Construction during the raid!

Heh, serves ‘em right. Raiding a base? That’s a jailin’. I mean it’s PvP and they’re out to destroy the guy’s base - he fights back - it’s all good.

“Jailing” someone on a PvE server, now THAT’S a dick move.

For the record, officially this is not a bug or unintended behavior. Was on a FAQ somewhere, can’t be bothered to find the link.


this is problem. we destroyed these noobs

Being able to build during a raid is a difficult topic.

  1. On one hand it helps the defenders greatly.
  2. The possibility can make it even worse for the defenders.

Remember why lootable crafting stations and chests got introduced? I assume because of people getting frustrated by raiders destroying them all the time. In the past I stated that I wouldn’t do so if I hadn’t to to get the loot. It worked.

Now, when we, play on a server on which building/replacing during raids is allowed we raid differently. Instead of just blowing up some doors and walls/ceilings to be efficient on explosives, we make sure they can’t trap us easily. This gets accomplished by damaging the base so severely that it won’t happen to us.

While re-building might help you vs. unexperienced or lazy raiders it will definetely get you your base destroyed when getting raided by larger more determined clans. We normally stack up to about 3,000 Dragon Powder, a few hundred orbs and thousands of arrows which is usually enough to avoid failure.

And yeah, I don’t feel bad for people getting build in. It’s actually funny when it happens. :smiley:
If you don’t like it I suggest joining a private server with rules against it. I feel the majority of Conan’s community is rather peaceful and not very focused on raiding and extensive PVP battles. As a raider and PVP player I ofc understand your argument though.

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