Funcom, raiding system need drastic change. Core game mecanics utterly broken, people leaving because of it

Yesterday, several people from different clans who was a part of a big raid decided to leave the game. Why? Let me tell you what happened.

We have a clan on our server that does not fight, only raid offline people naked and run back to their base. They have settled inside the Deseter’s Gutter - it’s a huge tower with 2 ground enterences that have a size a bit larger than human, and 4 enterences above them that’s even smaller. Middle place is completly walled off and can be entered only from two sides. What they did is completly filled both 2 enterences with foundations, leaving only small passage of doors to go in.

Only one of them were online (they always have a guy who sits in base during raid time with lots of repair items). We destroyed outted part of the base, and he run to deffend it - one man with the hammer and parts against united group of different clans. So, we started blowing the doors… only to find out that new ones appeared behind us. Here, let me draw you a shematic:

HE |Door| WE |Door he just put behind our back| |another door he just put behind our back|

So the guy is standing perfectly safe behind the door, but are able to put more dors, locking us inside just because building system allows him to place stuff nearby without having any vision on place where he puts it! What kind of bullcrap is this?

We keep blowing doors, he puts new ones in same second when old ones disappear, so we have to blow them again and again. To counter that we had to make full hp builds and wear silent legion so we can stand right there and endure bomb explosion, to block that place from building new doors. Eventually all dors blown, we in the central chamber.

What we see there is huge wall of foundations up to the top, around 15 or 20 floors. And cabin attached to the celling - spikes everywhere so you can’t climb, you can’t summon a god because tower blocks it (and he has shield anyway), it you throw grenades into celling - he instantly repairs it with the hammer. We started blowing up trough his stars to the top - he placed new foundations trough the walls all around us, and was even able to repair stuff trough the walls too. Eventually lower foundations crumbled, but upper remain and don’t fall because they are attached to the tower’s walls, so you can never bring down that structure. After wasting 500 bombs we had to go back because we run out of snapping points, and he just kept repairing the upper foundations. But if we even reached the top, what would we do? He already removed ladder, leading to his hanging cabin. There is zero snapping points for jars, i tried to climb there. Grenades? Instant repairs. and since mats barely cost anything - he could keep it up for several raid times, they have huge supply of pars on top of that thing.

So, who wins - united team of clans with 500 jars and 500 grenades, or one naked guy with repair hammer and parts stock? We never had a chance. And many people after this raid figured out simple thing: what if there were several people deffending, and at least few of them were actual fighters, dropping on our heads over and over again while we spent hours or blowing those foundation walls? The answer is simple - if even one noob can easily deffend without any weapons at all, any kind of strong clan would not even let us go so far as we did.

So people left. They don’t see a reason to play the game where one guy with zero skill can be literally invincible due to cheesy mechanics this game allows to use. There is literally no way of getting him out of that shell. What’s the point of playing a pvp game when such a huge exploits exist, giving the ultimate advantage?

Funcom, please, tell me, are we out of early acsess yet?

  1. This towers (there are several across the map) exist almost from the start. Why half of them are closed for building, but yet you allow people to build in places like that? Why there is no building block in places like this, and also under the bridges, where you also can build an unraidable base?

  2. You had year of early acsess to add some kind of raiding block to this game, not allowing people to build or repair when their sturctures took damage recently. You know why nobody raids with trebuche now? Because few hammer swings nullifying all your efforts. You know why people raid mostly new players? Because there is no way to get pass trough repairs and new block spam. Especially if they can be put trough the walls, when deffender in completly safe. And the god shields not making task easier, because they block boulders and grenades.

  3. Why foundations can even be placed (and not falling) if all 4 of their legs not touching ground? This simple change would prevent most of this cheesy under-celling nests that can’t be reached by any kind of explosives or gods.

Yet i read about your future plans and… there is NOT A SINGLE WORD ABOUT RAIDING SYSTEM? Seriously? You waste your time on implementing pet mechanics when people massivly leaving servers because of unraidable bases? When people can exploit so much that they becoming invincible in the pvp game? Can we finally get a clear answer about feature that should be already complete, if you concider your game as 1.0 version? We don’t relly care about all those list of future updates as long as such a giant holes in ballance exist! Please, FIX THE CORE OF YOUR GAME FIRST! And i am sorry if this sounds rude or anything, but we all here feel really disappointed about how easily players can abuse op mechanics in this game, and yet developers being completly silent about the matter, like they don’t know what’s going on, or just do not care… Can you at least explain why you allow such things to even exist? I doubt i am the first one who reporting something like this. So… why?

can i have your stuff? (c)

You wanna bring half a server and kill single guy but something went wrong? may be you need to stop play so linear and start to play smart?


Yeah… If you have that many people, why not wall the enemy in? Lay seige and completely wall off their tower?


We don’t have many people. Just me and my clanmate, and 3 guys from other clans. What’s the point of siege? They have huge walls all around their tower, you can’t build anything there. Ballista can’t shoot inside the tower, it’s useles. So what will we do, just sit around? They use tp to raid new clans while one guy is always home, deffending. Since they never fight - siege will be a simple waste of time.

I understand you. everything what you said is right and there are massive PvP balancing issues. Btw look in the " reasons why the game is dying " thread from me.

BUT you raid with multiple other clans. Thats so low i saw that on multiple servers. I hate this huge alliances between multiple clans. Thats also no fair pvp to raid with 3-10 people small clans. Cant understand people who want to play and raid with so many people on 40 slot official servers. where is the fun to fight/raid with so many players? So your story is simply karma… but yes the game need a huge patch fast.


Thats why their clan only raids offline…

we have the exact same thing on our server… but we are the guys all the other clans try to team up on…

we like to build bases and defend them even when nothing is inside… so lets say you used all those jars… and bombs and even summoned a god on us… usually yea 1 man can defend… sucks but yea… but then you decided ok none of them are online ( because we are getting bored AF of the game )… and you raid that base you tried before… and find out… wtf theres nothing inside…

yeah that’s what we do… then we hope on and see one of our dummy bases were raided go repair it… and laugh… no one has yet found our main base in over a month…

repairing should be a timed event not an instant tap - that would fix most of it… i believe they have a fix coming out for the visual building


What’s the problem with it? We had 3 people in our clan total. One was inactive during the raid, so 2 remains. And we got help from 3 other guys fromd different clans, who actually just run around because they could not give much help - they were from small 1-2 people clan raided by those guys and wanted revenge. We triend to give them that kind of revenge by inviting them into the raid. But they actually were just watching, and gave us 20 jars…

Enemies had 4 total player in clan, that’s more than we have and only a bit less than our union had during the attack. Also, it was an extraordinary situation where all people hated one clan and wanted to see them fall, that’s why i offered them to join. All of our other raids on other guys were just my clan, we don’t make alliances, that’s for the weak players. Server numbers are low already, what’s the fun of having half server as an allies?

you decided ok none of them are online ( because we are getting bored AF of the game )… and you raid that base you tried before… and find out… wtf theres nothing inside…

Honestly, i don’t care, it’s a legit thing to build empty decoy structures. I don’t care about anything as long as it can be raided. Problem with this guys is that they can keep evereting in their base, do not have a single weapon and still withstand any kind of attack.

a fix could be:
a new placed structure have 1pv during 1 min, and after 1 min, have full pv, it prevent block placing abuse during raid. Because attackers could be break new structures with 1 hit.

Well, this will be acceptable solution, but also could lead to griefing players - see someone building, go there and destroy his parts with one hit. I think that simple 5-10 minute inability to make any repairs or place new structures if something was recently damaged for more than 1hp (to prevent activating block by simply hitting structures) will be much better solution with no downsides. If you are raided - please, take out your weapons and fight, or hope that your base will hold, but not just sit inside and place new parts whole day long.

After all, we already have thralls, traps, spikes and very small raid time window (at least on officials), and extremly low cost on building parts (compared to the amount of resourses needed to destroy them). How much easier this should be?

Maybe repair should be disabled during combat.

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PvP is broken in this game ever since I started playing it and funcom will not change any mechanic. I find offline raiding as griefing but this game does not allow you to raid online people, I asked before on discord and got response from Jens that weight limit before you stop moving will never be implemented (which is another griefing mechanic).

They need to add timer that prevents you from building for at least 30 mins if you building get damaged by orbs/explosives in attacked base, but I am quite sure we will never see that mechanic or any similar mechanic.

You getting walled-in by 1 guy is not really the worst issue. You getting walled-in in a room with several well geared high level/zone thralls (Dalinsia/Berserker, volcano T3/4) is certain death for everyone.

I find building while being raided as an exploit. And when you think about it, other exploits are not on top priority.

At least, last patch made me to stop playing Conan, I simply don’t want to deal with optimizations which causes game to work worse, while exploits and highly abusive mechanics are obviously at low priority.


There should be some tweaking of mas used to wreck vaults. Other than that- not sure funcom can fix repairing while being attacked. And I don’t want them too. Bigger groups already have enough of an advantage. They can bring unlimited resources and bully anyone they want off in time.

They don’t need anything to be made easier.

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I agree, but It could be a kind of…pvp battle for claiming area…Why not.
But yes it’s an unperfect solution. Maybe yours is better.

20 jars? Are you kidding? :thinking: That’t enough to destroy 2(two!) t3 foundations. “We are hitting hate level here that shouldn’t even be possible!”

Well as i said - they were a small clans that even haven’t any lvl60, and had a little idea of how to farm jars. But they gave all they had to the cause.

In this thread: a bunch of people who haven’t raided making snarky comments on a system they don’t understand.

It’s long been the consensus of the community that defending is overpowered. In what fair world should one dude be able to cheese an entire alliance of players?

I kinda think it’s awesome for 1 guy to have taken on a whole alliance. It’s so Luke Skywalker.

Small group of rebels against the galactic empire basically.

The defender really planned all of this ahead of time and he got rewarded handsomely for his strategic acumen.

It’s like the 300 vs. Xerxes, using the environment to one’s advantage.

Isn’t this what Sandbox survival PvP should be about?

Do we really need to turn Conan Exiles into a MOBA eSports?


Its not planned out, its abusing mechanic or lack of code.

exploit (USE UNFAIRLY)

​use someone or something unfairly for your own advantage

Demolishing things is faster then making them and repairing under attack is not an easy task. This game does not use realistic mechanics, but it should prevent exploiting its building system to gain advantages. If attacking exploits are forbidden, defensive exploits should be forbidden as well.

Smart base building is one thing, building with a plan to use abusive mechanic is not.This is unfair advantage because you can’t raid online people. It is simple as that.

Now imagine every clan starts building under the bridges, in towers and caves, and other broken places (some of them restricted from building for a reason btw). People can’t raid each other anymore, so the only ones who are getting raided are new players who leave the server after such welcome. Others just sit in the unraidable bases. Do you really want to turn Conan Exiles into this?

Fair point. I play PvE so… I think I’ll show myself out the door from this discussion lol.

Buuut before I do allow me one observation…

it seems to me that PvP is more a battle of exploits, than a game of chess.

Would it not be wiser to play PvE meanwhile, and wait till they fix it? You learn a lot of the nuances on PvE.

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