Advice needed to shore up my base

My base is located on a small hill with no cliffs or other means of jumping down inside the walls. The outer walls are 1+ foundation at its lowest points, with crenalated fence all around the entire circumference. Two occasions now players have hopped over my wall somehow. One of the times I was online and asked how he had gotten over and he said he had stood at the top of the gate and double jumped over. I specced into double jump and could not even come close to being able to clear the crenalated fence from the highest point i could stand on the gate door. I know its hard to say without actually seeing my base, but any thoughts on what I can do to make my walls better?

As an aside, I have watched a video on a person explaining an agility build and he showed how you can sprint forever by regaining energy during a double jump. I could not get this to work for me on xbox, so Im guessing im not doing double jump correct.

My other question is why have my thralls not been attacking? Ive played on pve-c servers and have seen how thralls will move towards you once you get close, but not attack. Im now playing on a pvp server but as far as i can tell my thralls are exhibiting that same pve-c behavior. Do thralls attack on site on pvp servers? Ive been attacked by players thralls but havent attacked a base so im unsure of thrall mechanics in general.

Thanks in advance!

Slighty above the gate door, in mid of the gate frame is a lil change in its collision which allows to stand there. If you now sprint and jump (or doublejump) to the sides (meaning not to try to jump over the gate+fences), it should work.

Other than that, people could just hop on top of each other with the lower one crouching at first making “mounting” easier for the second, then both jump at the same time, which rises the altitude of the second guy. If you now got only a 1.5-2.0 high wall, of course the second guy will be able to jump over the wall.

For PvP fingers/pillars are propably the safest to build on. Or any else environment which is at least 6 foundations high without the possiblity to stay somewhere in between.

Though due to the doublejump there still is another way to get in: build a huge tower and jump from up there. Do the second jump right before landing and you wont die because of falldamage. I once was told that a distance of up to 20 foundations may be covered by this method.

Because of how the thralls are being treated.
Since griefing was thought of being a thing, Funcom wanted to delete this possibilty before players would experience this. If one wanted to say it in a nasty way: Instead of having other players grief us, the devs did so. :joy: Sorry, I dont mean it.
So they wanted to have people only be able to kill thralls during raid times -> and since it would be unfair to allow thralls hurting players without players being able to kill their harassers, thralls were set to only attack when they arent immortal.
This is why Funcom might need a different way to fix potential griefing regarding thralls.

Incase your whole home with a roof and pillars for support… No sun or moon for you…but itlest no one can get in.

Like a turtle. XD

Or Pyramid (like anti purge homes)

Nuria - thank you for dropping a lot of good knowledge on me. I play solo so climbing on another player to clear obstacles is news to me. Ill have to spec agility again and see if i can clear make that gate jump. As far as thralls go, thats very disappointing. The second time people entered they lootied everything not nailed down with no resistance from what I thought were my defenders. I definitely now have to rethink my entire CE strategy.

Sera - I completely agree. Too bad because theres some incredible scenery in this game. Thats why I kept my walls as low as I could and had a big open top keep. The scenery was beautiful!

Thrall AI is getting some work done for the next major patch. Not sure what is involved exactly (though we know that suggestions from the community in the past, like passive, defensive, etc, is strongly being considered), but maybe it will improve their engagement settings. As far as I know though, I think they are “supposed” to engage any enemy it perceives as a threat. And right now, they only do so if they are attacked, I think.

Thats good to hear multigun, I hope funcom comes up with some good improvements. Besides the impressive scenery, the amount of space you need if you want all the religions, plus the sheer size of stables and the big well, the vault, teir 3 wheel etc, thats a lot of space to keep enclosed.

Holy crap I just lost another unconsious thrall due to it falling through the ground. Cmon funcom, im really trying to love this game.

Anyway, hopefully someone can help with another question. When I first started playing, which wasnt long ago, my entertainers buffs stacked to 10 all the time, no problems. These days they rarely stack at all, usually just constantly reseting itself at 1. Is this a new bug? Is it something to do with official pvp servers?

Funcom has a new Trello board with various stuffs that they are working on if you want to keep track of the bugs and issues.

Thanks for the link! Thats a good one to have.

Are you having any issues with entertainer buff stacking?

Log off and log back on and 99% of the time it’ll be right there.

Not for me unfortunately, this has been going on since around halloween at least.

A very wise Conan Exiles player taught me:

“Unless it is entirely enclosed, ceiling too, then it is fair game for looters.”

Enclosing completely can be expensive, however. Best to build / work in stages. Make sure your valuables are sealed up - even if it’s only T1 sandstone that is enclosing it. Upgrade as a priority - your main enclosure should be your first and core layer of defense.

From there, as time and resources make themselves available, add layers. When adding these layers, so long as your core layer is enclosed, you do not necessarily need to do full enclosure for other layers.

When you build, try to think like a raider. What would be the most difficult scenerio that you would have to negotiate. Perimeter walls can be very useful. Especially if you have nasty surprises inside of the walls that the raider must negotiate once they have hopped over the wall. Use thralls or animals (their AI, pending, of course, as well as raid window aggro) to harry and discourage. If you do put up a wall (even if it’s T1 sandstone), place your “duders” so that they are able to damage the would be raider as they enter, AND as they realize they have bit off more than they can chew, and as they try to escape.

Good luck! The good news is that so long as you are willing to be dynamic and make adjustments, you’ll become a better and more security-minded builder every time you get raided.

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If you can add a keyboard and mouse to your xbox, it’ll make life much easier. Once you get it down, you can translate the moves to a controller, this coming from a PC/PS4 player. There are also leaping exploits that can help a player achieve unbelievable horizontal distances. You’ve got to test everything, because they certainly will. The best advice is unless you’re luring them in, seal it up.

This is why Raid Window PVP needs adjustment in its current setup: during non-raid hours you must bottle everything up to keep people from scouting, climbing, looking for holes, or outright dropping in. Or worse yet to keep people from looting your taskmaster cranking away at a stack of humble T3s, you thought was protected by 13 sabretooth tigers. I believe this is a serious problem for PVP Officials. Companions will not defend during off-raid hours.

It used to be you’d get flat-out perforated if you so much as approached any enemy base. Now archers and protectors stand by while your walls are probed, common boxes are pilfered, and some soft raider simply strolled past your dancer, to rob you of everything but your skin tone.

In days of old when Nords were bold and Raid Window weren’t invented
We left the loads to Cimmerian choads
And logged off all contented!

If you can see sky, someone will exploit it.

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You’re right as far as I’m concerned this has cropped up more since Halloween for me. In that it hadn’t occurred in a long time, and then suddenly twice in a row. I know it’s tough in a PVP server environment to leave a thrall, but when you see the customary “long drift of the red bar” on the last concussive knock, you know the thrall has just fallen into a hole. The only concrete solution for this is to move yourself out of the chunk, and interact with something in the new area. A general rule is to run 3/4 a stamina bar, twice, and then interact with something. Chop a tree, bonk a duder, knife a smirking archer. Then go back to the thrall and he will be there. Every time since 31/10 it’s worked for me.

I have noticed that certain dancers only drop one buff. Others, like Imiu of Derketo, drop a full stack over time. Online PVP Official, I achieved the desired stacking by placing a D1 and a D2 in proximity of my common workshop area. When their collective bubble covered my toon while I was crafting, I got the full effect. Cheap and sleazy.

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Though it’s still totally possible to have everything accessible from windows IF you dont leave anything at the stations OR place the stations far away from windows.

As for thralls who have fallen below the map for the players client, a reload of that area helps. This means eighter running out of render range OR relogging swiftly.

Hmm? What’s a window? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: That is a fair point. Though I don’t often give the feedback that you should not play with windows, I do often try to leverage them to teach lessons. :stuck_out_tongue:

I run a mod that prevents me from building with windows. I highly recommend it. It’s called PVPer_Common_Sense. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


That is great news that theres a chance to recover your thrall. I had actually noticed similar behavior trying to recover player corpses before that had disappeared.

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge. I was missing a lot of much needed gameplay fundamentals. I am still amazed that the thralls we put so much time into gathering and converting will just stand idly by while enemies enter your base and loot your stuff. Especially when you can simply throw up structures and deny access to core content to everyone, which to me is far greater griefing than losing thralls which I expect anyways .

Cauthey thank you for the advice. It is very helpful. I did want to specifically respond to this quote, especially if Funcom happens to see this thread.

To be clear, I want to be raided. I started off learning on single player. I could not get a purge to happen and realized there was absolutely no reason to fortify my base. I moved to PVE-C servers and experienced connectivity issues but also didn’t see any pvp happening on any of the 3 servers I was playing on. So again, I wasn’t seeing any justification for fortifying a base. So I moved to PVP servers. (I still as yet have not experienced a purge. I came online one time to see messeges that a little WoP outpost I had had been destroyed by a purge. That’s my only experience so far.)

Now, I’m hoping I don’t get demolished by alpha clans I have no hope of competing against, but I do want to see trebuchets smashing my walls. I want to fire arrows down on raiding mauraders trying to plant explosives at my gate. I want my army of thralls to help me defend the walls and if we get pushed back, to defend my keep that I’ve hopefully designed in a way thats a hard nut to crack. That’s why I’m here. I’d assume that’s why most people are on pvp servers, other than the ones that prefer to try and drive everyone off the server.

Maybe that’s too grandiose a desire for this game, but this small window of time for thralls to work, a window which I still don’t know when it happens on a given server (PST?, EST?), means you have to turtle up your CE existence because we all go offline. There has to be better rules and mechanics than this. Encourage good, fun, fair pvp.


Raid Window on an official PVP is 5pm to 11pm local server time. We used to be able to look at the Server Tab on the Escape Menu and see local time, but it has gone away. Now the only way to do it is by finding the server’s IP and determining where (which city) it exists. Then you’ll know the server time zone, and know when Raid starts and ends for you.

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