On official PvP server why NOW build anything? answer devs? Big thrall nerf

Ok…I recently read that thralls are in for a BIG nerf. This is good news for the players on PvE servers that are tooo lazy to use a t1 thrall for fighting mobs but instead use T4 thralls. So, they whine and complain stating that their thralls are too powerful. And now all thralls are getting a BIG nerf.

So, on a official PvP server as a solo player or small clan why bother building any base??? With much weaker thralls these bases are now going to be even easier targets for the larger toxic clans that wipe servers. Great job FuncOM! You are really thinking this plan of action out???

Bases are weak and now will have NO defense against raids! Weak thralls will even make bases easier targets. RAIDS NOW ARE JUST ALL ABOUT EXPLOSIVES ! Weak bases and thralls====why would a solo player or small clan bother building anything on a official pvp server now? With absolutly no feaken defenses tbases are easy targets. I thought a castle was something that would make an enemy pause and redirect their attention somewhere else. In this game a castle is just a joke of a structure…pretty target. No matter where it is at, it is a BIG easy target with walls that can not be defended and thralls weakened by big nerfs.

That would be nice. I would care less about nerfing thralls if they would only make it so bases, like castles, can be better defended. As it is now…base defense is a complete joke and will become worse with the thrall nerfs.

Haven’t seen anything about a big nerf. And they are now allowing horse plus follower. And if yo are thinking more thralls help defend a base, then, well you will be disappointed to know thralls do not stop 1000 naked bomb runs.


Like I said before…players need the ability to better defend their bases against raids. As of now there really is NO good means of defense. And with weaker thralls this problems will even be greater! Also, explosives should of NEVER been added to this game. Makes raids a joke…all about explosives!


Yesterday on the stream they mention that they are working the scenario of your character be stronger and not 2 hits from a thrall, they said that the player should be the hero not the thralls. So if you see something wrong to this statement i can say nothing more. Ofcurse i play the game with the old dodge and the old thrall system and i like it. But since the new dodge and the following 1 system started we have to be honest that we spend 99% of our time playing full encumbrance. I am not complaining here not at all, i tottaly love to play this way and to feel safe under my spinas protection, still i would love to be able to solo a thrall, to have a fighting chance if you understand what i mean. I love their thoughts, they are true professionals and i am ready to accept every change they will bring to this game. One last thing, i have a question for you, what is the most precious in this game for you ?

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You can not defend a base in this game. The only solution is to hide in small bases around the map and build maprooms to move fast.

When i raid a base, i first clean the thralls with acid, poison and star metal arrows with 4 perk in accuracy. (you can block thralls by just placing a jar …). Then bombs, or first treb, it depends.

So … hide your base :slight_smile:


You ask my one of the most precious things in the game for me? Well, that would be the ability of a solo player or small clan to better defend their base or even castle against raids! As of now a base is nothing more than a speed bump for raiders before looting everything you have. Not matter how you protect your base or its castle defences… all bases, as of now are a joke, and will be even more so once the thralls guarding it are nerfed.

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Proves my point! Devs, did you intentionally design the game so base defense is non existent???

Apologies for breaking in. If I may interject something I observed at a dev stream a while back: the dev team made it clear they were deliberately removing the concept of “successful 1 v 4” in combat. It follows that building should come at a similar, and deadly risk for the Solo. Spoken as a Solo. :slight_smile:


Which is why i have suggested new servers (or even dead servers with log ins showing a 3 or 4 players daily) to be PVP Official Solo only. This would allow for more free form allying, and also minimize the effects of mob mentality.


That actually would be awesome to see, working static defences and traps. Well, I guess we have the tar cauldrons right now…but…

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There was a suggestion a while ago to add a thrall slot to siege cauldrons, which would make them activate when appropriate. The problem with that is that it would add AI load to the server – although not nearly as much as placeable followers – and I guess that’s the reason we don’t have any static defenses other than passive ones (spikes, explosive traps, etc.)

I guess it would be nice if they added some of that, but in the end, nothing will balance out the power differential between a 10-player raid on a 1-player clan.


In less than a week by playing fews hours on evening, so 40 hours in total you can be ready to offline raid a big clan.

You need :

  • map + wheel at seper
  • map + wheel at mound or asgard
  • map + 6x6x2 base in jungle.
  • T2 crafting thralls, 1 bearer 3, 1 fighter 4, 1 dancer.

Then :

  • 200 bombs
  • treb + 200 boulders
  • arrows (100 acid, 100 poison, 1000 star metal)
  • dragon bone weapons
  • epic flawless medium armor
  • potions



Why the medium armor?

It was fun. I enjoyed the aspect where if you work hard enough and almost like “you breed your thrall the toughest” it deserves to be the best… but with this. The thrall levels and being able to have op thralls like a army was like no other game on here. They should 2 tap. And if you can’t pvp and get hit by a thrall, it says alot about your experience.

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You can defend a base on here ! I personally find this the best part of the game … I would rather defend than raid … I defended a base more or less solo for a good few months … my thrall were useless if anything they made it harder by getting in my way :joy:

I watched the stream and always hoped for a ‘you stand the f there thrall dude’ command

Any base can be easily offline raided … I say build big not small … easier to repair


Irony of this post is that 99.99% of the complaints I see on all the forums and discord regarding Follower imbalance, is from the PvP side.

Please keep the feedback constructive. It’s fine to debate the merits of Follower imbalance, but attacking fellow players isn’t helpful.


Your Thrall T4 enters the fray, and you’re busy (doing what?) …

Assistindo a briga e comendo um pão


I can’t even test pvp on testlive but I know future comments will say

‘I get knocked down by a horse then they set their follower on me’ :woman_shrugging:

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Some peple want their thrall to do everything for them, and that’s fine except that they badly broken atm.
How to be a good player without effort? bring a thrall, lol.

I can’t say much about this though, pvp is something i don’t play, but i don’t think, by any chance, you should survive 1 vs 10, that doesn’t have any sense. Also, having the ability to defend your base with a bunch of thralls means they can do the same, and the game becomes a hide and seek game, everybody hides in their base and never get out of it, so much fun…