PvP building, aggressive raid building

Game mode: Official PvP
Problem: Pvp Building
Region: EU

So since they disabled avatars, we got wiped by 20 people. Fair play. I’m not mad or anything, we moved on to the new servers and trying to raid 4 people with only 2 of us. All they do is just sit up on the island and keep repairing all the damage we do. My suggestion/question would be why would developers allowing to players repairing structures while they getting damaged? Building/repair block should be enabled once you damaged it. I’ll give an example from other game- Rust. Theres building/upgrading/repairing blocked once you damage stuff. That is not acceptable for this type of game. Whoever wants to disagree or agree with me comment down below with any other suggestions because I’m personally tired of this nonsense, they wouldn’t even come to engage us in pvp

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Try to raid something built up high
2.Waste arrows or demon barrages on buildings
3.See people sitting up top repairing it
4.Rage quit


Pillar bases are death traps without daily bubbles. Its so easy to spam explosive and poison arrows like rapid fire rockets and level bases in under 2 minutes. If they’re built up high and they don’t have a bubble you just need to learn howto spam arrows faster.

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IF they built it right, then he is correct in that they can sit there with resources on hand and just keep repairing as fast as he is damaging. That is his complaint. They just keep repairing anywhere he hits.


IDK I’ve seen small squads of archers decimate 10 man clans who were actively repairing/defending. But even so I wish Conan was a little more like Ark where you couldn’t actively repair while structures were taking damage

This what I meant

It’s island on world border in jungle

Yep…anytime you are having to shoot across bays, it makes it harder to verify you are hitting the same target over and over.

The only solution is offline raiding, and i really hate that idea.

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I dont like it either, nor do they go offline. Anytime I come online they always there. Sadly game mechanics allows this type of raiding/pvp

This isn’t a bug please read what classifies as a bug. I am flagging this as off topic it belongs in feedback or discussion or even suggestions but not here please stop wasting funcoms time reading something that isn’t a actual bug and more gameplay mechanics. You waste there time to actual document bugs and find a solution.

good point. It should be a suggestion really, as it is suggesting changing the build while being raided mechanic.

light arrows, bridges, blow up land claim and close the gap. I only thought about light arrows after the raid where we built a bridge to close the gap.

ADDED: and they were online and repairing just as they should have been but we had more arrows. They did have time to map room out with a lot of stuff.

Then they didn’t build with repair defense in mind.
I was part of a clan that defended for 6 hours with just repair hammers and resources out in the ocean. they went thru 400-500 bombs, and we had no damage at the end. 3 defenders vs 10 people. Now that was before arrows, but we built in a way that repariing was not hard from the inside using the raidius of the hammer.

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Yup, planning is one of the many skillsets required in this game

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In my Opinion … It’s not that bad no one can repair forever, if one trebuchet is not enough then you put 2 and if 2 is not enough you put 3 … I mean alot of mentioned of 2 players stopping 10 by just repairing… I can immediately tell you those 10 aren’t doing a great job at all! nothing can repair 2 trebuchet firing constantly the splash damage is soo big is totally impossible if you fire demon barrage well that base will fall fast , you might not get all their loot as you planned but you might get some ! good planning and organisation is everything in this game!

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I see your point, we tried everything. Arrows and trebs… we made it up to the 3 ring of they’re base that way but once we got up to the 3rd layer of spikes someones just dropped into the water and repaired and replaced spikes. We’ve been there for 2 days they had land claimed everywhere but we managed to build up a tower as close as possible. So they countered us with they’re own trees and demon barrages

I still remember the first time my base was treb’d. I snuck out there and blew it up :rofl:
Walls with trebs is a good thing

that is another problem with trebs, 1 well paced bomb/counter treb shot can destroy it qucikly… #wheredidmytrebgo

Also server settings if I recall right allow the blocking of repairing a base during the period of building damage with a delay before you can repair until the damage stops. So this isn’t a issue unless on a official server.

Always been on official, never encountered those type of people that just aggressively repair everything