[Input Request] Quality of Life improvements for siege/raiding

Wow, there are some cool ideas here to improve siege and defense in Conan Exiles:

  1. Battering ram
  2. Ballistas
  3. Purge aggainst doors and doorways (Purge pathways)
  4. Special Anti-God weapon
  5. Siege Tower
  6. Thrall Armys
  7. Trebuchet should be easier to build


  1. Arrow slits (so Thralls could shoot more easier from the wall)
  2. more traps (forcing the aggressor to attack at a certain point of your base)
  3. Ballistas and catapults (why not also for defenders especially when the agressor is coming with a siege tower or battering ram)
  4. Waypoint system for thrall guards
  5. Bed Assignment system for Thralls (suggestion from Arthur_Grayborn)

My own additions:

  1. Siege Pets (I.e. Rhino as battering ram / elephant as siege tower or battering ram)
  2. Miner Thralls (special thralls which could place bombs and mines at Enemy structures)
  3. Possibility to fire off more than only stones with a Trebuchet or a catapult (bombs/cadaver of dead human or pet enemies to spread pestilence and force the defender to leave his base for an attack)
  4. movable protective barriers (against enemy archers)


  1. Combat pets for counter attacks
  2. Siege cauldrons should effect wider parts of a wall/doorway
  3. more types of doorways (2x2/portcullis)

I feel that sieges currently are too repetative. place explosive jar, ignite, wait, repeat. Then you get to the pet/thrall defences. shoot arrow, gas orb, wait, repeat. Then back to jars to get into the next section.

The thing I dislike the most is how when people raid a base and they blow up a chest or 2 and along with it they blow up 4 foundations, 2 ceilings, a crafting station, and all your decor. This really makes multi tiered buildings less effective and it is very devistating to login to. Maybe they can be some sort of pry bar weapon or lock pick to get into chests that takes star metal or steel to craft and are more effective on different level locked containers. This way people aren’t just using 200 explosive jars and foundation wiping a base when all they want is to loot a couple chests of a vault.

Offline raiding is a thing. It would be nice if people didn’t just empty your containers onto the ground so everything despawns. It would also be nice if the traps you built in your base could somehow reward you with loot from the victims. Maybe nearby thrall can absorb the items dropped instead of them despawning. Maybe some sort of booby trap stash could collect items that would other wise disappear. Maybe the bearer thrall finally has a legit use?

I would also like to see thrall be able to interact with siege cauldrons or other base defences. That way it makes offline raiding a little more interesting and kind of balances out the 1 man clan vs the 10 man clans.

More defensive trap pieces would be great. avalanche trap, acid pools, moats, arrow traps, pendulum traps, collapsing floors into a pit of spikes. Also some offensive pieces would be nice. Siege ladders, battling rams, war elephant/mamoths.

Players can use shields to block the arrow traps. ladders to cross moats and broken floor traps. so there are counters to get through them.


The lollipop bases, as Charlie calls them, seem to be unraidable, unless someone finds a foothold. If a ‘perch’ item could be constructed, which allows the invader to stand on the side of a sheer wall/cliff, then they would have a place to throw orbs from. Think of it like a tree stand. Multiple ones could be placed up the surface as climbing rest points. Even simple spikes stuck into the surface would work. Another method that would cut down on the use of those kinds of bases would be to lessen the stability of roof pieces every time another building piece is placed upon it without support beneath it. As for the caves, those would be good places to add bosses or sites of interest. Then they would be made unbuildable zones.

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Maybe to avoid abuse, it has to damage the object, making it useless outside of raid times (and not usable for PVE/PVE-C). Also, shrink the timer to 5 minutes. once shot, it will “break” and can’t just be put there. Minimize range of shot to attach as well. The idea is for people to create battles when both are online. Use the hot oil to pour on it, decreases timer 3x as fast. Come out of tower and melee. Most just hide upstairs and repair as fast as the arrow damage, thus making lollipops almost unraidable.

Offline raiding is the only abuse i could see. But TBH, offline raiding is unfortunately a tactic on officials. Everything you do during that time is “abused” even if you use it within the games mechanics. I see offline raiding as a part of PVP official life now. Maybe if thralls defended better, and possibly were able to use things like the hot oil and could “loot” dead enemies as suggested on here, it would at least give a little risk to the offline raiders.


I have always thought that PVP should have settings during raid hours to push melee and seige, and non raid is the time you assess,repair and rebuild.

An idea i have talked about with some people over time, is maybe building time during raid hours should be longer and more expensive. Non raid hours it is normal as is, but during raid hours it takes like 3 x current cost to repair , and to construct it takes 10 x as long. Default it off for solo/SP, and have it be a on for official PVP.

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These are some terrific adjustments to your original idea. I find myself actually supporting a mechanic like this with the right adjustments. After thinking about it some, this really isn’t that much different than the diving board approach with either a jump spec or a (more sketchy, exploitative) sword vault to achieve the same thing.

If your grapple hook shot was adjusted as you say, along with needing to be crafted in a bench (blacksmith) and be somewhat heavy, I would say that this would be a welcome add.

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I like the black smith crafting bench idea as well.
Maybe the actual grapple hook is done there (can use as throwing weapon as a side use).
And you craft the finished assembly on you, combining with the thrall ropes/chain.

And the higher the tier, the heavier. 25 lbs for highest level?

Also, depending on whether you were scaling a wall, or doing the P.E. type pull up would decide how much stamina is used. Wall walk would use 1/2 the drain of climbing, straight up with no wall walk would cost same as drain of climbing.

Higher tier would be lower weight, if there were to be tiers (right, your tier’d approach to attacking sandstone, stonebrick, reinforced…). Really, in PvP there is only 1 tier - and that’s T3. Anything else gets obliterated with bombs.

My thinking is that it would be encumbering / expensive to have to carry more than 1-2 of these things. And, if you were grapple raiding someone, and if that someone had multiple perimeter walls / anti-climb defense, it would require you to leverage several grapples to get in. Crafting in a bench means that you cannot craft on the fly mid-raid operation.

I get you on the ascent. You are either wall climbing the immediate wall (boots on the bricks), or you are shooting for a much higher spot, and you have to do a climb / dangle because you are trying to circumvent an outer perimeter wall or three…

I am on board. This would be a much better raiding solution and a lot less immersion breaking than the mile-high diving board platforms that you see some use.

Of course raid block that will prevents people who being raided from placing repairs is most crucial thing that Conan needs, but there is one more thing: so-called “unraidable” bases. There should not be op locations like inside of black tower with only one small way out that’s way to easy to block and deffend. Building on top of the towers and trees should be limited in pvp, and so is building at the edge of the map.

If you want, i can show you the movie with base that’s located on huge mountain at the edge of the map - the only way to get up is to use full stamina build + climbing gear, but you have no place to stand up there, everything is walled off, so you can’t throw bombs or place jars. It would be possible to break inside with siege tower and trebs, but from one side base is protected by map border, and from other side - by no-build area around the nearby cave, so there is literally no way to get inside, even god can’t reach that far up before running out of time, and you can’t build any structures around it because funcom blocked that zone from building… This is the kind of things that made me quit this game. And also the undermesh bases.

But this also can be fixed by adding new function to the jars - sticking them to the walls, and they should not fall off once ingnited or touched. This could solve many issues with unreachable bases, not all of them - but at least if you can attach jars to any surface, just like climbing works - then you can enter the base from any angle.

To limit unraidable bases…

replace stability with multiple values

any piece which gains stability from a piece above it uses stretch, and piece which gainst stability from a piece below it uses load and any piece which gains stability from a piece adjecent to it uses shear.

So stacking high adds load to the bottom foundation until it breaks. So if you want to build high you need to use lighter materials e.g. lower tier and/or not foundations.

if you want to build a hanging base you need to use materials with stretch, e.g. not stone or brick and keep the weight down.

If you want to build a pillar base you need to use lightweight materials since you have few foundations to carry the load.

This also permits the use of buttresses either flying on regular to add shear or distribute load. Flying butresses give shear to piece which ant internal butresses allow tha shear load to be distributed futher indoors to create larger internal spaces e.g. for maprooms.


In regards to thrall armies, if there was some interaction with the neighboring factions to gain their trust or something, I would suggest they send a group of their fighters/archers to help defend you against a siege based on either some pre-requisite item acquisition or all the time with perhaps a cooldown to keep their influence down.

As for siege, rams would be nice as would ballista’s but I would recommend keeping ballista’s stationary because from experience in other games, mobile ballista’s are very powerful. Seige tower as they were originially described would be awesome but I feel they would be very impractical given most people build in bumpy terrain and also how do you adjust the drawbridge height of a siege tower to match the walls you approach? It’s cool to think of building a base for the tower and adding walls/stairs to customize but matching it to enemy bases doesn’t seem practical in this game.

I think Avatars need a whole rework from their attacking to also the way to defend against them. I think their size should be equal to that of the large rocknose kings and move a little faster, they should all have a way to climb to deal with “unraidable bases” and should behave as extremely powerful siege tools but not be a total base crusher. I’d rather use Ymir and beat a base down with the axe and chill the area around me than summon him and either demolish my enemy or get bounced off by a magical bubble they could potentially upkeep 100% of the time. To this day I still have avatar summoning disabled on our server because I feel the whole feature is incomplete.

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mechanisms to stop offline raiding are a must. right now theres no protection other than thralls which are easy to beat. make the traps not get triggered by clan members so that we can put traps all over our bases. (if clan member in X around the trap then it doesnt proc to stop online raiding being impossible)

vaults: they are too big to use effectively so rather just x 10 their cost. 1500 hardeend bricks isnt that bad. try force people to use chests etc. limiting it per clan is just meh. whats next? you can only have X furnaces to?

the big issue is the offline raiding. give us some way to defend it. while theres a clan member in the base the traps dont trigger, as soon as there are no members around the base the traps become active. make the traps more hidden aswell. if you plan on attacking someone and they offline expect to be killed a few times.

make traps decay in like 30min if not placed in a base area.

gods need a serious re-work. but you guys have said that for months now and still nothing on that?

dont let explosives / orbs “stack”. if you want to destroy X it will take Y+ minutes to do. no clever ways to speed it up etc.

there are very few truly unraidable bases in the game. the majority are raidable. so if you make it easier to get those very few unraidable bases you will just end up making the majority easier to thereby ■■■■■■■ off the majority of the player base more.

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Repairing and building should be disabled while under attack, in raid time, if a structure gets damaged (excluding trebuchet, sieges) is not possible for 5 minutes, and everything connected with that claim area becomes a no build area aswell.

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Aid ? No, but challenge, not much fun to replace doors or walls in the very first second they get destroyed, or just repair in a hit or two.

I understand this seems hardcore, but thats how I see PvP, maybe in other modes you can still repair while “in combat”, but then again, its much more fun defending your base fighting the intruders than just replacing stuff. (Perhaps a special legendary repairing hammer giving the wielder the power to repair during attacks from Raid/Purge, or a perk on survival tree).

I imagine this happening on those tower bases, “unraidable” in theory, once we get the fall dmg perk fixed a high tower protected with God Bubble will be a challenge to bring down! And once attacks dig a hole, the defender(s) would have to repel the climbing/ jumping visitors, blood boils on those encounters.

Arrow catapults and a small boulder catapults would be good.

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My thoughts (Wall of text)

Give us a siege bench where we craft things used for attack. This centralizes where to build catapult pieces, siege cauldrons. This would also be where you craft the pieces for a battering ram, ballista, grappling hook or whatever items you add. It could basically be a re-skinnef artisan table that uses the same 3 thralls (armorer, carp, blacksmith).

I think the battering ram is a great idea. Give it a low durability that can’t be improved by reinforcement kits. I would start with it doing enough damage to break a basic wooden door in one hit. Whatever the damage, it should have just enough durability to brake a T3 gate, with maybe an extra swing in case you suck at aiming. If you want immersion with it, figure out a way that it has to be activated by multiple players, but that seems like more of a challenge than it’s worth. For an added bonus, make the siege cauldrons attack deplete a quarter of it’s durability if used successfully. Voila, siege cauldrons have a purpose!

To me ballistas should be a dual purpose weapon, based on ammo used. You can load them with standard or explosive shots (since we have that for trebuchets already) or you can craft a special ammo at a T3 Altar to damage avatars. No need to build a separate God killing machine. If they could be aimed like a large bow, they could be used as trebs against the “lollipop” style base. The key is for them to have a flat trajectory, as to me this is what differentiates it from a treb.

With regards to gods, they should definitely do more damage. This could be mitigated by making them more expensive to create the god coin, something like 750 zeal instead of 500. (While your looking at this, can you please balance out the amount of zeal given by priest clothes created at all altars. The Set pieces give way more zeal than other religions) If you want to make them more useful, give all gods a melee and ranged attack (left mouse vs. right mouse click). Mitra can let out a shout similar to the bat demons, Derketo throws a skull, Ymir does a thunder clap with his hands a la the Incredible Hulk, Set could spit venom. JSag could do a stomp as a melee attack. Yog is the only one I’m having trouble with.

I like the grappling hook. One way that you could balance it out is to give it a weight limit or a timer before it expires. Maybe this would only create a balance to them against offline raiding, but it was a thought.

Last thought - can we have a tar orb as opposed to a grease orb, something that creates a patch of stickiness. The purpose of this could be two fold. One, you could use them to slow down a player who walks across it, similar to how a grease orb makes the ground slippery. Second, jars should automatically be able to stick to any affected area, removing the “No contact with ground” and “Terrain conflict” messages that can make them so damn frustrating to place. AND if you threw it to against a wall, this would allow you to place a jar against the side of the wall. This would also allow us to raid bases built on a peak once we climb up there, but there is no ground to place it on. Hell, if we could throw a few on the ground for enough coverage, people could use them for building to fix how difficult altars and maprooms can be to place.


I was thinking of that the other day.

Maybe as follows
Derketo, seperate the heal and poison. Heal for clan mates, poison for enemies. This would make her viable while trying to rush the base to kill off the thralls and animals.
YMIR—like your suggestion. Maybe the clap does frostbite damage to enemies as well as structure damage.
Mitra Shout–same. like it, maybe adds a sunder to the enemy within the range with the structure damage.
Jhbal–like the stomp with the claws idea. causes bleed as well damage to structures.
Yog–maybe an ink blast that does cripple effect to players, and fire like DoT to structures (acid like).
Set-like the poison venom. Maybe has an acid like Dot on structures, with poison effect to players.

why it reminds me stronghold crusader xD
nah, for me Conan is mix of stronghold+forest+fallout - few good games make one excelent
just need dog cage for 100g wich kills your thralls xD

sry if u didnt played stronghold and i bothered you

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idk about siege towers, i mean its nice idea but when evryone have diferent height of walls

ballista, yes please
maybe add to trebuchet poisonous stuff like at stronghold /cows/ wich deal aoe gas dmg

about vaults, maybe for now just add radius wich set minimal distancce from each other to some number

about thrall efectivnes, what about let them leveling, they alredy have that icon there set to 0
lvl thralls to lvl 60 seems too long, maybe lvl30 max with getting hp,dmg,stamina with each lvl by type/location

suidside animals, make some fast running animals kamikaze, bring on them bombs and let it auto boom or shoot on them arow/boom arow for bigger BOOOM in wall

more efective explosives to walls, counter chemical/magical stuff for black ice / u know some magic substance wich melt down black ice and create from t3 walls t1 or t2 depends on lvl/mage thrall/alchemist/siege engenier
wall will stay but be wery weak, and boom kamikaze gazzela appears
let that substance take time to work /10-20 secs /to u cant spam it at kamikaze animal along with just bombs

harder/more frequent purges, while they attack at doors/gates or on weakest walls

I think a few more antipersonnel (catapult and scorpion) and anti-turtle weapons (siege towers and trojan horse rams) would be great!

It would be incredible to have sorcerer thralls who put out extra healing. It’s risky to take your T3 priest to battle, but he helps heal you.

Murder holes, decking slits, and arrow slits would go a long way toward positive defenses. It would be a meaningful recipe to earn in say, mid-50s, the ability to shoot downward from your excellent tower.

Old-fashioned man-powered battering rams, siege catapults (small antipersonnel) and scorpions from the Middle Ages do have some crossover here. I always love piling four duders into a battering ram, in Age of Kings (Age of Empires), and letting it mash into an outer wall. I enjoy the spilling out of the men once they breach the city walls. I can imagine my pipe-hitting Nords jumping out inside a guy’s inner sanctum.

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