Need more siege weapons

In my experience the trebuchet is one of the most fun game mechanics. I think we need more stuff that requires a little mini game and thinking in order to do damage. Suggestions would be:

  • A siege ram, that several players have to carry at one and coordinate the attack.

  • A siege tower that can be moved on wheels even into landclaim areas

  • A heavy crossbow that can be mounted on walls and siege towers

  • A ballista that needs to be set up like the trebuchet, but with a higher range and less height that it can reach.

  • Greek fire: a fluid that is very light and flows over larger areas than tar. Easily ignitable and should be very hard to craft. Can be flung at walls with a trebuchet.

  • Archimedes burning mirror that can capture sunlight and focus it to burn a target when adjusted correctly

Since all of this was not promised in EA you could also sell it in a DLC package :sunglasses:


Yes please!!!
Even if it would come as an DLC e.g. “Conquest” I wouldn’t mind buying it

In the previous game “Age of Conan” you could ride a rino and smash it to structures and player :cowboy_hat_face: :relieved: In Conan E. rinos are useless :man_facepalming:

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I agree with adding more weapons to add new ways to raid. Currently, there are bases that can be built in areas that HEAVILY limit the kind of raiding can be done, so adding new ways to raid could be the answer to these bases.

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I personally like the small mini game of the trebuchet most. Hence I would love to have more such siege with an own mechanic. I would really drool over a focusing mirror to burn stuff.

I personally think the trebuchet should be the MAIN way of raiding. It’s damage is perfectly fine with normal boulders, but demon-fire barrages should be doing WAY more than they are. 2 jars and 5-10 twine to make a barrage, yet it only deals the equivalent of 1 jar… seriously? Not only is it stationary and requires a trebuchet to fire AND has a reload time, it’s damage is really only that of a single jar for the price of 2?

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If these would be sold as DLC, wouldn’t that be like PTW?

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Probably yes, but I wouldn’t mind to pay for such a juicy package and I would also wish funcom more financial ground with CE since they have no abo or lootbox model to keep the cash flowing.

Only issue with it being sold as a DLC pack, it would make it highly uneven for people on the same server that did not buy it.

It would have to be released as additions for everyone.

Well… luckily none of this is never going to be in game, DLC or other wise.
And btw siege towers, rams and ballistas were all mentioned by the devs during early days of EA, only trebs and (broken) siege cauldrons made it into the game.

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