My view on different aspects

Hello everyone,

Throughout this thread, I plan to post my reflections, feedback and suggestions concerning what could be improved in the game. Let us start:

1. Raid protection
I think there’s too much of it right now. Weapons are basically useless against certain items and against virtually all structures. While I can understand (and prefer) that a steel weapon doesn’t work to make walls (even T1 ones) crumble, I cannot see why it wouldn’t be perfectly able to break a chest, a reinforced chest or a T1 door. I do not think that protecting low-level players against high-level abusers is enough reason.

First because low-level players can progress way faster now thanks to the journey system. Second because low-level players can replace what they’ve lost quite easily if raided. Thirdly because most high-level players have better things to do than raiding a T1 structure to get some plant fibers.

Hence, I think weapons should become stronger (with limitations) against some of the aforementioned elements. Right now, breaking a chest is painful and using a bomb to do it seems excessive (especially in 1x official servers).

Which leads to another issue with overprotected structures against raids: while the damage made by siege boulders seems adequate, the one done by bombing (explosive jars, fire-dragon barrages and orbs) is quite low (again: especially considering that they are hard to farm in 1x official servers and that they are… well… bombs).

Avatars seem ok in terms of damage and so on… as long as they work properly. Unfortunately, they did not in my case. Made three perfect hits in raid time and did absolutely nothing (see thread: Avatars doing 0 damage).

As a final note on this, I’ll say that there are PvE servers for people that do not want to be raided and, on top, PvP servers have a limited raiding window. I think it’s enough protection.

2. Elevators and the like
A really cool addition, but they should move faster if you ask me. Not fast, but faster. Usually, it takes more time to use the elevator than to walk your way up/down/sideways to the spot you want to be. Very useful when carrying a thrall to the wheel of pain. Not so much in any other situation.

My base has 2 elevators and 2 funiculars. I use none because it’s faster to run and climb.

3. Thrall hunting
Briefly: it is extremely annoying to lose the thrall you’ve captured just because you accidentally climbed a wall, stepped upon a water volume slightly deep enough to make you swim, performed an emote to another player and so on.

If it’s a bug, hopefully it’ll be fixed. If it’s intended, it is definitely an improvable mechanic. Should any of that stuff happen, we should be able to turn ourselves around and re-attach the thrall to our character without it disappearing.

4. Rhinos bugged as hell
Fighting a rhino involves clipping through its head, getting inside its textures and attacking from within it without actually knowing what’s happening until they die and fly off some 50 meters.

Right now I cannot think of anything else. Whenever I remember or experience stuff, I will be posting it here.

Please, bear in mind that everything I point out I do it with the best of intentions (hence, there’s no angriness in anything I say. Sorry if it may sound too direct at times). I know and appreciate a lot how much you guys have been and are working in this title. And in spite of it all, I am having a blast.

Go for it!