Various suggestions from long time player

Hi All,

I have been playing Conan off and on since its inception, have earned all the achievements and have enjoyed the game greatly. My experience has been primarily on PvP official servers with a few private servers, and the following suggestions come from that experience.

  1. Implementing the thrall limit system was a great idea by Funcom, and I think something similar could be used for building pieces to reduce land claim spamming and other types of grieving.

  2. Hide decay timers from enemies. Removing player names from the player list does not currently stop offline raiding as it is easy to look at decay times to see if someone is home.

  3. Add some forms of passive basic resource collection. I thought removing the fish trap passive spawn rate was a step in the wrong direction. But to stop huge fish houses etc, the first suggestion on building piece limit would help here. Perhaps have crafting stations take up more building limit for example. Explosive materials still should be farmed.

  4. Increase crafting station health to that of tier 3 building pieces (100k). Players blowing into locked chests should have an option to completely wipe crafting stations, not have that happen as a side effect of getting loot.

  5. Lower horse damage. In a game where dying means losing all you carry, one-shotting players not a great mechanic.

  6. When buildings are under attack from bombs or trebs, they should not be repairable or able to be built on (similar to when a base is getting attacked by a purge). 5-10 minutes between last damage could be reasonable. The defenders advantage is too strong. Adding building traps would be a lot more interesting than throwing up more foundations.

  7. Add some monthly reset servers with interesting cosmetic awards for the winning clan. Clan’s victory condition could change each month.

  8. I see vaults are a hot topic at the moment. I actually think they should have more hit points but have a very low limit on how many a clan can have. This could also tie into the building piece limit and have vaults take up a fairly large chunk of that limit.

Thanks for the read and here’s to looking for future improvements!


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How is #4 different from moving locked chests to another room?

In my experience, folks like to keep the required materials next to the appropriate crafting station, at least if the clan is organized.

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But it lets attackers have an easy wipe. I suggest something that makes the raid longer, as #4 just quickens it.

Not sure I see your point. How would adding health to crafting stations quicken a raid?

I agree with your sentiment. I just focused on the health of the chests.

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Speaking of chests, I always wondered why the default for chests is set to open. Wonder if players would prefer the default be set to locked so we dont have to go through and lock them all.

I can think of a possible reason - I used to play a lot of 7days2die, and chests in that game are locked on default and have to be set to unlocked - this causes continuous problems in co-op games as people forget to unlock them and clanmates have to break into them to access the shared resources.

I’ve no idea if that’s the reason it’s done this way in CE - but it makes sense as a logical ‘maybe’.

I see. Ya, clanmates have access to locked chests for this game. But it could be the less experienced players do not know to lock chests, which could save the inside of their base from getting blown up since everything can already be taken? Personally, I like having plenty of empty locked chests in the base so more bombs are wasted.

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