Suggestion: Trebuchets should ignore land claim

I’ve thought for a while now that trebuchets being subject to land claim is the major cause of building spamming on PvP servers. Bombs ignore land claim, why not trebs?

If you’re online you can run out and have an epic battle over the trebuchets.

If you’re offline and someone builds a bunch of trebs and smashes your base, then… you were offline. Too bad. Until dynamic building damage is on official servers, there’s nothing anyone can do about that, they’ll raid you one way or another.* I might be way off (and someone tell me if so) but having trebs ignore land claim I think solves a problem without creating any new ones.

*btw this might be my last post for a while, I’ve taken a step away from Conan until there are measures in place to prevent offline raiding. I want to be able to play a bit more casually and that’s just not possible with official PvP settings as they are.

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I think trebuchets ignoring land claim is a good idea. If it were too strong maybe to help balance it they could take longer to build within someone’s else’s land claim

Don’t the trebuchets have to be on a foundation to be able to build?

Last I checked I can place them on ground however there is a old issue where if it upgraded or building the extra parts for it to work if it doesn’t have the correct size and it clips with terrain or objects it will instantly decay but it’s decay number will be low so chances are if you leave for supplies it might decay with in a few minutes and when you get back have to start over. So you can it just might mess up or work well . Two way blade

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So instead of spiderwebs of foundations, you’ll just get people completely covering the surrounding area in sandstone foundations or leaving less space in between the “webbing”

Ppl will start spamming any small building pieces or columns to block actual placement of treble foundation.
Claim block is not placement block.
So you will have just sea of colum or other small building pieces.
Also no claim treb foundation can be abused even in online raid where ppl will simply spam those into the base or base parts to block repair placement.
Also should think about love. You simply give ppl a troll tool to spam over other ppl bases to simply block placement of any new blocks.
Plus foundation can’t be destroyed on pve due to it being an actual building piece.

So make it so they can be placed on other people’s claims only during raid hours, once raid hours are over the treb auto decays so it can’t be used to stop building of additional structures to the owners base.



I do like the general concept. I’m just not so sure it would actually work as far as reducing foundation spam. It might end up just eliminating the excuse that it’s to prevent trebs from being built, but people will probably find some other excuse to keep doing it anyway. Also, as someone else mentioned above, it could potentially end up being another tool for trolling.

Honestly, whatever happened to just plain old fashioned good sportsmanship? I mean, PvP in online games has always been kind of a magnet for asshat behavior, but there did used to be at least some semblance of an unwritten code of conduct that players stuck to without having to be forced into it. We wouldn’t have a lot of these problems if people would just behave themselves. The phrase “This is why we can’t have nice things.” comes to mind. :weary:


It only takes one person to spam foundations. I feel like most people do try to play fairly

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People will continue to abuse everything in this game because they can and usually they don’t get hit by funcom for such a behaviour.

For example, you have entire :redacted: playerbase playing this game with hacks on while streaming and not getting a single ban on their account.

So when people see that. They realize that they can abuse everything and they will be fine.

The I just spam parallel lines of foundations with one foundation in between, so you cannot achieve the stability needed to place the treb foundation. Or I cover my sea of foundations with a column on every other foundation.

This suggestion would do absolutely nothing to decrease foundation spam, I believe it would do quite the opposite and increase block spam.

I was thinking more along the lines of not requiring a treb foundation at all. Just make trebs special placeables that can be placed on other people’s claim, like bombs.

As for using them to plug repair points, 1) repairing during a raid sucks anyway and shouldn’t be a thing, and 2) make the trebs take ten minutes to build or something.

You would think so. But as an example, tthere are at least three clans on the official Siptah server I was playing on with either spiderwebs or little columns surrounding their (multiple) bases in a wide range. One person does it, it works, everyone does it… classic emergence of a “meta”. I wouldn’t mind so much if it were proper walls or little watch towers or something but there’s just zero effort.

I wish it was still prevalent in games. But for whatever reason gamer culture has adopted this cut-throat professional sports attitude where it’s all about doing whatever it takes to win. Even though no-one’s paying them millions of dollars to act that way :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s just the way it is unfortunately. At least in PvP other players can try to enforce a culture with violence. In other game types there’s no recourse but to change the actual structure of the game to prevent things, hence why every online space abut every game is a bottomless pit of people complaining. That’s my read anyway. People blame devs for a lot of things that are actually the fault of other players being ruthless.

Again, whats to stop someone from spamming columns in a fashion that doesnt leave enough space for you to place a treb? Its a large structure regardless of its foundation.

And on the thought of not requiring a foundation, you kind of need a level surface for them to properly function

The foundation could be a cosmetic part of the treb when it’s placed, if that’s what’s bothering you.

You still really havent addressed how this will actually do anything to reduce spam and not encourage further block spam to leave no opening for a trebuchet.

If you could place trebs like bombs, you could put them on top of other people’s block spam? I thought that didn’t need to be said.

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To be clear, what @Tuffman trying to say people will spam to make it so that you don’t have a space to place the trebuchet down cause unlike the :boom: Jar a trebuchet need at least a 3x3(or is it a 2x2?) flat foundation area to place.

Oh right, sorry @Tuffman. Yeah that’s a good point :thinking:

I can’t immediately think of a way around that but I just started this thread to get discussion going, not win an argument or solve every single ramification of the suggestion. I welcome other people’s input.

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This and you aways bomb a flat space in the foundations to place the treb anyway.