Suggestion: Buff "raid"

Many players encountered a problem during the raid. Players have the ability to repair the base and build during the raid. In this case, the player runs the risk of falling into a trap. It can be locked inside the base. The player can shut down the other player inside the base at the time of the raid. This is a bitter experience for the players.

Maybe better add buff “raid” for players who attack base and who protect base. When player begin raid, appear buff “raid”. The buff appears when the player uses against the building trebuchet, weapon, orbs or bombs. During this buff, player can not repair and to build the base. When the raid ceases, the buff disappears


Okay, and what kind of actual “defense” do people have to secure their home?
A mainbase isnt a plain chest to loot. And thralls are or have been too easy to kill, so they arent a good defense. (Excluding gaseous orbs there.)

Raiding a base should take a lot of time, while hoping for good loot. If it goes the bad way, you will waste a ton of explosives or a god for nothing. Building only gets easy once some amount of materials are present.

Also I already saw its not easy to keep building when building parts are damaged. Whenever some part was damaged I couldnt build on it. Making it harder for progressing players to defend already. (I tried to trap someone in my t1 base once, as he killed me even though I was way lower than him. Due to building parts having been damaged, I couldnt properly trap him inside…Afterwards he got his clan to clean off that whole thing.)

If you want enemy bases to be lootboxes, just do offline raids.


Weapon, armors, thralls etc

Well, I havent taken a look at how thralls currently are, but my last information was them being way too weak. The only exception are gaseous orbs if I understood that correctly (they dont damage your buildings, but will spread through the wall) but those arent really a thing to produce in masses.
Plus thralls have to be equipped just as well.

The point of equipment applies on the raiders as well.
On top you got explosives, which actually arent that hard to craft. Of course an alchemist III or IV would be wonderful for that.

As far as I am informed, the only good defense against raiding are these god bubbles, as they dont let treb-boulders through and the inner orb killing avatars on impact.

Other than that, raiding isnt anything but a fight of materials. Whoever runs out first loses.
I get that getting trapped in someone elses player base, leaving the only way out being pulling your bracelet, while loosing everything one had on, does suck.
But as long as loosing everything while raiding someone elses base is a problem to you, you should not yet raid others. Then pvp is limited to killing people. Or you become a jerk who raids low players… :confused:
(What some rich players tend to do anyway. In order to get more resources or stuff.)

Big ole nope. There are risks to raiding. Learn and adapt, not whine and nerf.


So if your house is burning down in real life should the fire have a buff so it can’t be put out ?

If someone is breaking into your house should there be a law where your not allowed to call the cops or lock your doors until after they are done stealing everything ?

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Honestly if anything raiding needs to be nerfed…stacking grease orbs to ten and then keeping the fire burning with just one grease orb every 30 seconds makes raiding even t3 buildings insanely easy.

Construction during the raid should be prohibited. Locking players. Let them repair and not build.

we spent 20 barrels, 50 spheres. And one more tribute to break the thorns. We have 2 against 5. If they could not build, we would have won, because we played better. And only with the help of a bug can we take armor from my friend and what our enemies held.

The game forces us to raid when the players are asleep.

Today that would get to their loot and beds I need and less. And I’m sure that after this they will leave the game. I do not care, I’m not going to waste time on raids, when they build during the raid.

I like raiding online, when players try to protect themselves. But it must be reasonable. I played in Ark, there you can not even fix it during the raid, and there raids are much more serious. But my enemies will be destroyed during sleep in Conan.

I think that the developers do not play their game. We spam the repositories and make walls out of them, because creating a repository is very simple and very few resources. How do you like 600 000 hp walls? before the release is very small, and I think that after the first week, players who come from other survivors will be upset.

So basically you have been two guys trying to raid 5 guys.
Even if they have been bad, numbers are in their favor.
In the end, raiding is a fight of resources&skill versus resources&skill.
The one who raids will always do so eighter because of wanting to fetch those resources inside the base, or to have revenge/seek trouble. Just wanting to spar wont require raiding…
And those are things where I cannot understand why it should be resources&skill versus skill only.

That one guy which fell into that building was dumb. Sorry, but always be careful if the owners are around.
I would never even go near such a hole if the owners are around. Just too damn dangerous.
(Which also means, always climb up in a way that leaves you on the fence/wall.)

I destroyed them when they were sleeping.

No, if you want to raid when people are online, you run the risk of anything that can happen. Fear that you will get “locked in” their base? Use a god, and bust it wide open.

You just stated that 2 of you tried to raid a clan of 5. Right off the bat, you are at a disadvantage by numbers alone. They would have to be the worst 5 players in the history of online gaming not to be able to stop you. Sure there is some strategy to it, and I’m not going to give any hints. A 1 man clan can be as much of a pest as a 10 man clan can be.

Work smarter, not harder.

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ya of course you did, there was none to fight back lol, that’s like saying you win a race against a guy with no legs and is in a coma lol

I agree that players shouldn’t be able to defend by just rebuilding while the raid is happening.

We need a more organized way to raid. Declaring a siege should prevent players from building until the raid is over.

not going to work, a lot of people want to remain secret when raiding and there are still plenty of ways to do it even with the new player list system. to declare would to ruin the surprise and can be exploited rather quickly. you can declare even without attacking and just prevent people from building . if a load of people divided into single player clans then they can have a tribe under no build pretty frequently or at least enough for others to get a huge build lead on someone.