs to not drop from NPC/mods but had to be made. Cause Orbs are so easy to get as loot and a pain to make