[Input Request] Quality of Life improvements for siege/raiding

Dear Exiles,

We would like to hear your suggestions for improving the game’s siege and raiding mechanics. This is a part of our ongoing effort to make sure we take community suggestions, input and feedback into consideration for the future development of Conan Exiles.

We’ve already noted down some suggestions that would fit into this category:

  • Avatar balancing - make avatars building nukes
  • Add Ballistas, or some other siege weapon that can shoot farther than trebuchets
  • Add siege towers
  • A way to deal with “unraidable bases”, other than using avatars
  • Changing the rules for building/repairing during raids
    – If you’re being attacked you can instantly re-build or repair attacked/destroyed walls
    – Refreshing decaying structures is a bit too easy compared to how difficult it is to destroy building pieces
  • Increase thrall effectiveness
  • Thrall armies
  • Clan limit on vaults, to prevent them from being used as blockers/walls
  • Avatar dome bug fixes

We wanted to know if you had other suggestions that will improve raiding and sieging. Feel free to add your suggestions to this thread so we can bring them back to the team. Please note we will remove feedback that’s not related to the thread’s topic.

Please keep in mind that we can’t implement every single suggestion, but we promise to take your input into consideration when planning future update, both big and small

As always, thank you very much for your ongoing support and your feedback :slight_smile:

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Changing the repair mechanic during raids-sieges would completely ruin the game for solo players and small clans. Worse than the claim-radius-message, much worse.


Thank you for the feedback. It’s good to hear both the pros and cons, from all kinds of players :slight_smile:

That depends. A common limiter across the board would probably be the easiest to implement.

@Jens_Erik What kind of limit is FC looking at for vaults? Solid numbers or vault/X # of members? Is there possibly going to be more space in vaults to compensate for the new implemented limits?

It was just an example of suggestions that have come up in regards to raiding and siege.

I like the idea of adding a variety of new siege weapons. A battering ram that takes a ton of wood, and then takes damage every ram (and cannot be repaired, except perhaps only in a “siege bench”) sounds like a really neat idea for taking on doors. Perhaps add iron and steel tipped rams to incorporate different tiers, and increase potency.

Now that the vaults have had their HPs greatly reduced, I am not sure that I see a need to limit the number of vaults per clan or per person. While I know my vault protected stuff is a little less protected, I think this was a good adjustment to address the concerns where people were using vaults abusively.

If repairing during a raid is to be adjusted, I hope that it would only be to make it a little slower, or a little more costly. I do not believe that this should be tweaked to change the raid experience. As it is now, if someone is repairing behind where you are bombing - either bombing harder or picking a different spot to bomb on the DL is the way to address this.


He hasn’t stated a number yet to me it still sounds as if there will be greater than two.

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Maybe tweaking the cost and craft time. make it a slider based on PVP or not. IE, PVP it is incorporated, all other modes not. But as a side, i feel a bomb is placed and you kill the person before they detonate it, i should be able to loot it. Right now, it is far too easy to naked place a wheel of bombs over and over. And then detonate when you “get a clear chance”. Make melee defense a little better.

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Incorporate stability into structure HP. Not necessarily mulitply directly by the %, but maybe go with 10% less from last level for each tier of stability.
T3 Foundation
100% = 100,000 HP
80% = 90,000 HP
60% = 81,000 HP
40 % = 72,900 HP
20 % = 65,610 HP.

Something of that nature.

I assume this is for the tower bases. Maybe a grappling hook tool. 3 tiers opened up at level 20 (leather and iron) us on t1 structures only, 40 (hardened steel and silk) use on t1 and t2 structures only, and 60 (star metal and layered silk) use on all structures. Requires bow to “shoot” it to attach. 1 time use. So once shot, cannot retract. And decays in 1 hour.
Can climb it like ladder.

Ehh, I am not sure I am a fan of the grappling hook idea. While neat - I think it could be too easily abused, and it makes bypassing anti-climb super easy.

Frankly, I think that the addition of the explosive arrows is a key siege tool. Now you can fire a few dozen explosive arrows at a piece of pesky anti-climb to remove it, and allow you easier raiding access. Each arrow does not pack a big punch. But with enough of them, you’re in like Flynn!

One vault per person is more than enough on PvP servers, really. Solo players will have it in their ‘main base’ while having to use normal chests in their outposts.


i would rather do 9 chests if I was solo. If spaced right it would as much, or as close to the same HP
1 VAULT = 1650 IRON ORE, 1500 STONE, steel fire(580 hide, @100 bark, 290 brimstone) 150000 HP
9 CHESTS = 405 IRON ORE, 300 WOOD @ 75000 hp (stacked 3 high) + 50000 door hp.
add 2x1x1 t3 stone room= 340 IRON ORE, 940 STONE, 280 WOOD, STEELFIRE( 170 HIDE,@ 40 BARK, 85 BRIMSTONE).

Plus space is way less

Non PVP, the HP is moot.

There is spray damage, but i don’t quite know the distance vs damage decrease sacale is. 25,000 HP to do the bottom chest, the 2 chests on top will despawn if bottom is destroyed. so there HP is non existent. so 75000 would get 3 chests, another lets say 12000 for the next stack of three, and 12000 for the last stack. So about 99000 give or take. and if you build with founds instead of walls around it, maybe get it to 124000. in a 3x1x2 area.

Also gives flexibility in building, as you could do a triangle honeycomb and fit it where you want it. even hide it in your walls/floors with a non door entrance.

I, too, disagree deeply with this one. I think because vaults are much easier to remove (25-30 bombs), there isn’t really any point to limiting their count.

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Traps seem to get no love, I wish I could employ traps usefully in my base but they seem rather…neutered considering most people build a raid base. If they get killed by an explo/poison trap they can just come back in a minute by respawning and the trap is gone. I wish traps were more useful and varied! I bet there would be really interesting builds created with them.

I wish all avatars were nukes also, most of them don’t really do a whole lot on official servers. Jhebbal sag can wipe a good sized base in two coins but others are very weak ATM.

It would also be great to have a weapon to defend against gods, something that could reach out and attack a god before it comes near your base. The bubble is the defensive option, but often the shrine can be destroyed leaving your base defenseless. Maybe a special type of god-damaging ballista? Very expensive ammunition but fires essentially like a large crossbow and does heavy damage to gods, this would provide an alternate way to protect your base from those pesky coins.

Also there are lots of bases that are essentially unraidable, don’t really know what to say about it but being on the giving and receiving end of one of those bases got boring real fast. It’s either completely unraidable (like a lollipop base with a god bubble) or a crevice type base where the defender has such an overwhelming advantage because of building that it’s practically futile to raid it against a competent clan.


Love your YouTube updates Jen’s! I’m glad to make suggestion in your thread.
This is a repeat of a previous post I’ve made, but I’ve suggested that there should be a length of time introduced for the construction of building pieces and other items such as vaults. The time delay could be lesser or greater depending on the tier of item. It could also be accelerated based on a number/type of thralls that occupy an engineering station. Scaffolding could indicate to a defender that an enemy base is being constructed nearby. If scaffolding is destroyed, and/or the engineering station, the construction is cancelled. (I hate catapult towers being constructed in seconds; a violation of immersion!) As for vault spamming, they could be constructed in parts like a catapult. Each segment taking a length of time to construct, engineering table also required. Easily attacked and deconstructed.

Some of this applies just to purges, but most of it should carry over to PVP:

  1. Thrall Killing Mechanism - If you’re on a PVE server, thralls are immune to player attacks (even if that player owns them). The hunger mechanism doesn’t work quite right, so I can’t always starve them out. As it stands, I have a bunch of thralls that I cannot kill even though I want to get rid of them. This could be solved with a simple “Kill This Thrall” button, followed by an “Are you sure you want this thrall to die?” confirmation box. This should also work for pets. Especially rocknose.

  2. Aggro-Range - It should be possible to tweak the aggro range on a thrall. This would make them more useful for narrow choke points, which would allow me to funnel purge enemies into a kill box. I also don’t want a bunch of archers running clear to the other side of a castle every time a wolf comes by.

  3. Bed Assignment System - Most of my thralls are simply “backup forces” for when my base comes under attack, and I don’t actually need their detection AI ~95% of the time. If thralls could be assigned to “sleep” in a bed, and only wake up when a friendly object or unit takes damage in a 20-max foundation radius, this would ease demands on the server while also making it easier to protect my base. Animal beds could be done the same way. Pet and thrall AI are murder on server resources, and a lot of this is unnecessary. If nothing is being attacked, most pets and thralls can simply go to bed and stay there until something happens.

  4. Purge Pathing - The purge should start outside your base, and make a bee-line for the gate. It always bugs me that purge enemies never go for the gate. They always go for the walls, which are the hardest and most well defended part of most bases.

  5. Waypoint System - It would be nice if you could put down some waypoint markers, link them together in a loop, and assign some thralls to move along that path as a small group. This would make it possible to defend a larger area with fewer thralls. Combined with a bed assignment system, this could allow people to have more thralls and better base defenses while putting less pressure on server resources.


Please for the milliont’h time:

untie the claim system from building blocks (at least for pvp) and add some type of bench or cornerstone that act as the claim block, make it upgradable so enlarge the claim range.

This will make the game much more hectic, much more adrenalinic, much more fast (much like rust) and will also enable players of different clans (even enemies) to create arenas and such without the issue that only one clan can build in a certain spot.

To those who have been bashing me in private “go play rust you toxic” i also play rust but i also play conan exile, i respect you but pvp have always and will always be an adrenalinic experience

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The problem is that vaults are too easy to construct. Me and one friend managed to have one vault near every obelisk up in less than a week of playing. The biggest clans on the server we played on had literally hundreds of vaults around the map. Destroying one or two vaults is no issue but when a single clan has a field of vaults covering the plains south and east of New Asgarth as well as a cluster of two-three vaults near every single obelisk it has gone too far.

With one per person a clan can still have a vault at every outposts, it just scales to the size of the clan. A five-man clan could have five vaulted bases, or two bases with 2.5 vaults.