Anti Raiding Exploit

when one of your structures is damaged should you be able to “spam build”? When raiding I blow into a base then the ceilings get built within seconds without a line of sight . Other players can place structures while behind a wall (no line of sight) and rebuild on damaged walls trapping the raiders in the base. I dont know if this was ment to be apart of the game but its frustrating considering how long it takes to farm for explosives and trebuchets. I have a suggestion on this very subject. Perhaps if you could not add to a structure while its damaged, you would also need a line of sight to place it, then there could be a cool down for repairs and or placements (ark has implemented this feature for pvping and with good reason) I reference ark considering the similarities from this and that game. I would greatly appreciate a look into this and I look forward to a response to help improve and already fantastic game.

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So, basically, you don’t want the defenders to be able to stop you from breaking into their base and taking all their stuff? You want an easy button to go with that too?

My response to your request is NO, NO, NO!

This is what i was afraid of and why I highlighted the issues, I don’t mind the ability to defend. My issue is with Building Without line of sight, spam building and placement on damaged structures. Defending yourself is appart of the game but if a defender can just spam without balance then whats the point of Siege Cauldrons and actual pvp?

A good solution for that is to only be able to build when in first person.

This is an important issue and something needs to be done.

Building while under attack should not be possible!
Repair of a building while it is taking damage should not be possible ether!

The best solution for hindering repair of a building while it’s taking damage, in my opinion is to put in a time that makes impossible to repair for 5 min after a building has taken damage.

I think that by leaving rubble form buildings that have been exploded is the best way to hinder people from rebuilding while they are under attack.

Okay, now i’m going to explain to those knuckle heads that are to stupid and haven’t tried to understand pvp raiding. When you sige a base with ether explosives, raid base or catapults you have a lot of preparation time and defending the area where you want to start from.

In other words you are trowing a lot of time and effort in to attacking someone, if you are not just a nasty thief that is.

Then when you start attacking, you are literally throwing resources at the enemy. your cost is almost 50 times higher then the cost the defenders have to endure while defending. the best way to defend should be mounting a counter attack and blowing the other guys raid base/catapult or beds up.

This means that if someone can just repair their wall while you are trying to breach it becomes a 1 to 50 loss for you and all the defenders have to do is sit in their base repairing and building structures. Then after a few hours of this the attackers run out of resources and that is the end of that…

If anyone is in doubt, that is not fun pvp or even in any way fair. the one to 50 might even be set low. plus to that also adds that Thralls are starting to work, so this becomes even harder for the attackers.

I hope everyone understands better now. If you don’t then please explain why you think something else, don’t just leave a short sentence about how you hate my opinion!

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Sorry for the long text… i got a little carried away there, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would be that good at all?

Walls sticks to snap points and it is viccinty based. So even in fps it would still be an option to put it on another side of a wall.

Also forcing one into FPS at any point would ruin the game for sure.

Although a buttonset to cycle through available snap points one by one would be great.
I know sometimes it is an option but not always. And there are some building pieces that you cannot even put down properly on some special conditions. (like inverted sloped walls, diagonal supports on wedges… and with raised foundations sometimes the things wouldn’t want to snap onto a specific snap point.)

i think rebuild during raid time should be forbiden as it’s too powerfull vs cost of raiding.

i was able to defend in 1vs5 with rebuild

for exemple you can see this video to see how defence is a bit abuse vs attaque :


Yeah, that is exactly the issues we are having… Thanks for posting the video link.

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You are forced into third person when you are swimming and when you are fighting with a shield. And when you are climbing. So I see no problem of being forced into first person when building structures.

Yeah that’s preference only. I hate to be enclosed in that 60-90Fov ■■■■.

I like to see my character (after all I spent minutes (half hour) to creating it and more than a week to gear her up.

But I do understand some ppl like FPS more.

But still restricting them in any view is a chore I feel sorry for you.

Also I couldn’t imagine with all that spinning motion FPS fight not causing nausea for ppl with disability (motion sickness or whatever it is called)

So I guess the majority if it have to be a “this or that” situation would vote for TPS instead of FPS in this game.

You have the option to build in FPS and sometimes I am using that for decorations because of the more precision but I couldn’t play in FPS for sure (and not even have that disability)

Yeah, I think we’re really going to need some kind of ‘war declaration’ system. Something that lets players know that there will be a raid here, at this time, so you’d better be online or prepare your base. This could prevent building at that base while the raid is on.

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Forcing first-person for building is insane. Not allowing someone to try to save their base from a raid by building is also insane. You guys want to break the game for everyone else just so you can raid easier. Here’s an alternative to ruining Conan: Get better at raiding!

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