It will be nice to get some new siege weapons

instaed of the catapult we hade for so many years it feels boring every time i see one
it will be nice to see a new siege weapon and make it feel more like you live in the conan world


I think having a battering elephant or rhino would be rather cool. Might as well make animals useful in siege weapons.

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i agree bu i was allso thinking more like defending siege weapons so we have a chance to survive a battle

The siege cauldron not doing the job?

Seriously, it would be nice to see more devices, offensive and defensive.
Likewise war beasts and perhaps summoned demons that serve the same purpose.

There is a serious gap between explosive arrows and avatars, and there is certainly room for more than a trebuchet.

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we really need it we have dealt with what we have in 4 years and that is way to long with allmost thing

ievery time i see them delveoping dungeons im just thinking we have so may of them now and why keep doing it why not setting it on a pause so we can get other endgame content

Developing for PvP doesn’t seem to be their strong suit.
If this one recalls, during a stream about sorcery, rather than nothing how certain spells would impact the state of PvP play, they basically said they would see what players did with them.

This one is not entirely certain they have a clear vision of what they want PvP to look like.
Whereas they have a fairly coherent vision of what they want dungeons to be like.
So they are sticking to their strengths.

Honestly, this one hopes that after the “Age of Sorcery” is done, the next chapter, or perhaps the one after, will be the “Age of War” and see more development of siege and fortification.

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In 5 years they changed their vision several times. 2018-2019, it was fast phased, big dmg to players, and also a little bit more mechanics than now. 2020-2022, slow phased, low dmg to players, removed mechanics that made PVP more “alive”, late 2022-2023 fast phased again, but lack of balancing, wierd perks, slightly higher dmg on some weapons.

i hope after this sorcery we will getting some their will improve many things both to the siege and defcense and the thralls

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