Trebuchets need improving

I would like to suggest an improvement to the trebuchets. In several PVP servers I am seeing level 60 clans that create extensive buildings and long chains of single foundation land claims. It is impossible to remove either the buildings or the land claims because each foundation piece takes 100K hp. I am also noticing the use of honey combed bases (numerous small rooms) that defy the use of bombs and trebuchets. I believe trebuchets are seriously underpowered compared to the hp of foundations. Do you realize a large sandstone well has 300k hp? Given a trebuchet does maybe 7-9k damage per shot this seems way out of balance. (ie you would need to collect 30-40K of rock to make enough bullets to take the well out)
Anyways my suggestion is that you add IRON ammunition for trebuchets with significantly higher damage hp. Given that iron is not as abundant as rock you should also be able to make more of these from less iron.

Good suggestion. An ability to make trebuchets a more viable raiding option would be a nice change to PVP strategy.

I’m not sure if either of you have tried trebuchets recently but they drill through bases like butter if your using demonfire barrages, no matter what piece they are hitting. These things can also be set up a grid pattern-2 grid patterns away within a siege base to stop someone from destroying it.

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I haven’t used them, I just assumed they were bad since I never saw them used in any of the servers I’ve been in.

The boulders aren’t good but they are boulders, they shouldn’t be top tier way to blast through a base. Jars currently deal less than 9k I believe on their own since one of the last patches nerfed them, so keep that in mind when comparing. But the demonfire barrages melt bases from miles away at that. They take 2 explosive jars each to craft but it’s worth the damage and utility of its range.

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