Things Funcom should add in Conan exiles (ideas)

Rather than complaining about all the issues the game has, this topic is about what things you think they should add to make the game more fun in any way possible.

Here are some ideas I have.

Spotlight building item. t4 building upgrade kit to be placed on t3 building pieces, this item should cost hardened steel, star metal, and insulated wood. just attach the upgrade kit on to a t3 building piece and BAM! more health and glowing with star metal. Ballista defense turret, this item you can place an archer thrall on it just like you would with a blacksmith to a blacksmith bench. This item and thrall combo will do damage to enemy God’s attacking your base, each hit would lower the time by 2 seconds. this item will be 2x2 in size, and will take 8 seconds to reload.

these are just a few ideas, I have many more, but I’d love to see your ideas, and what you think of mine so far. I think funcom should really look into this chat for some awesome ideas!


I think a full wall with spikes on it similar to fences and crenelated walls would be great for pvp bases. Will help a lot keeping people out when raid time isn’t on.

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