Can we finally have raiding block system, no building without LOS, as well as block some caves from building?

It’s really sad to see clans like one that exists in my server, that never fights or does anything but griefs noobs, making them leave (server is almost empty because of that), but they build inside of huge tower with only two small exits, that allowing their base to be unraidable - god won’t fit there, and any amount of bombs countered with even bigger amounts of t3 foundations - i believe they have full vault of those, and they slam a new one in same second when old one explodes. What makes it even worse - they are never exposed to damage because they built them trough walls, due to conan building system allowing to build things without having line of sight.

Everything can be fixed in really easy ways:

  1. Once your base damaged, you cannot repair or place new parts in this area for next 5 minutes.
  2. Put building block on towers. You already blocked half of them, but missed few, why?
  3. Allow to build new parts only if nothing blocks your view, meaning - you can’t build trough walls.

What’s the point of letting anyone be invincible in multiplayer game? This needs fixing and fast. Even simply competing first suggestion will be already enough to ballance things in raiding. People should deffend with weapons, and no with thousands of foundations.