Make foundations no grant land claim and Trebs anywhere possible

Please make it so foundations don’t grant land claim as that would help with the forest pillars and foundations everywhere and no building. Currently the ruin system doesn’t help with this as they simply just put a door on top of the foundations and nothing else.

One solution for stopping the foundation land claim is make it so Trebs ignore land claim and can be placed anywhere as allow destruction of these walls across area entrances and important resource and recipe nodes. And Trebs are easily destroyed so their spam could be cleared away quickly as well.

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I agree with this, trebs should be able to be placed anywhere that isn’t directly blocked. Also, random pillars everywhere should just decay fast.


Foundations should not last even an hour before decay if they are going to continue to grant land claim this should have been and is obvious to most players. On the servers I play there are tons of foundations everywhere and foundations with doors on them to subvert even further the land claim. No forts or bases just foundations and doors flooding the dead landscape. Whole sections of the game are devoid of resources because of the pointless spam that claim should not made it out of EA as it was a problem even then.

How would it cause issues in pvp? I actually like the idea of placing a treb anywhere you can, I mean you can’t build it on a tower or protect it in any way and 1 explosive blows it up. That’s extremely cheap.

People are spamming land claim so rediculously large around their base to prevent this and makes raiding a lot more difficult. It would help a lot I think to implement this.


I would like to see a different land claim system all together. Something like placing a flag granting a predetermined build area. Then put a limit on how close together such flags can be. This flag bubble system could also prevent absurdly large bases. Force people to be creative and build up instead if out.


It’s a touchy subject with no solution as far as I can see. I place foundations around my base just to avoid other tribes building too close (I’m in a hidden cave so sometimes someone builds literally 50 feet away.). But at least I place them as low as possible so they’re either completely covered or just a bit poking through. This benefits me…however
I have also seen players placing foundations to troll others. a.) Blocking spawn points of gathering nodes, b.) completely building around a beginning player’s base to prevent them from getting bigger and therefore becoming a better equipped enemy or, c.) claiming future land even though it may never be used.
Foundation land claim was a problem in ARK and will be one here as well. Something has to claim the land your base is on and for a decent distance. Players will always exploit every tiny bit they can to get what they consider an advantage. Pillars, foundations, crafting stations, whatever. It’s a shame no one actually communicates and then keeps their word to whatever was agreed upon. And unfortunately official PvE isn’t an option as the gathering rate is abysmally low. Even the 2x PvP official gathering rate is too low, imo.


One note about the land claim with pillars: there’s a major exploit with them which will make many unbreakable and give an infinite decay timer. If you see lots of pillars instead of foundations for land claim, its probably suspect for this. Our server (1578) has this along with shrine placement exploits.

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Another sollution is for players not to act like aholes. But thats just a player dreaming :slight_smile:


Agree, I’ve posted a couple suggestion topics on using Flags for claims.

The jist of my suggestion is, medium and large-sized clans can extend their claim radius through flags, as well as foundations as usual. Flags have the benefit of giving claim over an expansive area, but also have the vulnerability of being able to be captured and dismantled for resources.


Report the exploit

I already have a thread started with screen shots of it.

Given proper attention by the Devs, I think this can be easily remedied.

One suggestion would be to only allow players to build one fort or home at a time. In other words, if you have started building your fort/home in one area already you would not be allowed to set foundations, pillars, or construction components any where else. And in order to be able to build anywhere new, players would have to demolish any prior builds on the server. This would not only limit the amount of component debris spread all over the server but also keep the server looking nice and clean.

A second suggestion would be that every player is allowed a specific area limit to build their fort or home. Also, if you are a single player you only have a limited land area to build your fort or home. The only way this land area can be extended is if you are a clan, and each clan is allowed extra land area to build in according to how many players belong to the clan. In other words, each player is allowed a certain amount of land area to build, but their alloted land area can be combined to create larger land areas to build in if they are in a clan.

I dont think my suggestion is limiting content. All the content is still available for everyone. It is just moderated and justifiably so due to the problems that people are having with these foundations and pillars being placed all over the place. Anyone who disagrees with these types of suggestions do it more so out of selfishness than for the benefit that it will have for other players and the server as a whole.

I mean, what would you rather have? The situation we have now where every where you look there are foundations and pillars for as far as you can see, and people scatter unfinished and abandoned builds everywhere, or a situation where the world is a lot cleaner and people can still build but their building area is restricted to a more reasonable and moderate level?

Above is just one suggestion. There are many others but rest assured that none of them are going to be painless or agreeable to everyone. For example, a more strict and onerous decay system can be implemented that would require a player to physically make contact with every component or build they create on a regualr basis, say at least once every 2 or 3 days, before the component or build is automatically deleted. Or perhaps the build decay can be prolonged according to how many components it is composed of. In other words, a build composed of anywhere from 1 to 10 components can decay in say two days, 10 - 20 in 3 days, 20 - 30 in 4 days and so forth. In other words, the more components that a build is comprised of would cause the build to decay slower.

These are just off the top of my head suggestions. I am sure the Devs could come up with better ones with a bit of thought. Nevertheless, something needs to be done about it because the problem will persist unless action is taken. I don’t think standing by and doing nothing is an option unless they want to see the game fail, which it will if this is allowed to continue.

Btw, this would not affect solo and co-op at all since you would have admin rights in those situations and should be allowed to set building limits to your desirable limits.

I understand your thinking, and I really like the thoughts on the decay system :slight_smile:

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I would like to see an option where you can place a foundation, and then toggle it to set the block to “Public,” or otherwise turn the land claim feature off. That way, you could build “public works” structures that everyone can make use of that does not impede or prevent additional land claim. And, potentially, other players could build upon them to further enhance the public structure.

Bridges, combat arenas, etc.

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My only thought on a treb is it should have to have at least some contact with the ground. I feel building a tower and placing a treb on top of it is a bit out of context. In my opinion the raid mechanic in this game is far to easy

buildings should have to be ‘designated’ as a base once they have reached a certain building block count - bigger the house the bigger the area of influence to prevent others building upto a max ceiling. not designated or not inside the area of influence means it decays. this means that shrines, workbenches etc can all be placed outside still and other crap just disappears. then set a limit to the number of designated bases per person/clan and this would encourage ppl to build sequentially bigger (or at least to the size they need for what they have) and would mean that eventually they’ll need to knock down their old designated bases to allow a new one to be built.

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One issue with the treb being placed anywhere might be that you could place near a base and climb it and use like a ladder to get over low enough walls lol

I have seen many people build small houses/ huts around their base to spread their land claim. So the more blocks needed to make it last longer will just added. So rather than foundation spams you will have hut spams which prob has equally bad impact on server performance as well.

Stand on the treb. Have your buddy fire it. See what happens. :slight_smile:

Before you do, make sure you have a bedroll down.