Raiding/Sieging (and art) suggestions!

Hello. The following is just some of my thoughts and opinions on raiding and a suggestion, from having played official PvP servers since early access.

Raiding is just too easy. Not only is it too easy for the ‘alpha’ clan, but with a few friends we managed to overthrow the alpha clan (once again) within just two days, and have completely deleted them from the server. As well, it is far too easy to destroy a base, sometimes even accidentally when you only want to raid and end up griefing the whole base.

My suggestion would be to buff vaults but limit them to 1 per character (like beds) so that they can’t be spammed, but can be used as a somewhat safer storage for weaker players to get a foothold on the server without being completely deleted from the server overnight. I would also suggest decreasing their storage size somewhat.

Another suggestion would be to decrease HP of doors/gates, but dramatically increase HP of building blocks (foundations, walls, frames, ceilings, etc…) so that when you do raid someone, you’re able to break in and take their things, but not necessary demolish the entire base. I believe it should be punishingly expensive to grief a base, but not to raid it.

Unrelated suggestion for the art team. Flip the armor. It is often worn incorrectly. For example, the thicker padding/plating in many armors is on the right shoulder/arm when it should be on the left. Weapons are held in the right so you need mobility in the arm, and in a fighting stance the arm is further from the enemy and so protected by the shield/padding/plating on the left. In Conan it is the wrong way around, adding armor and weight to an arm you will be keeping out of danger’s reach in a fight. This makes no mechanical difference, just a pet peeve of mine.

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I like that idea. It should be easier to just break down the doors then it is to go through a well or foundation. Would make raiding and pvp much more enjoyable cause then you can just focus on their entrances and if you want to just make your own you could but it would be expensive too.

Make a smaller explosive. Maybe like a sticky bomb. A twine wrapped package of tar and dragonpowder covered in gloop. Would be easier to make then explosives so a higher incentive to use those and go through the doors instead of just wiping the base completely. Cause there are plenty of times I just want to break in and steal everything and leave their base intact cause a dead server is a boring server.

This game needs a battering ram to take down doors. Also. larger rams, which you have to place thralls in to make them work, for higher tier doors and gate.

I agree with the vault thing completely but I disagree with the doors/foundation thing. Foundations are already being spammed everywhere and are quite annoying to destroy to begin with, doors are not a problem really. That would only discourage groundbases even more than they already are! Cave bases or expensive ground bases are something straightforward to raid, the more bombs you got the deeper you go, but people have stopped doing that and go for the sky bases again.

I don’t know about your opponents so far but sooner or later (or maybe you have already) you will come across the typical ‘build high up-spam vaults/foundations around’ meta structures that have the anti climb inside the god bubbles, this is so far the only gamebreaking issue in officials right now. I have one of these myself, I had to, in order to be on par with my enemies. My very numerous enemies.

So no, not really, raiding is not as easy as you claim it to be, sure it is easy to raid most bases especially when youre playing with other experienced raiders but more and more people are figuring out about the lame foundation-war strategies and it has forced me and my friends to use the same strategies to survive, it is getting out of hand I am afraid :persevere:

What I suggest to counter the sky bases is to allow trebuchets go through the inner godshield that should fix most things.

As for the foundation spam war, there are many ideas tossed around by the community it is hard to figure a good solution from my side. It needs to stop though, server gets overloaded.

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