A problem with the new claim spam rules

The new claim spam rules created a serious problem on PvP servers. Several clans are being banned because of the claim around their base. The problem is that the only effective way to protect against a trebuchet currently is with the claim to prevent the enemy from building a trebuchet close by, but with these new rules, we can no longer claim, that is, now if we want to make a minimal base safe, we are forced to build inside caves. That’s why I wanted to suggest that the trebuchets are drastically nerfed, either removing their explosive ammo or making the domes protect or drastically reduce their damage, with this the number of good spots for bases will increase and it will not be necessary to claim large areas of the map .


Hi Rafab,
I can fully understand your concern and I think the idea to make the god domes efficient in some way against trebuchets is sound.
When I thought about it, I remembered how much fun it was to use the trebuchet back in the early days to set siege on bases or try to destroy raider’s trebuchets with your own ones in return (which was quite the quest :laughing:)

However, the spamming of foundation around big clan bases made them kind of obsolete. Which was sad, in my opinion.

So maybe, funcom’s decision to ban excessive land claim wasn’t solely based on server performance, but also on the reintroduction of an abandoned siege mechanic of the game.
Maybe they just paved the way for some new siege mechanics to come or are going to nerve the existing ones as you suggested.
Either way, I’m somehow positive that funcom isn’t done with the development of PvP yet.

Treb counter is built into the game with the large delay in building them. You go out and destroy what they built to stop it. Explosive arrows and other trebs are a great way to do this behind your own walls. Also land claim can be done tastefully and without the ire of Funcom…you just need to get creative about it. Torch/archer towers around your base is land claim that doesn’t look bad and doesn’t prevents others from enjoying the graphics of the game

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If u build a good enough raidbase with treb inside it, u wont be able to do it from your own base. Neither with arrows. U will need to get inside and kill the player/players inside so they wont be able to repair it before u can destroy it completely.

But that is more building on top of the hour build of the treb…there comes a time when someone has to take ownership of their own defenses and if you allow some chump to build a base and a treb next to you…you deserve to get broken into. Land claim spam isn’t the answer, it’s just lazy selfish BS so that a person doesn’t have to worry about base security. You should always be worried about base security. The more stuff you have, the more worried you should be. That’s part of the fun on the game. You don’t want that type of stress… PvE is right over there, have fun.

See this giant tower in the image? this is a real trebuchet base that one clan made next to another clan’s base, and considering they also have 10 players to protect that trebuchet base, tell me, how would I manage to destroy this trebuchet before my base turned to dust ?

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The problem of not claiming is not just that it is easily attacked by a treb, without a claim area anyone can come in with a secondary account and scatter blocks around their base.

Anyone who argues against nerfing the trebs clearly doesn’t play pvp on a higher level. My whole clan was banned for 14 days( enough time for our whole base to decay) but it only took a day for the enemy clan to realize we weren’t logging on so a solid month of grinding for a cave base/ thralls / gear etc was lost. Like I said we were in a cave so our land claim was minimal due to the fact that we didn’t have to worry about a treb. Non of it mattered because now banning clans is the meta for official pvp servers on console. I honestly believe funcom is trying to get rid of pvp severs all together. Pve wins again because they don’t complain about this broken game and would like to see all the broken weapons ( feroxic daggers) stay the same. Argue it if you’d like but as a long time player on pvp servers it’s simply the case.

10 person clan…and you are asking how to defend as solo? You can’t. If you want to take them head on head, you need the numbers. That particular case solution is tactical retreat and find a place in hiding because you will not win direct combat. If you are saying you need land claim to defend against an enemy 10X more powerful than you, then that simply shows how op and exploited that land claim spam is.


Only on my server 4 clans were banned in a single month because of claim, and most will give up playing.

Define minimal. Do you have e chains of foundation that serve no purpose?

What actually is the new rule and where is it posted?
On private servers (good ones) they usually have a discord with all the rules clearly stated - but I only found this rule by reading a forum post.
I don’t spam land claim, but I do try to keep strategic points nearby. Do the new rules have a clear definition of spamming?

I found this:
Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side

But “massive” is pretty vague.
Especially since you NEED a massive structure to fit the new crafting stations from the new economy. You can’t fit all the new stations into a building less than 400 squares 3 levels high, and if a clan wants more than one station of each type … a massive structure is required.

I personally play solo and use the old improved stations. But I can understand if I was a clan and was just trying to build all the massive stations from that stupid economy update and … well … they’d have a “massive structure”.

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I also find this very vague:
Exploits are uses and abuses of game mechanics to obtain an unfair advantage over other players including creating a detrimental play experience through reduced server or game performance.

How do we know ahead of time what is fair and unfair? I’ve played on a lot of private servers and one server thought using ruins is unfair, or even caves. (I didn’t stay, lol). Some people think camping is unfair (base or obelisk).
If I place 65 followers around an enemy base, is that an exploit or part of the game? lol

IDK I just wish it was clearer what exactly does “unfair” mean in this game, lol.
Is having 10 players against 1 unfair, lol? (joke)

These are the rules of conduct for official servers: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures
I also think that some rules are unclear on what type of building might be considered an infraction.

or just offline them for easier raid.

We had stars for land claim around both entrances of the cave( 6-10 pieces a star) this didn’t look bad and it’s purpose was so a enemy clan can’t come up and place a vault right outside our door. Doesn’t seem to extensive to me. We did have gate stacks on both entrances. This technique of stacking has been in the game sense the beginning so if that is considered an exploit I’d be very surprised because it helps out everyone from a big clan down to a solo. It has not been patched once and is all over YouTube so I’d be very surprised if this was the reason behind the ban. Either way the land claim system is broken and needs to be looked at a lot closer. Weather that means making a building limit or reducing treb damage something needs to be changed.

It is, as confirmed by Ignasi here;

P.S. Claim spam was against the guidelines before the wording was changed. It isn’t anything “new”, it just wasn’t so vigorously enforced on PvP servers.


Lol Well then may as well ban everyone on official. Gg

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Only if they keep doing the same thing over and over that they have now made forbidden. Many things have changed throughout the years and we have mostly adapted. I believe this is the same. We just adapt and find building strategies that help protect…The only thing I would petition for is have glancing shots in the trebs. IE if you hit at an angle, the projectile (either stone or explosive) bounces off with reduced damage to the building.