Defensive Repairing During Raid

So Ive notice a big breaking point in this game for a lot of people is the ability to “repair” or “foundation spam” during a raid.

Coming from thousands of hours in other similar PVP online survival games. There really needs to be a mechanic that either blocks building for a time period on a building thats being raided. Or blocks anything from being added on or built on to a piece of a building that has recently taken damage. Also if someone farms enough to make it to the core of a huge base, shouldnt there be a mechanic that allows us to take over that base all property affiliated with that clan. Like a toolcupboard with 200k HP or something?

I was raiding a small t2 base today on an official server, and after getting through the main walls and finding some loot we found that there was another hidden room. The owners sat in the room and spammed foundations for almost 2 hours keeping us from getting in. This is broken and super unrealistic mind you I know its a video game.

Are there any plans to include mechanics like these into the PVP. It would be fun to online raid people, but the way the raid mechanics are built right now it seems the only way to raid people is while they are offline. Which is difficult cuz most people log in during the raid times to defend there base… and there primary option of defense? Foundation Spamming.

Sorry for the rant, would love to hear more on this.