PVP - Balances Treb/ ThrallCap


Hello all,
I’ve done several tests with the new treb.
The stone boulders hit a single target, like wall or foundation and do now around 7000 damage. Cost 250 stone. No point farming expensive explosive jars if u can just throw a couple rocks easy…
The treb doesnt get hit through firing boulders or explosive bombs.
That means you can fire endless stones to take a base pretty cheap and fast down without much farm effort. But if i now want to fix my base during a raid it is expensive as hell. Getting hardened brick, blackice, shaped wood, insulated wood, steel reinforcements or what ever. All takes a lot of time. And then comes a random person and takes your wall down with a couple stone… Also is the bubble to 100% useless since there is (luckily) no avatar attack to break in 1 min a entire massive base. Maybe let the bubble grant a damage reduction or smth like that. Its still hard to keep it alive all 2 days so it would be a nice trade. Maybe 75% damage reduction or so. That enemies still can damage the stuff.

Cool, lets think about the thrall cap. I agree that to many people just spam them (mainly pets coz easy n cheap) around and thats not nice. Server used to lag coz of that. A limit is good. But if you have 10 active people in tribe, maybe 2-3 huge bases, you are not able to defend your base anymore.
I think if you would do it like Ark, with Thralls/Turrets in range and additionally a bigger thrall limit per clan it would be a lot better. Lets say you can place 50 thralls in a range of 30 foundations. Each member 20 thralls. Maximum 200 per tribe. We would be able to defend the stuff where we spent 1000’s of hours farming it.

How it is at the moment… I think a lot people will quit once raided from a beach bob…

Takes effort to setup a base, so it should take same effort to take it down.

Also pvp… its player versus player not a single player versus a whole base…

Thanks for reading!

And great with work with thrall leveling and horses as mounts, they make really fun! :slight_smile:

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