RAIDING Adjustments

So i’ve been playing hardcore since release. I believe all armor/doors need to become stronger. It is too easy to raid teir 1. I don’t build tier 1 at all since i use the rush asgarath steel farm + black ice straight to t3. Its so easy to get explosives and new players come in build their bases get absolutely steam rolled by players like myself and the server dies. Tier 1 should take 3 explosives tier 2 should take 5 and tier 3 should take 10. Nerf the vault to 150k hp and have people saving their bombs for blowing into bases. The way it is set up caters way to much to veterans. Even teir 3 is weak! Me and my 3 clan mates can have a good day of farming at the volcano with 2 tanners pumping out tar and build 200+ explosives easily and raid anybase on the server from a good solid farm session. It shouldnt be that easy there is absolutely no sense of security. With my base designt consisting of over 30 doors just to get in i’m still not relatively safe. To get in a base like mine it should take at least 500 explosives. At least then i have the piece of mind someone really went all in to get such an amazing raid.

It’s funny because many people feel the opposite that raiding is too difficult and not worth the rescources

Personally I kinda feel that you should never feel safe and have piece of mind that you will not get taken down in a PVP survival game that’s kinda the point.

If you want to have harder to kill structures play on a private/dedicated server that has building damage reduced that is an option you can do.

On my server I made buildings take 5x damage because otherwise the game is just too easy

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