Please Implement Major Nerfs To Raiding

Players are capable of breaking into even extremely well built bases quickly, and there is no adequate methods to defend against offline raiding. I was crafting in my base the other day when someone showed up to break inside, and they made it inside and left with all my items before I ever even located them. I spent my last 2 days crafting some 15,000 Hardened Bricks just for someone to infiltrate and haul out the loot in less than 5 minutes while I’m standing inside the base.

I’m making a fuss because it’s a huge deal, no one wants to waste all their time fortifying a base when it doesn’t protect anything. The Thralls are completely worthless and the structures are far too weak, the entire game on PvP servers is literally “I take your loot today, you take my loot tomorrow” and there is zero purpose to any of it. You cannot farm or accomplish anything because the next day everything will be gone and there’s not a single thing a player can do about it.

That doesn’t even get me into the part where all the players who do have loot stored up are exploiting various bugs and imbalances in the game. Players are building bases floating in the air where no one can reach, teleporting to unreachable locations with their bedroll, and doing all kinds of crazy exploits on these PvP servers that shouldn’t even be possible. How is this game supposed to be fun? The game is unplayable. It’s literally a massively toxic environment where only exploiters are winning. They can keep stealing your loot every single day over and over while their bases can’t be touched. Simply amazing.


we got plenty topics about this…
We just need dynamic raid servers, thats all
Plus some new stuff agains offline raiding (like traps, moats, AI turrets like ballistae’s)
You can raid only bases online (was online 2 hours ago or less (as example))
It will fix 99% of offline raiding problems
And no, there will be no unraidable bases always offline, because of decay system (need some adjustments)

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Well at least you got online raided, I think that is a rare thing these days :slight_smile:
I’m not sure nerf is the right word to use, it will attract a lot of negative attention and possibly get the thread closed.

One thing I can think of is that bombs are way too easy to make compared to the damage they deal, however that still won’t solve offline raiding which in my opinion is the biggest problem.

Floating bases… Report them or use sorcery to reach them :slight_smile:

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Realistically you shouldn’t even be able to raid one base in 5 hours (a decently made one) unless you have a group of players. That’s just my opinion obviously, but taking one day off the game, you shouldn’t need to worry about a solo player or two man group looting all your stuff. I can understand if 5-10 players show up to attack your base, at that point if you aren’t there to defend then your base probably does deserve to fall. Right now the time put into crafting is not a fair trade for how fast things can be destroyed.

And yes, I’m going to use the word nerf because that is the correct term. Thralls / Guards need to be made much more effective at killing while defending a base, structures need to have more defense, and explosive urns and arrows need to deal significantly less damage. The pace of raiding needs to be slowed tremendously. I’ve played on 3 different PvP servers, and every base I’ve made on all of them has been raided immediately during the following raiding session. I had 4 bases on server #1526, one of which is extremely fortified, but it may as well be sandstone how fast people break in. My bases get raided literally every single day. I tried server #1800, also raided instantly. Every single thing I build, immediately raided. It’s not that people have too much time and resources, there’s literally only 5 hours a day where things can be raided… The problem is the game itself. So yea, something needs to be done. I’m already fed up and I’ll never join another PvP server until they implement huge sweeping changes to how fast structures can be destroyed.


Show pictures of your well built base because if it took you 2 days to get 15k harden bricks i find it hard to believe your base was well built

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It’s not going to happen on officials. DBD, and other attempts to help, just aren’t ready for officials.

Best hint to give is to setup your own server. Copy the settings from live. Break it, change it, test it.

It’s a suggestion, but I wouldn’t go that far unless of some dire need.

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I’m on the same server you’re on and saw your complaints in global.

PVP can be really brutal. I am not sure where you are built but my guess is that it isn’t as fortified as you thought it was. Even so, having a “meta” spot requires a lot of work in defence, non-meta spots even more work is required and almost to a point of being a chore instead of fun. I checked each meta spot and correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think you were built in one?

Some key things: time, resources and a team.

Additionally, it helps to have game sense, skill and wisdom.

You will never, ever, have the reliance of a well built base as the only defence. The game is meant to allow raiders to get in easily if there is no resistance.

Watch logs while you’re out and about. Be willing to pull bracelet to respawn at your bed and have kits, respec pots and buffs ready in a load out area. Respond quickly, determine where they are blowing in from and go out as a team to kill them, take their shit and look for their FOB and bedrolls. Destroy them.

Having a team that is willing to get on and mount both defence and offence is very important, doing it alone or less than 5 can be challenging. 6 or more is better. Coordination, communication and good interpersonal team skills are crucial especially while in combat.

Know your build. Be organized, have multiple chests with build tools and mats to repair as soon as there are bombs and entry points. Don’t have TOO many entry points as it can get confusing. 1 wall depth into crafting room? No. Your crafting room, beds and storage should be hard to get to.

Consider bubbling and also keep the altar well protected. You can pull the priest off the altar and store it if the bubble has been crafted.

Anticlimb, while used to be a great deterrent has it’s caveats and now in many cases is useless other than for those who do not have the mats or know how for sorcery. Still use it for the casual thief of course. Consider double jumpers, that 1 wall and anticlimb can be surpassed easily, varied levels can be bypassed, what may seem like a good idea is sometimes not. Placing torches above doors and under anticlimb, or a placeable that gives purchase in height, for instance. Having an outer courtyard for ONLY defence is useless. It’s a waste of mats if you can’t respond quickly.

Thralls have never been good enough for complete defence, experienced raiders can avoid them or take them down easily. Now with the nerfs, even more so. AFAIAC thralls and pets are only useful for farming/dungeons or in tight spots where a raider doesn’t have much place to go and can be overwhelmed.

You can reach skybases with the bat. It’s actually really fun to raid them and there’s some tricks to finding them. Most often they’re close to water, sometimes you can detect them with changes in temperature, being entertained if they have a dancer and in one case recently for me, traversing through a high traffic area and seeing a bag fall from the sky.

I think mindset here is ultimately what is most important. Nothing is unraidable. You’re not safe from raiders. You need to learn more about the game. You need to accept that it won’t go your way to be easier and be willing to adapt. Or, and that is ok too, just not play PVP.

Personally I’d rather see buffs to raid defense in the forms of passive placeables and new mechanics rather than breaking out the nerf bat.

Gimme spike traps, murder holes, and other proximity based defenses that work around the clock (or at least during raid times). The concept has been mentioned before many times and is one that FC should take a serious look at.


No offense, but I disagree with most of what you are saying, not to mention that some of it just points out exactly the things I am complaining about. I’ve played a great many survival games, successful ones as well as failures, and this game simply does not have things balanced properly at all. Even in Rust or ARK, it isn’t nearly as easy to bust into someone’s base as it is on Conan Exiles. The raiding system is unbalanced and heavily favors attackers over defenders, all survival games are fashioned in that manner slightly, but this game takes it to the extreme (which is not fun at all).

Also as for your “keys”, they are mostly meaningless. I play with others already, and as for “time” the game limits raiding to a 5 hour window meaning some people have an unfair advantage over others. A server on a survival game should never control when you can or can’t do something (fundamental error right off the bat). If they wish to add that mechanic into the game then the players should have the power to control when they are available and unavailable to be raided so that they can form an active defense, and before you go trying to argue about that, there’s already a number of survival games that already have that in place.

Most of the things you are listing are your views of the meta of the game, however that doesn’t mean the game is designed well. The game is designed for people who have no lives and can play every single day of the week from 6pm to 11pm, aka it’s not designed for normal people. I happen to have a life and work a full time job (and often overtime) with hours preventing me from being online when the raiding hours are active during the week. My friends are also not going to sit around for 5 hours every single day to watch for someone breaking in when you can bust into a 100,000 health block in 2 minutes.

So don’t try to tell me that I don’t know how to play. I’m 31 years old and have been playing survival games for 2/3rds of my life. I’ve given this game a fair chance, and it has some nice features, but the raiding system is not one of those nice features. This game has one of the worst implemented raiding systems I’ve seen, and honestly I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be a good experience when I saw there was a 10 player clan cap and a time restricted system.

The game itself is fine, there’s a lot of content and the combat is decent. The magic is a bit lackluster, but there’s a few cool things there. The raiding however I really hope they will consider re-designing or re-balancing as it’s only enjoyable for toxic griefers or exploiters in its current format. Normal working people with a family and life are completely slapped in the face by this game and practically cannot even play on PvP servers.

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I am 38 years old, with a full time job, family life, volunteer, personal hobbies and have over 5k hours in the game and about 98% of that on PVP officials. I try to be as humble as I possibly can but please understand I am not saying these things from a point of superiority. I’ve done most if not all strategies and methods available. The game isn’t perfect and I never said so. I am willing to adapt and learn though.

I also understand that a forum post with a widespread nerf isn’t the way to fix my issues.

I mean time as in management, not in the raid window.

If you can’t hack it it’s ok, you have options including playing different game modes or not playing at all.


“I also understand that a forum post with a widespread nerf isn’t the way to fix my issues.”

What does this even mean, you are like trying to subtly throw insults at me after saying how humble you are, nice. I take no shame in providing feedback and voicing my displeasure of a feature inside the game, that’s part of why these forums exist. I am also far from the only one who thinks that the raiding has some major problems.

If no one provides feedback they won’t know what to improve to begin with, so to state a notion that writing feedback on the forum “isn’t the way to fix issues” I believe is actually incorrect.

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And you didn’t even react to . . .

She basically told you to “git gud or go home”.

Truth is, you’re not the first person to come into the forums with these exact complaints and criticisms. The raiding system in Conan is extremely unbalanced but the sad truth is it’s unlikely to ever get fixed.

Firstly, FC just doesn’t have that many people working on the game anymore. They have to pick and choose what they want to change and improve and I suspect the raiding system is way way way down on that list since most of their changes are focused on increasing PvE appeal and revenue.

Secondly, any major changes to the raiding system would most likely just be the final nail in the coffin for PvP. Anyone who’s interested in the style of PvP that Conan has to offer has likely already given it a try and rejected it, so what’s left are the people that LIKE it. Make a major change to how PvP works and those people will likely leave as well.

Thirdly, given FC’s track record with bugs, you probably don’t want them touching the raiding the system at all. Bases would probably just delete themselves or your thralls would revolt and kill you afterwards.


He’s also not considering the impact of increasing building health and reducing damage that raid mechanics do. It elongates the problem of longstanding bases and will create a cry also of “unraidable” bases. Of course in conjunction with decay and serial refreshers too.

So they would have to “balance” it out somehow and my first guess would be with increasing gathering/crafting rates and we’re back at square one.

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I think “unraidable” is just not meant to be. Fence stacking is tedious, but give it a week and you’ll see calls for nerfs.

I still don’t know why people stack foundations when doubling up on walls is superior.

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And unraidable shouldn’t be a thing. I get OPs frustrations with the system but my guess is that they didn’t maximize their opportunities either.

There are a few very experienced clans on that server that do run meta. We know that you can run meta without exploiting too.

And I agree, many DO stack foundations and expect it to make a difference. Or have only 1 wall deep into their crafting area.

OP I have been asking for DBD for months. I agree that an all week 5 per night raid window seems counterproductive to a well balanced life. But it is unlikely that Funcom will implement DBD. So you adapt or don’t.

Remember that your builds, kits, loot, thralls, etc.,… are all pixels. As such, they can also be reacquired. Consider that your time spent on PVP is for the experience not how much you can throw in your dragon hoard. There are many playstyles and you don’t have to have a fortress to be effective.


Its not superior. In each case you only need to blow up one foundation for the whole thing to come down. On top of that raiding material is cheap as hell, so in the end it doesn´t really make a difference for people if they have to use some extra bombs. Most people even do not know how to raid efficently. If they would the cry would be even louder about how little T3 buildings can hold.

Stacking fences is also useless since you can double jump over them. At least if they start with the crenelation right at the bottom. A common mistake. Building in the air or on high ground, no problem with magic.

Since 3.0 raiding got an absolut joke and everybody knows it. There has no effort to be made in order to raid successfully. All you need is enough dragonpowder and this is an easy task for people that play pvp on a regular basis. It was easy before but now its just not worth it to build a base anymore except you are the type of person that abuses the heck out of the game or you play the: we outnumber everybody on the server game.

Bodyvaulting - still a thing after so many years
using emotes to glitch into bases - still a thing
spear meta - still a thing
duping - still a thing
bazar epic armors craftable for the cost of nothing - still not fixed after months
map teleportation exploit - still a thing
heavy makro abuse - still not a bannable offense like in other games even if it breaks the game and is used to purposely crash the server
getting behind the green wall - still a thing

Nothing of the things that majorly impact pvp have ever been fixed correctly. @helium3 is absolutly correct that after that many years the people you will find are the ones that LIKE all the sh…show that is happening on pvp servers. They have no problem with abuse, they have no problem with false reports, they are highly toxic and out of control.

I know why I stopped playing pvp in this game. Because if you do not regulate yourself and stay away from that toxic and abusiv environment you turn into a person you definitely don´t want to become if you are a half decent person with a little selfrespect left.


I have a suspension that is on the way soon. Did you happen to see that an iron seige ball was on the journey step rewards under the new journey system revamp?

Sorry OP, for the off topic response.

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Goods, bads, and uglies of the current raiding system in Conan Exiles aside, what I would like to see is some additional defensive-styled items players can use to make raiding their bases a little more dangerous. Let us build more traps, more devious and fatal defences.

I do feel that the fundamentals of the base raiding system and process has not actually changed much since the game began pre-alpha. As other features came in, the most we have seen were some offensive orbs and a spiky doodad or three. Some drop-pits, warp gate traps, some flying blades and spikes, a wall of spikes (Raiders of the…), crushing slabs of stone. There is a long list. How about it Funcom Devs? Think of it as a creative challenge :smiley:

I know that, as per real world, more dastardly traps and gizmos to punish the unwary would very soon be incorperated and spammed by raiders as well, upping the ante everywhere, so the above are just a thought.

And I have seen some really lovely base designs wiped out that really should not have been, purely for the aesthetic of it all.

(I do love the idea though of a jury-rigged trebuchet trap that boosts the careless, Icarus-styled, hundreds of feet into the air, off a cliff, and/or into some neaby nest of unpleasantness and teeth.)

Tweaking aspects of the existing system probably isn’t going to create the in game scenarios that people want and would result in the general sense of “balance”. The system would need to be completely overhauled.

I also don’t think anyone in this thread has brought up that, generally speaking, there’s no in game reason to raid anyone else (or PvP in general) other than just to “dominate” them. Engaging in PvP doesn’t get you anything that you can’t get on your own more easily.

Why would we bring that up? What point are you trying to make and how does it relate to OP?

I dunno about that. I’ve played on servers where I didn’t have to make much of anything from simply PVPing people out in the world. You kill 1 person with a kit, then you have the kit. You kill another person easily and they have farm on them or mats, tools, etc.,… More easily? That depends.