Advanced defense with lackeys

I have been playing since the early access and I realized that it is very easy to have a base destroyed, I think it would be more interesting if it were more difficult to happen and I have an idea, we have blunderbusses, fence boiler and explosives and I believe that if the lackeys themselves were in charge of usalos would make a huge difference in defense. imagine the first attack on a wall and the footman to use the siege cauldron. I have no idea how difficult it can be to introduce this into a game, but a suggestion is always welcome, right?
As it is only 10 players per clan it is very difficult to be the 10 online to make a defense and few in the war to get to the point of using the siege cauldron.
Another idea would be to increase the HP of the structures because it has been very easy to make 200 bombs and devastate the opponent’s base.

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they need to increase the range of archer thralls for sure. i like the idea of them using the cauldrens themselves too that would be sick, imagine a rock thrower that targets you lol

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I’m not sure about all weapons but would be neat to be able to assign a person to weapons. Even if it were just fighters who could be assigned to them


Yes it would be great. The way it’s only going to be based in caves.

I would love to see more defence options as well as long as more attack options like a giant rolling battling ram would be awesome