[ALL PLATFORMS SUGGESTION] Base defense suggestions and additions ideas?

Hello, I would like to start a suggestion thread centered around ideas to improve base defenses in the game. I will add some to begin and more to come, though I would like to see ideas from as many players as possible.

So to start off:

  1. Armor plates to attachable to walls and other building pieces that protect with more armor or resistances to specific damage to the structure behind it (ie. fire resist). I know I suggested this in the past but wanted to list it here also.

  2. Masks or Alchemy (a cloud that would surround an area) to protect thralls (beyond mask) AND pets from poison gas clouds.

  3. Permanent grease pools inside your landclaim that can be lit on fire.

Please add any that you would like to see also added if possible.


Wow, no ideas huh ?

I’d like to see more traps. Bear traps, pit traps, falling rocks, etc.

Also, I want thralls to be able to use the Siege Cauldrons to prevent climbers. Like assigning some garbage T1 fighters to it or something like one would use a crafting thrall.


Proximity activated siege cauldrons would be cool


More traps would be great as long as they don’t decay as fast as the others, though I think landclaim does help some.

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The Forest by Endnight has some really cool traps. “Happy Birthday” trap is basically a spring loaded spiked wall, and the log fall traps are as simple as it gets. Not sure how they’d be incorporated into the game, but it would be great.

Not a defense, per say, but more offensive: Battering rams. Lower bomb damage so that they’re only ideal for things like vaults and boxes, and use battering rams for base raiding. The defensive play comes in with knowing where your choke points are going to be so you can defend your gate from rams.

Another defensive idea: Machicolations, arrow slits, and murder holes that archer thralls can actually use (Basically code them with 1-sided projectile collision)


All those sound really, really fun and allow more variety in battles. The battles have been rather stale when you are actually able to have one while players are online that is.


1 remove projectile for arrows make hit box scan, this would make easier on thralls and be easier limit the players ability to attack outside thralls range.

Invisible mines that is clan friendly

Floors that has no collision or trap that opens up, kinda like old elevators that u can make trap out of.

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I disagree with making the arrows hit scan. If you can make a strong enough case for it, I may support it, but as it stands I dislike the notion of “Crosshairs on target it hits” regardless of distance or flight time. I do, however, feel that an elegant solution requires 2 parts.
1- Increase the flight speed of the arrow by about 25%. The arrows move too slow right now and it makes aiming an absolute chore.
2-Switch the projectile hit calculation from server-side to client-side. Did the arrow hit on your screen, but they didn’t take damage? That’s because the server says you missed due to latency that you had no way of predicting. Switching to client side calculations would resolve that issue.

I wouldn’t go so far as to make them invisible, but hidden/hard to spot? Beautiful. I approach this idea with a big bowl and a smile that says “more please”

That’d be cool. Straight up trap floors. They’d have to be an added modification to regular floors, or else people would just not walk on weird colored floors. That said, it would need some kind of indication, otherwise there’s no skillful avoidance. Just “whoops you fell” with no way around it. It’d be like playing the old Atari ET game in the 21st century


I would love camouflage and have asked for years for it to be added to the base game.

I do appreciate all the creative mechanics listed. Let us not put the cart before the horse. Until offline raiding is addressed seriously by FC, then no amount of mechanics will be useful if i can slowly maneuver with no player threat.

Part of the defenses ideas is allow enough defense to survive offline attempts and to punish them.

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My thoughts in that regard is that I want my base to be annoying enough that raiding it just isn’t worth the trouble. Defenses such as traps, archers, spikes, etc, to me are all about being an annoyance to raid. No base is unraidable, and I like that. I just want my base to survive while I’m at work lol

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Defensive structures need to be difficult to breach otherwise they are pointless. Unraidable should agreed not be possible but, raiding should not be a one trick easy pony ride.


i understand, but if it is almost impossible to raid offl8ne, then by logic when players are on to defend it would be impossible. Then poeple wont even raid. If you make raid online only, you can make multiple waysbtondefens and raid like a chess match. Where if i feel skilled enough i may be able to win, but not burn all you lr chess pieces to ashes.


Nah. Not needed to be all or nothing. Manned defenses should cost alot to breach.

True enough, and I do agree that Offline Raid Protection of some kind needs to be implemented. I didn’t say anything about it thus far because I like the idea of more base defenses. Neat things like Archery towers and traps that I’d like to see implemented into the game.

Chances are, however, that aside from Mods, these items won’t get added. Which make me sad as a console player. Trust me, if I could afford a decent gaming rig, I’d be playing on PC in a heartbeat, but I’m broke AF. Even my xbox was gifted to me lol


Right now the reas9n to raid offline is because raiding online is harder. ifnyou built decent and have enoughbthralls you can hold off thru the raidnwindow. i know, my clan of 3 have d9nenthat multiplentimes agaunst 10 man clan with thralls. The problem arises is we know we have tobdo itneach evry night, or risk being offlined. you remove the risk then we can stop them one noght. Take a break to be social in real lofe, return and raidnthem back when we feel like it and theybare online.

But i d9nt want derail thread arguing semant8cs. So i do like all yhe ideas. But aga8n, offlining affords me plentybofnt8me to exploit poor AI and work my ro levellingbyour base.

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It should be hard to siege a castle so no excuses for this needed, ever. Thralls just get gassed or acid arrowed, then gassed and pets just get gassed and with the HP bars easy now to see. On top of that because of asset loading your entire defensive layout is open for all to see so there is that major unfairness since day one.

Bases are not hard to raid offline or online, period. Attackers advantage currently all around.

Also, minor nitpick, but please spellcheck your posts a little bit. It was difficult to read your response here