Why can you repair walls that are being damaged?


This seem pretty bullcrap to me. so someone attacks a wall and those at the other side can just constantly repair it?

in rust anyway, this is not possible, nor is it good for pvp or raiding if you can keep on repairing.

if a wall takes damage, there should be a frame of some time where the wall cannot be repaired.


I agree with this there should be a damage timer that prevents repair for a period of time.

Also some items (ie the vault) should not be repairable at all

u need to have a way to defend urself from raids and thats the way, u cant expect to raid easily someone house while they are defending it, and in the end it comes to who has more resourses the one whos atacking or the defending one, if u wanna play in easy mode go raid some one that is not online, its not fair for the one that is gueting atack to not have a way to not lose their stuf or defend their precius bases, hope it helps :wink:

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You kill the attacker that’s how you defend

Easy mode is sit inside and repair which is stupid


ok and if u are a 10 clan atacking vs a 4 clan defending u go out and what? fresh meat?, and if u are a 10 clan atacking u have the upper hand to destroy a base no matter if they are 4 of them repairing, u can 5 man trebuche with demon balls while the other 5 go around and take the other flank with explosives, again all goes for the one who had more resourses the one defending or the one atacking, told u this because i have experience it ;), dont trow the towel, try again thats the fun in raids to brake ur openents will, and for the defending if u realy want that base to put the efort for defending it :wink:

all raiding is supposed to be done when the target player is offline, didn’t you know that?


have you ever, i dont know, thought about running out to kill your attacker?

Yesterday i had a raid (hence this post). it was literally a 3v3, and we were not better geared. yet they had no reason to risk getting killed by running out and killing us, because its cheaper to just sit inside and hit a wall with a hammer from one side, while we try and blow it from the other.

in the end we lost that raid, and a bunch of bombs because repairing is cheap. im on a pvp server, and we went in there with the mindset: Yeeea lets do an online raid and get some pvp! but in the end, all we got was time wasted, no pvp what so ever, and people sitting and laughing inside their base as we wasted bombs on our side.

clans of 10 are rare, given you can only be 40 people on a server. and yea it sucks to be against 10 people, but you know what? on a pvp server, you expect pvp. and beside, stop making your base argument “3vs10” because that will almost never happen. the most standard case will be around 3-4 people raiding maybe 2-4 people. theres a chance you, the defender, is one guy less, but thats managable.

if you can literally out repair the damage you receive while you receive it? thats completely moronic.

its great you think raiding should be harder for raiders, but it already doesnt pay off as it is due to vault and chest hp considering how cheap they really are to make. and now on top of that you have to out damage people that repairs?

absolutely no way. thats the worst possible PVP choice you could make.

theres a reason why some of those sandbox builder games with pvp doesnt allow you to repair meanwhile, its because its a terrible idea.

the only thing you get out of this is raiders attacking those who are offline, because of how little it pays off to raid already, you dont wanna waste ressouces on a base that can just be repaired while the defenders are laughing from the inside. the idea that you can out repair and even repair during walls being damaged, is completely anti pvp and directly negates pvp as theres no incentive to even run out.

Oh yea and on top of that, water orbs can be used behind a wall to shut down a fire on the OTHER side of the wall. talk about retardation if that isnt a bug anyway.


Honestly its the only real defense a solo player has. A solo player has no other conceivable chance against two or more players in a fight.
If they are raiding when someone is home its their own folly.

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Why should a solo player be capable of easily defending against larger groups that spend way more resources?

Defending your base should always be more advantageous then attacking. Its just good gameplay.
Work around it and come up with better tactics.

Agree, i have raided a base while clan defending it and i had lost batles in raiding too, and the reason of the lost always where resourses to atack…

The whole lot of you who thinks this is totally fine have no idea how PVP works.

you think games like rust whos sole focus is pvp would let you repair your walls while they are getting damaged? no because that would give defenders no incentive to run out.

theres also a reason why ark has rocket launchers and C4 that can insta gib walls to completely negate repairing from the other side.

Repairing while its being damaged is retarded as F.

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ok, if u gonna start comparing with another games, then trow them a god, its abig nuke c if they can repair that, im guessing at this point u really want that base down so this will be an ethernal discusion about raiders vs defenders, so guess case close… u think is r as F fine deal with it…

This is Conan exiles, the sole focus is not pvp

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No but on a pvp server, PVP is kind of a focus.

There isnt ALWAYS another answer.

you guys keep making the same argument, that it should be advantageous to the defender, and that it should be possible to defend yourself against big clans.

let me dissect that for a second.

First of all, it already IS an advantage to defend yourself. you can just put walls inside your base that blocks off doors or foundation blocks as you get raided, because you yourself can remove it afterwards.

Second of all:
Most times you get raided it wont be you, a small group, vs them, a big group. most people arent more than 5 people, where the norm is 3-4 guys.

theres literally no point in making an argument that is “what if its a large group vs a small?” because thats a very unlikely scenario. it can happen, but its unlikely. if your 3 man group gets attacked by a 5 man group, thats definitly doable to win in PVP. but you know what? this is also why the game has thralls. you should USE them. get archer thralls, get warrior thralls.

And Thirdly: it already IS a disadvantage to raid, for the most part what you get is not worth what you blew on the raid.

2 days ago i had a fancy raid vs another group. it was 3v3. they had made a pretty good base i give them that, but the fight was fair due to numbers if they wanted to come out. we could only attack from one side due to them building inside a narrow tube between the middle land and the highland. they had god bubble up so we couldnt use a god.

we could ONLY put down explosives jars. but heres the thing, the tube was narrow, and we couldnt put down enough jars to explode the entire tier 3 door down in one go. so they would repair after each attempt.
they didnt even bother to run out because they knew, in the end, repairing their wall was much cheaper than us blowing more bombs. they could also put out fires from their side by using water orbs, which apparently goes through walls.

so tell me, how the hell does this repairing walls, NOT break pvp? we came for pvp, we got nothing.

you say it must be advantageous to defend but it already is. its super expensive to raid, and its super easy to place more blocks inside your own base or walls that you can tare down when your raiders are gone. you have archer thralls, warrior thralls. you have all possible ways to defend yourself.

yet you plebs keep making the same silly argument. hurr dee durr, large groups vs small. yea im sorry small groups will probably lose vs a large group, but that would happen in any given pvp game. lets talk about whats MOST LIKELY going to happen? thats a group of 2-5 being raided by 2-5 other guys. they might be 1 or 2 more than you but thats still defendable.

in most cases the raiders that have numbers made an alliance so they arent actually even 5 or 6 guys, but you know what? YOU could make an alliance as well. call friends for help.

DO something rather than thinking that sitting in your base with a repair hammer like a coward is the only way forward.

PVP servers should have PVP. and this repair Bulls**t does NOT encourage PVP.

but you know what. if you face off against a silent legion armor guy while you use cloth and a stone spear, you are most likely going to lose. you are out gunned. why should you suddenly expect to win when you are 1 person in a house vs 10 people? Defenders do have chances, but this is absurd.

its already plenty balanced without repairing walls that are being damaged. on pvp servers, dont play alone, and if you do (like i do) then play in an alliance that helps out each other, like i, again do. being outmanned by enemies doesnt mean that you lose, but it doesnt put you at an advantage either. but maybe that evens out the odds that you have defender thralls and can block doors with walls?

you dont need repair walls as well during damage.

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OK, I’d like to offer a few arguments to some of your statements here. I have no Ill Will nor is anything I post a personal attack on you or your character, Now that the Political correct Gods have been appeased.

  1. Yes putting up new walls is a potential defensive strategy, although its resource heavy and not very efficient.
  2. Most of the players in Conan Exiles are Solo players ( I understand your not) but there are I’d argue ten - fifteen solo players for every player whom teams up.
  3. If your not scouting your potential targets and deciding if the effort is worth the expenses the Folly is the attackers (careful planning and scrutiny may be required, beyond simply raiding a building because its big).
    Finally I spend hours scouting potential target(s) then attack only when I’m sure they are not there to defend; this conserves time and resources, maximizing profits.
    I suggest you and others plan your attacks a little better rather than complain they are too hard when you attack at the worst possible time targets whom are prepared for your attack.
    I enjoy PVP, however This is primarily Survival Game.

cant kill people that are health or amour exploting…


As I do agree with your raiding tactics it also if dumb to be able to repair while it’s being damaged kinda like how taking damage stops healing the same should be the case for wall repair.

It’s just poor design to be able to turtle in a base and click repair over and over no matter what is thrown at you. Especially when if you place a vault there is no longer any point to attack for spoils because you will never break the thing anyways.

Even God’s don’t stand a chance in crushing most bases which sounds stupid to even have to say.

I do agree a big 10 vs 1 raid the one stands no chance unless they turtle but really that’s dumb too

Personally I think the Archer and fighter thralls need some love to make them better and armour needs a pretty solid nerf for pvp so that fighting is more satisfying. Than the whole raiding outlook needs some work to avaiiod the sit in base and press repair while laughing

Even if it was just make it so fire do not extinguish through walls would likely be enough

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It’s called trebs are cheaper to attack with then repairing t3 base.

Advantage trebs are cheaper for attacker then defender

Bombs are more expensive for attacker then defender.

Don’t change element of the game because you refuse to use all possibilities. Raiding should be harder not easier.