While raiding, there should be a timer!

Online raiding is a thing here, for hype and pvp. But, while raiding a base with jars, players in the base can easily make foundetions in front and replace broken parts. This needs to be FIXED ASAP! Raiding online bigger bases is not fun because of that. There should be a timer for example, of 5, 10, 15 minutes that buildings can not be repaired or building blocked while in raid!

What do you think?

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Not sure about that, being able to repair right away is nice.

Have had several situations where I was caught with my pants down and had no resource to repair with this giving the raiders an opportunity to be successful.

And even if I had no resource, being able to replace damaged/destroyed structures with prebuilt pieces could turn the battle in the defenders favor.

A sneaky breaky thing to do is once they have made inside your base, fill the hole that they made in trapping them inside.

terrible idea, the defender should always have the advantage and they are not choosing to be attacked the attacker is choosing to attack. if your not good enough to win get better or dont attack.

the purged clan should be marked on the map, because they can’t build during a purge

I do agree that defenders have too much advantage. I once managed to defend alone against 5 players who were constantly placing jars and all I needed was a repair hammer, materials and some water orbs. Whenever they were placing jars I threw an orb (from the inner side of my base) in order to make them explode (so they couldnt stack many of them) and after that I just repaired. I even placed T1 walls all over just to mess with them.

Long story short, repair is kind of broken. Repair in Conan is way too fast compared to siege damage.
Possible ways to balance repair:

  • Make structures need A LOT more hits from repair hammer in order to fully repair them. You can repair a 1% hp T3 wall in just a second as it now.
  • Make repair hammers have a 2~3 sec cooldown after each hit.
  • Make the repair hammer animation consist of 3 hits (so it last longer), but it actually counts as 1 hit (in terms of materials used).

Its not BEING GOOD or NOT… Everybody can just place another foundetion or just spam left click to close the holes…there is no be a better player or not, you have no chance against that…

totally agree, nerfing hammer should be for sure. But man even 1v10, for example, can defend and destroy fun of raiding. If you just have foundetions or walls.

OKAY stop THAT at once.

No need for nerfing the hammer at all.
PVP players already made a lot of things useless already with their cries.

And PVE gets the worst like always just because pvp trolls can’t play with the current systems.

Funcom PLEASE don’t listen to them or make changes ONLY for them on PVP servers.

By nerfing repair hammer we are encouraging more raids. I dont get if you want more defensive or more offensive options.

This game is alive because of pvp, pve is just shrinked piece of it. And mostly I see PvE cries about claming, don’t see any cries from pvp though.

Less offline raids, more online, why this is bad? It’s common sense that base could not be rebuilded in seconds after being damaged

Anyway, I think that damaged pieces should not be repaired at all at least for 5 minutes, and also you should not be able to build new stuff near them for the same period of time, it’s better than touching hammer which also required for trebuchet

WIthout ANY hammer nerf. I would propose one thing might help your case and even “lifelike”

Repair cannot happen while the given block is under attack (a.k.a. currently getting damage) and give a little time for the repair just like the gear repair…

So this case if someone starts the repair but don’t have time to finish it due to the enemy damage it again the “repair” stops just like how healing works.

This wouldn’t really affect PVE at all.
The click is instant so ppl can move on to another piece but if in PVP someone blows up another jar nearby the repair stops.