Hear me out guys! TRAPS! and more ranged and siege weapons! More time era matching technology!

Gas chests(Chests rigged up with a vapor trap that activates when the chest is open…)

Explosive chests(Chests that are rigged up with an explosive trap.)

Break away floor trap(Barrowing BrokenFang’s idea its placed as a floor that has a built in chest that makes the floor break away when the chest is looted. We can bait it with a cool item even if we so desired. Perhaps move the chest around on it a bit to make it not so obvious.) Just drops players to the floor below… (Palisades can be used for the spikes, or you can drop enemies into a room full of scorpians or something, or onto a pile of explosives in a room they can’t climb out of… BOOM!)

Break away floors in general.(No chest just a floor that breaks when walked on.)

Dummy elevators… (That suddenly drop down when activated… possibly smashing anyone standing under it and causing fall damage to any fool dumb enough to ride it to the bottom.)

Sturdier palisades(Made of iron spikes.)

the ability to add poison to palisades for more damage.


You definitely have the right idea there Haha!!
I mean I havent really got the best background knowledge of the conan story. But surely in that world these things existed? They would in the era it’s based in that’s for sure


I would love to see more seige weapons and the like. And where is this crossbow that’s mentioned??? There could def be additions that fall into place with the theme and lore of the game. Scorpions and long range artillery would be amazing

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I won’t let this post die, we still miss this corpse locker we were promise !

And what about that siege tower that could be buildable & could move on enemy wall Funcom ?


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This is the Link to the last years thread about the overhaul of the siege/PvP System.

As you see it’s from November 2018. I really hope we will hear about this and other overhauls soon. Indeed I expected one of these overhauls coming with the anniversary Update on May 8th 2019. :cry:

Hi Persius. This topic comes up from time to time, however the idea of traps seems to be a hard sell around here. Although I love the idea. Here is another recent thread if you would like to read more.

I will repeat exactly what I said in the above thread.

While they would be potentially harardous around ones base, I could live with it. However, I would also like to see some of these in Dungeons and enemy camps. And I would like even more to be able to Kick enemies into them.


Why would it be such a hard sell?

It would seem that everything that comes from the players is a hard sell to the guys writing the codes.
my server at the moment has full anti raid settings for its PVP! but most of us still agree thoroughly with a lot of these suggestions, traps and combat mechanic overhauls, and other additions to the already epic game.

I Confess i’m moderately new here, but I will fly to regular, and above, i’m intending to be highly active in the game and forums

so keeping threads like this alive! and receiving links to others! i’m more than happy to do so.

the number of people in for this suggestion in perticular is quite good, I have had a lot of response from a couple of my threads now, I just wish our recruitment one could flourish xD.

But I intend to fight for them all! I will look at these links and I will comment and like and do my best to have them all survive, it seems Funcom officials will look at the most active threads right, well i say lets Demand their attention!! bring these suggestions, mine, others, all of them, to a number of views funcom cant ignore!!

the traps would be good for more than just pvp, purge defences and such also come in to the idea!, having longer range, and better siege weapons is always going to be a big desire for heavy pvp though! a very good idea eather way!

the amount of various siege weapons to !

  • Ballista.
  • Mangonel.
  • Battering rams.
  • Trebuchets.
  • Catapult.
  • Siege Tower
    and what about cannons an crossbows and slingshots, darts and stealth weapons!!
    maybe special NPC’s? that can MAN THE STATIONS!!!

And as mentioned above, pit traps! trap doors! chests! blade traps and arrow traps, net falls and net traps! stunning, blinding, effects that could be utilised!

i think the thought is across! thanks for working with me for this !! i will be happy to support all other threads :wink:


Oh dear both the posted thread links have been closed;(, that sucks. i will not give up on this one!! anyone else got links to similar suggestions please let me know

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Yes both threads linked above were worthy to keep them open. But you know the rules. Every thread will close 7 days after the last post even the ones which should stay open. That’s the reason why there are so many threads about the same content.

If i’m not mistaken people seem a bit adverse to bumping their own thread with a reply, i think the secret to a good long lasting thread is to keep new ideas and suggestions revolving around the same topic, flowing in to the thread, research even after your original post for different materials/additions to the suggestion :slight_smile:

people you play in game with who agree, ask them to support your idea if they do!!

and keep a good chat going like i do because a forum is not the same without friendly debate and discussion!

In the Open Beta Times there was a nice trap: a spike trap
These traps were also part of the black Keep. Believe me the Black Keep Dungeon was much more challenging at these times. I guess Funcom cancelled this feature because they believed it is too op and players could use them to guide bossmonsters into them.
Here a video from @Polarbear_Igloo where he used this trap on his buildings https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K2U0PuG9oIw

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See I don’t get that at all, why add something like that with that much usability then remove it.
i’m not one for mods, but does it not make you feel you want them slightly when Mods add the various cool things the game could easily implement, without changing to much.

but alas, I haven’t enough desire to start modding my server, and entirely sure its possible, i just notice config files on the master panel so its a assumption ahha.

but even just a small update with a couple of the noted siege materials above, or traps!, That post that was closed, in one of the links sent above, was a official seeming post witch definitely leads me to believe they have been considering it!!

I am honestly not sure why Minnion. As you can see for yourself, calls for traps never tend to recieve many upvotes, which is a tremendous shame. Perhaps most users dont like the idea of having to pay more attention to their surroundings and dislike the added challenge that goes with it!? Or maybe they are dont like the prospect my idea brings of being able to Kick others into them will. I really do not know. I loved having to watch out for traps in Skyrim. As soon as I triggered one, it reminded me to stay frosty and alert. Keep up the good fight @Persius.

Ps- @TwoJay I didnt realise that we had spike traps previously! That is so cool, thanks for sharing it. Except now Im depressed that we dont have them. :laughing:

The fight shall continue my dude! I was just thinking about the simplest of traps that I don’t seem to have mentioned, wire trips… a simple piece of silk turned into string, becomes the perfect trap! somebody steps on it and a trapdoor opens, or spikes raise, or a poison arrow, noxious gas! endless. absolutely endless possibilities

Oh and dont forget this little beauty. :wink:


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I’d like to see a new War-maker’s bench for building siege equipment on that would include thralls and pets as part of the recipe.

Here’s a few ideas.

#1 Thrall battering rams that can be placed on an enemies door to do a small amount sustained damage over time. (this would make hot oil useful)

#2 Elephant drawn siege towers that would be placed at the edge of an enemies land claim possibly built in parts like trebs that would need moving up to walls these would be very slow moving and vulnerable to attack on the way in.(ever wanted to treb a war host on the way to your walls here’s your chance)

#3 Siege hammer tools that are useless in combat but damage structures. (these could be like repair hammers in that they show structure health but do damage to structures instead and would require a number of steel reinforcements with each swing)

That’s what i can think of off the top of my head but I’d bet there’s loads more.

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That image should have Giorgio A. Tsoukalos head on it with the caption wire traps :rofl:

Since we’re talking about new siege features, how about a loot protection system that prevents stations from being raided if thralls owned by the same person/clan who built those stations are within a certain range of the station?

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