Construction during the raid

How could such a thing be tolerated? You break the wall, they build it zanogo, repair repairs a huge amount of hp in buildings. Reidit from demanding, from barrels or from spheres does not make sense. Here’s an example for you. Well that there is a bug that allowed us to return things. In Conan, the most awful mechanics of the raid.

Developers? I would like to know that this is normal? I appreciate your answer because I do not know whether I should continue to do this and play or is it a mistake?

It’s been like that for a long time. That’s why private servers usually make rules where you can’t repair / rebuild during a raid-- they roleplay as Funcom balancing the game.

However, since the purge apparently can stop players from building during the waves I assume they may be forming a similar mechanic for player vs player raids as well.

Я надеюсь, что это так.

Maybe better add buff “raid” for players who attack base and who protect base. When player begin raid, appear buff “raid”. The buff appears when the player uses trebuchet, orbs or bombs. During this buff, player can not repair and to build the base. When the raid ceases, the buff disappears.

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although something else needs to be done.