Raiding is a sad joke

This is all from the standpoint of someone who came back after the game left EA. I didn’t touch the game since month 1 or 2 of the first release.

I am very much a building and raid-centric person. I like to think of designs that are hard to raid while being manageable in size. I also just adore stealing items from players. So y’know, your typical semi-hardcore survival player. These are some of my thoughts on current raiding and some thoughts on what I would do to change it.

  1. Vaults. I know you have seen plenty of complaints and they aren’t wrong most likely. Health is too high, they can fly, cheap and incredibly efficient. In the current iteration of the game I would like to see that vaults can only be placed on ground level, as in not on foundations or elevated locations, they are very heavy structures. I would also like to see that vaults cannot be placed in pre-made structures such as ruins, caves, black towers, and so forth I also believe that a clan or person should be limited to owning a single vault. As it stands now raid groups literally drop vaults outside of bases they are raiding because it’s cheap and efficient for securing items. It is nearly impossible to counter with current explosive rates.

  2. Trebuchet and high elevation structures. Your rival clan has decided to build their base at the top of a black tower! Or perhaps a tree! Perhaps even just at the top of a mountain! No worries, we have an amazing piece of siege weaponry! That can more or less only shoot horizontally. As it stands, the only way to counter some of these locations (aside from ones with other nearby elevated locations you can build on) is to build ridiculously tall raid towers and plop your trebuchet on top of that. However even with this raid tower built, the base is still unbreakable… why is this? Your opponent has “God Protection.” Thankfully God Protection comes with a nifty feature which destroys all projectiles including demonfire barrage.

  3. God Protection can literally create unraidable bases. 500 zeal? Depending on the God choice, one person can farm that within 45 before crafting. Not terrible. Arch Priest? Well you only need one! You can literally put an arch priest on an altar, turn on God Protection, and put him back in your vault! Best part! God protection stays up the full duration without losing your precious Arch Priest! However one of the best parts is that if you build smart and modestly you can fit quite the formidable base inside of this god protection bubble with a vault, some crafting stations and your shrine. Chuck all this on top of a tower with anti-climbing and you now have a nearly unraidable base. Surround it with a field of T3 foundations just littered all over the place and voila. You have an annoying base that requires explosives to clear the field of T3 foundations so the raider can build a tower to TRY to jump on top of your base to start blowing it up with bombs.

  4. Explosives. Personal opinion here, but typically if you set off a bomb in front of a wall. The walls further back will have been dampened quite greatly. Not here in Conan. A set of jars can demolish a full set of honeycombing on a base without batting an eye. I would like to see either damage reduction or no damage at all past first wall. Of course explosive costs would potentially need to be modified for this.

5.1 Building. I would like for the game to have a pseudo “sea level” system built in. The higher the structure is above this “sea level” means foundations can’t have as many floors built off of them. Climbing is great fun, but after the last few weeks almost everybody is building on elevation because of its advantages without losing space advantages.

5.2 Building. I would like for there to also be an upkeep system. If you play on a server with the alpha clan or perhaps even you yourself are the alpha, i’m sure you have seen just how many structures, additions, outpost, or just area denial structures that they can produce. Best part? Just walk by it once every week and it’s allllll refreshed. Structures are cheap and massable which is a huge issue with raiding. Having to break through 30 foundation walls for a chance to see some treasure is absolute insanity. I get that people like to have all their loot in a safe place but there is a point where it isn’t fun or worth while to raid.

5.3 Building. Combat building or repairing. If you have attempted to raid a player who is ready for you, you may have found yourself at a cruel end of the sword. Repairing walls as you attempt to break them or outright replacing them as soon as you break them. Even I have been in a place like this. The enemy was breaking our vault so I did what any sane person would do. Placed a new vault right next to it and transferred all of the loot in seconds. Within 3 seconds and a few clicks I effectively eliminated their entire potential to raid the base without even fighting.I would like to see that a full structure enters a no build/repair timer as long as the structure is taking substantial damage so defenders will actually defend. Perhaps things like pallisades will still be placeable or other defensive structures to try to seal doors til the timer ticks down.

Well these are a few of my thoughts on current raiding. Sorry for the large amount of typing. I really do enjoy this game but it is such a sad stale mess at 60. Thanks for reading if you made it this far and I hope to see some thoughts in the comments!


Yes raiding is way WAY to easy in this game. Only people that dont say its easy are the clans with 5 people on 24/7 lol

Ehh whats the point of your comment?

Raiding is not that easy if you know how to build more than just a square cube. You have to be creative in order to be great.

Yes Seeing all Buildings WAY WAY up in the air on Pillers is a great gaming experience lol

Ive seen buildings like that but no i have nothing like that built. Its all about where you build and making sure that no one can climb your base, good luck getting through 3 or 4 rows of foundations before getting to anything simple.

meh its either built high or in water. Trebs can destroy anything… If you say they cant. Then you are using broken god bubble.

Trebs can’t destroy anything besides T1 them things are so weak and are pretty much broken if you ask me. No use for them if they do 1 dmg to T2 and T3

What? Trebs Cant destroy T2 or t3? what conan planet are you living on lol

Cant you just slam the pillars and the stuff will go down?

@prologue1337 Yes, theoretically you can just aim for pillars since it is a weak spot. But the issue is, pillars are not needed for high up bases. As long as you have a place to build a foundation a SINGLE foundation. You can build 4 blocks off of that in each direction, that gives you quite a lot of space with no pillars at all.

@Sempars I’m not sure which side of the table you are on based by what you have said. I feel making explosives is easy, but using explosives in an ONLINE raid is not so simple. Jars are incredibly risky and time consuming but fast, and using oils and gas is beyond slow that anybody can just repair the damage. On our server we have probably done 15-20 raids mostly being online and after a point bases just reach a state where it is not profitable and defensive to a point there is just no joy in attempting to raid.

@YGDaie Personally I think trebs are in a great state for T1 and T2. But at T3 we end in the same place with all other raiding techniques against T3. It is far too easily repairable and time consuming to break. If combat building was implimented I think it would probably be tolerable though.

NEED a T4 or something that is VERY expensive and Time consuming. That can not be destroyed by orbs or ROCK trebs. Explosives only. IDK but I been on same server since lunch and people quit when raided it sucks. I have to keep getting new people so forth. Very easy to raid.

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Did you know even in the stories of troy the attackers could not bring down the walls.

Most Castle walls could not be destroyed even with Trebuchets they had to be starved out (They could it just would take a really long time). The most effective method of Castle design was to build a castle in a place where Trebuchets couldn’t reach. Being upset because people are doing exactly what humans have done through out history seems a little silly. Vaults are supposed to be very difficult (the floating things is odd). I don’t totally disagree with upkeep. Though that seems like needless micro management

The only thing I agree with totally here is Explosives they are too powerful with splash damage.

People that are being raided and quit are the people that should n’t play on PvP server

You don’t quit you take revenge

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It’s sad that so many games uses this pre-built mechanic where you can run around with items like vaults in your inventory. They should consider using the temple upgrade mechanic for vaults and let it take a good couple of minutes before it is usable.

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How against a clan whit 10 members + suporters whit full Epic armor of the sest sort?

Easy. It takes time. Whittle then down…outlast, outsmart and outplay them.

No you cant win a war against them, you will just be runedover, splat and the will farm you!

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