Land claim adjustments required

As the title suggests the building claim should only extend to actual building structures, not chests, not camp fires, not torches, not a chair not a thrall, I believe if I want to set up a small camp fire and a chair to rest until morning or a small chest to squirl away stuff in a hidden location it shouldn’t claim land. (Would improve RP aesthetics and enjoyment plus survival) However I believe the actual structures used to build are fine and should also be adjusted to be adjusted the actual building structure claim radius should be reduced by 10-15% in the claim radius.

I don’t know the number for the base radius this is my experience with trying to build as the radius is a small amount too large right now it’s obviously fine but a small reduction would help and assist with people making MASSIVE STRUCTURES an with such a structure they seem to claim a huge portion of the land just by making a long line this should provide balance I believe the 15% would suffice.

I also believe the decay duration should also be adjusted based off the tier of materials used such as sandstone should not last for 300+ hours with a MASSIVE structure, but I believe 80 hours based on the amount of blocks used would suffice for a big building structure vs 300+ hours made of sandstone I can’t even being to think what would happen if you adjusted the modifier to the maximum setting obviously the highest it should be should never exceed 300 with out the modifier. I also find that the increments based on the structure being big should be 80h with sandstone with the next T2 materials should be 160, T3 add another 80h obviously increments of 80 provided they reach a building side requirement it would also mean that people that want to play on official servers have to actually play not just make a massive structure and leave for 2 months and not have it decay at all, make 1 visit and then leave again, forcing the fact that have to actually play to maintain a land claim. Freeing up a lot of land.

I would love to hear others suggestions on this subject.


I still think a land claim should be done with a ring of foundations. If you make a ring of foundations it should claim 3 spaces out from the outside of the ring, and claim everything inside the ring (as long as nothing inside the ring is already claimed).

Camping items (such as a wooden chest, small tent, campfire, and a bed roll) should be place-able anywhere, but with a 24 hour or less timer if placed on someone else’s claim. The claim owner should also be able to dismantle it immediately if they find it and choose to do so.

So basically, you should be able to sneak into a person’s base and place a bed roll somewhere inside. After that, it should automatically decay in 24 hours, but if they find it, they should be able to destroy it instantly.


decorative props and workbenche do not land claim melord, long term rp player speaking^^
(but they are affected by the claim of other)

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Yeah but I have had issues with camp fires to cook and heal I never actually tested the other stuff you said but that’s great to know. But the issue of others land claims is I guess what I mean as it can be placed and removed for necessity.

My biggest issue is a lot of people are placing thralls and pets all over and I swear one guy had over 60 standing torches and I don’t know how but it had over 30 hours duration and no actual building structures at all.

I guess more just a look at it and to reduce the radius of anything that isn’t a building structure.

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My opinion is to remove the “Land Claim” feature all together. If you want to stop me from being on your land, you need to fight for it.

Land Claim should be in name only. Meaning, if you’re anywhere within a radius of someone’s property, you get a notice, “Hostile area. Land occupied by ■■■”
Then you can place whatever you want but know someone may be looking for you.


I actually like that, someone whom came to the jungle while only one person and a completely decayed person in 2 days was still there someone placed a standing fire torch it took at least 5-8% of the black garden from me so now I am considering asking him to form up with me or relocate and I help him set up any place he wants with a large amount of supplies, I was trying to manage to keep a nice radius for my self. But not partial spot of the black garden doesn’t belong to me. It sucks. But I like the fighting idea but even better Make a duel out of it or like fight for parts of the owned radius or territory were the enemy can decline but then gets taunted for cowardice lol!

I would actually like more kook and crannies in this world or some more cave like areas I like using the natural defense concepts which is amazing. I love fortified spots like that, I also kind of want more Conan lore areas added such as spots for the Pict personally.

Well played. :+1:t2::smile:


Don’t forget diplomacy too… Well, non-lethal diplomacy that is. :joy:

Ha…It’s Conan…My diplomacy is - move your Shizit or DIE!!! ARROOGA! LOL

My policy is trade or pay. :wink:

I think some people do it on purpose to protect a resource. They set up a land claim to keep other people from building there so that they other person doesn’t completely wall it off.


My whole basis was making sure I am not walled off but I sure as heck walled someone this dude is expanding like no tomorrow in all over the place every where I go he’s in the most oddball locations and he’s building massive structures it’s annoying and I had to make sure I had breathing room as I’m living a straight walk down to the spider queen or whatever the disco room is every body stomp the floor drop it like it’s hot and find a chest with a black tusk shield on your second day in the server! Yay legendary shield!

The thing is the guy near my black garden is actually nice. Even though when I first saw him I was going to destroy him and he ran like crazy! Lmfao gave him some free pets and some totemic fodder for free he seemed nice as he assisted me so why not, lol.

Allies over enemies but I won’t think twice if I need to stab you in the back lol!

There are things I really like of this suggestion, and things I deeply displike.

  • Placeable land claim: I agree, land claim should be related to buildings, not torches, campfires and this kind of things. It’s really strange to be unable to build in an area because of a vertical torch not decayed of a pre-existing base.

  • Decay timer: I understand the issues of peoples having a vacation, a business trip etc. I think each clan could have a “vacation credit” based upon the number of hours played (with a max cap).

But I’m deeply against any general decay timer extended.

Because PvE and PvE-Conflict servers are already full of huge non-active players buildings, mantained for months with just a few seconds login per week.

Hey guys on official servers the space it’s public, if you’re are on vacation, on a business trip, if you have to take care of a sick parent but you’re active players that’s ok, if not and you’re just bored of the game at the moment, playing something else, in other words if you’re NOT active players it’s really selfish you want to mantain your lands on official servers ! Let them decay or just finish the game !

  • Decay timer based upon tier or dimensions it’s an interesting idea anyway, but reducing too much decay timer for tier1 could be bad for new players, a much longer decay timer for tier 3 could be too long for reasons I stated before.

A good way could be something related to clan situation (a clan having a huge tier3 base build a shelter or a block of sandstone => little timer to decay, it’s the first building of a new player ? standard week of decay timer for example)

But having a really complicated way to determine decay timers is not what Funcom is searching for performance issues. Sadly.

  • Finally land claim: it’s very risky to reduce it. First because if you reduce it too you’ll find your base walled by enemies and yourself trapped in. Second because one of the preventions against trolls blocking paths is based upon building first arcs and open gates in the most important paths to mantain them open.

If you reduce the land claim you force people doing this just for benefit of all players to build bigger structures for the same reason, while making a block would be unaffected or even easier.

I think land claim should be a setting for private servers, where an admin can solve this kind of issues, but on official servers I think it works fine the way it works now.

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I love the suggestions and actually agree with a majority of this I can’t see a issue with most of this but when I wake I’ll follow up with another message to this as I have some notes but a paragraph is out of the question. I must sleep, have a good morning. Just had to reply because this was a good suggestion.

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Actually I just may have come up with a huge solution to this issue most people whom claim land in large numbers are clans obviously they would use more than a single person a single person only should need two locations, now I believe locations with a bed near it so long as the bed is within the building location it will increase the duration of the decay by 78 hours for a maximum of 500 blocks in any direction 500 blocks should be a fair amount of building space to make something nice

If not a increase could be 1000 but my main point is the location of the bed and bed roll should be the location with the longest decay timer any place with out a bed or bed roll within the building location should be limited to only 24 hours you must visit it and stay within the walls for no less than 1 hour which can accumulate over time slowly refreshing the decay timer back to 24 hours.

Obviously clans would have to be accounted for which makes them able to build more location longer but with a 500 block range you won’t see massive walls and skyscrapers in the world. This would also be incredibly reasonable as a balance @Ignasi could you actually make this suggestion to someone about the bed idea it would be the most beneficial and effective solution to the problem.

With this the land claim range wouldn’t have to be adjusted at all making this a really effective solution and choice. I technically believe 1000 blocks is the best amount of blocks to build with but that’s my opinion on it. @Fable what you think?

I think the land claim could be more suitable if it didn’t claim land, but was used as a warning note of sorts like @dniezby mentioned.

However, best tool usually has multiple ways to be utilised. So what if some item we create provides us the starting point while another provides the end point to a direction. Not only would we need to build a center piece to our said kingdom, but border pieces as well. If we only produce the core, we have a small enough radius to work with and whenever we want to, we can expand the radius by building the aforementioned items (whatever they are) to any direction. The border items would allow overlap of any other players’ border items, and should we want to build skyscrapers we would need scaffoldings and pillars to rise to the highest of heights. Also adding the durability as a variable, with proper structure placement the durability would rise and decay timer grows longer. Make a shabby enough complex and even a mere sandstorm can blow it down.

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Recently a guy is spamming 8 directional sandstone foundation house all over massive land claims and massive structures following it, this tiny house has a duration of 90 F… HOURS! IF A BED OR BED ROLL WAS REQUIRED TO EXTEND IT TO THAT! my god that would be a huge fix. But other wise that small house should be no higher than 24 hours if a bed roll or bed isn’t in the vicinity of the structure it’s not allowed past 24 hours. Each structure should go back to full duration by being within the vicinity of the building for 2hrs for a full duration reset.

Beds and bed rolls should cover a 1000 block radius in any direction it’s a fair amount of land but at the same time limits the structures, this will easily prevent single player solo land claim spammers like this guy on the official server I am on. But yeah go figure.

@Ignasi please relay this bed and bed roll idea this will fix functions official server lag with massive amounts of buildings by people only doing it to grief and block people on PvE and PvC. I can only fight back by stopping this guy from over building by trying to wall all of his attempts I have even recruited two others who believe the guy is out of control to fight back so now i am not only guy in the jungle trying to keep the stuff fair I even left signs around telling people I’ll give them the land claim if they want it to message me. But this guy will never get the whole jungle if I have anything to do about it because he’s obviously duping sandstone blocks. In one day he builds a 100+ building 3 times and only he is doing it not a clan. I am sorry but after seeing this to this degree I am going to continually press the issue.

No it really wouldn’t. While I don’t want to go into the specifics, such a system would be very easy to circumvent if I wanted to (as a solo player on official servers). I personally have no interest in circumventing it, because I only have two current locations anyway, but it would be a pointless limitation, and would serve only to annoy legit players who like to have multiple outposts spread over the map. Spammers, dupers and griefers would skip right around the technical limitations and the honor system never bothered them anyway.

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As a PvE player I really don’t like the idea of decreasing claim size. It’s already so small that we’re forced to dot our lands with foundations, outhouses, etc. just to protect our lands and thoroughfares from other people building right on top of us.

If anything, I’d like to see the radius in which resources are despawned decreased (so we can have trees inside our bases) and land claim increased so that others can’t build 10 meters off our walls. This would also make it far easier to protect resources like iron, purple lotus, brimstone, etc. Conversely, griefers would have to put in a lot more work to go killing off resources, possibly giving others more time to counter them.

As for PvP, my understanding of the foundation spam meta is that it’s done specifically to keep trebuchets at bay. If the land claim radius was bigger there, then I’d think they wouldn’t need to pave over quite as much of the landscape as I’ve seen in screenshots & videos. Also I’ve seen others suggest being able to place trebuchets on hostile land (wouldn’t really apply to PvE since there is no “hostile” status between clans), so maybe that’s something for relevant parties to debate.

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