PvP - New treb-range

This is gonna ruin PvP servers. Why Funcom? Why ruin the small pvp community that is left when mesh-glitchers and big clans killed off most of the players already.

We all gotta quit our daysjobs to be on all hours of the pvp time. Only big clans will survive. Why are you doing this Funcom? Making arrows and treb penetrate god bubble is all we need. We do NOT need more treb range.

Three guys with a treb each will lay waste to any base in like 30 minutes. I don’t understand how you would think we want this?

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They did nerf AOE damage of the projectiles, so yes while it shoots further the shots don’t damage as many structure pieces as they used to, it also doesnt bounce like it did before, This means it will take more shots to destroy a base than before, So while yes now pillar bases are actually shootable it will still take time to destroy enough of a base to get into it. I can only see this being a problem for high pillar/tree bases that rely on being out of range of projectiles as their main defense, any other base it shouldnt matter as much whether you can shoot closer or further as you could just place your treb closer before, this only affects bases that you couldnt hit with a treb before because it would be out of range. I don’t feel this will kill PvP, it will just make people with pillar bases as raidable as those who are closer to the ground, I have no problem with this personally. And this coming from me who usually likes to build high up tree/pillar bases


Listen what Alex has to say in the devstream:

at 22:25 he explains why

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I mean, this is more true to how trebuchet’s did used to work in reality, I always found it underwhelming how small the range of tebs used to be, felt almost comical.


Your Lava Lounge is concentric circles. Build unique placeables on your outer walls and know exactly when you’re being probed. I mean, until Sag’s back, you’re Set. (pun intended)

Defensively, I’ll probably just push out my landclaim and build big distant shields, away from my castles on the vulnerable sides.


Only the people with the biggest (treb) boulders, I’m afraid. :frowning:

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Yeah thats why i hate the event log so much! This strategy shouldnt be a thing in the game, but once you found out how to it is like a raid-alarm.

I would’ve argued with you about the ability to build trebs up there, but I just saw how they are going to be easier to place after the patch. Out of curiosity, can you span that distance with another set of elemevators?

It’s also going to take an entire hour to build a treb, now. Multi-gun just added this to his recap.

This is gonna kill every clan with a size smaller than 5 guys. With the new range small clans have no means to landclaim as much as they need to be safER. And now every base is raidable with a couple of hours.

Pillarbase-raiding would have been solved with a simple god bubble penetraion for trebs and arrows. Because if arrows can penetrate the god bubble, you can raid pillar bases.

No need to make the treb a freaking bazooka. It’s fine as it is, both with splash damage and range. Don’t change a winning team - again. Please Funcom. Reconcider og do a poll on the PvP servers.

I promise you more of us do NOT want this treb boost.

Imagine a nice solo base. Now three dudes just mount one catapult each while this poor guy is offline. And 1-2 hours later, their in. No matter what the defence.

Raiding, and offline raiding, is already to easy with the arrows, acid arrows and in most cases high catapult towers. This is the beginning of the end…and once again the glitchbasers and big clans will wipe the servers.

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The Siege Foundation and the Treb Base can be pre-crafted. The other two pieces – the frame and the arm – are crafted at the treb itself. To craft, currently they only take 1 minute apiece, and the boulders are 10 seconds each.

During the trebs and arrow attack, the horns at the base could touch automatically.

This would alert players inside the base by doing other things.


It’s the arm and the frame that take a 30 minutes each.

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God bubble changes are enough to make pillar bases useless. You just don’t have space to stack walls, to make pillar base safe even against current treb & explosive arrows.

I don’t even think that pillar bases where an issue. Ppl were building this to address the fact that every entrance to the base would be a weak point, because of how weak doors are in the game. Making your entrance inaccessible on pilar base was just one of the solutions.

Building hanging from the ceiling in caves might become vastly more popular now, especially when splash damage is reduced.

Treb.1 is pretty much earth-shattering. Sure, it takes 30 minutes to build each of the two on-site components, but they cost only stone and wood. The new treb never gets tired, needs no repairs, and can be fine-tuned to hit a bonfire at the limit of draw range. The roll on the boulders is around 30 meters for a low-angle shot. Each shot can be independently tuned with a new separate lever to between -25 degrees and 80.

I think my first shot at 80 percent leverage hasn’t landed yet. Somewhere in Oz a wombat is watching his billabong splash into the sky as it finally comes to rest. You don’t need a lot for ballast: 3 units of stone makes the difference between 8.1% and 9.5%, which gets that boulder precisely where you want.

And finally, the pyrotechnics. There really is nothing quite like setting up a treb on a knoll at the fringe of the Highlands, and raining full-on hellfire onto those smug cretins at the Mounds of the Dead.

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This treb change is just gonna ruin pvp. Only people without dayjobs MAY survive now…

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Honestly you are exaggerating. I’ve been running around random populated server yesterday. I only seen one clan with pillar base, everyone else builds in a cave or in a monument.

I don’t think that pillar bases were a problem. Tho 2x range buff on treb sounds a bit over the top.
The claim sprawl with vaults imo is a bigger problem.