Trebuchet Improvements & Additions

This applies to Trebuchets only! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think! Likes are always appreciated. :heart::+1:

  • Add Gas and Oil barrage for trebuchet. Would work on the same principle as orbs but would have a larger area of effect and would be capable of combining effects.
  • Increase inventory slots for ammo.
  • Make the fire, reload, and inventory mechanisms more defined in terms of operation. Rubber banding on the fire lever while trying to navigate the trebuchet is frustrating. Accessing the inventory instead of reloading is equally so.
  • OR, accomplish ALL THE ABOVE by adding in an improved version of the existing trebuchet that has an improved mesh, more ammo types, and inventory space. This version would have a definite increase in cost and weight, but would aslo have an increase in durability.
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i agree. Using giant gods that only people with no lives have the free hours to build isnt fair for the player with fewer hours to play. And can only get catapults.

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At the very least it would spice up the seige mechanics!

Also, the range of the weapon is ridiculously short.

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The main problem is when a single player attacks a alpha clan. They know real quickly they are being hit. Then all five of the alpha clan kill the single player. End of assault. It used to be they didn’t know they were being hit. It gave the single player a raiding chance.

I’d love to see this along with more siege weapons I love rp servers and seeing say a battering ram braking a gate while trebuchets are knocking down a wall and having full on wars are a dream of mine in this game and I think it’s an awesome concept I hope to see one day happen in this game and hey I’d say it’s fully possible how the game is rn and I’d love to see more additions to make this even more epic and possible

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It is difficult(not impossible) for single players just as it should be. It encourages people to clan up and work strategically. :+1: Anything making it easier for single players will make it 20X easier for clans.

The only possible solution would be pvp-Solo/Duo servers that only allows for 1 or two people to be in a clan. Did I just make another suggestion? Oops

If they weren’t able to jump from server to server helping each other. I screen shot them. 16 total. You should lose your character if you go to another server. Then you could only control that server. Not 5 or 6. They open multiple profiles on one server. One pretend s ur friend. Then they switch over and use the alpha clan profile to hit u.

The single best improvement to trebuchets would be to make them not decay after 2 days. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Actually I could raid three or four times in a week. And never get caught because they couldn’t see they were being hit . Twenty times easier for the solo player actually. Unless your in a clan and like the cards stacked in your favor to?

They didn’t know they were being hit because you would hit one of their ten forts. They could not be at all of them at the same time. And there was NO event log to tell them.

I absolutely agree! The game doesn’t force you to be in a clan, use spears(or whatever is currently meta), or build pillar bases. However, doing so will increase your efficiency and survivability. So if you prefer a challenge and the solo style of play, by all means swing away!

All said, I was really hoping for some feedback on the suggestion of adding an improved version of the trebuchet and ammo types. :sweat_smile:

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