Griefing claim spam Solution! FLAG SYSTEM!

Hello , so far the game is plagued by claim mechanics that everytime you place a block or a station you claim the land surrounding it … This leads to griefing and ugly spam of blocks here and there … My solution is simple and I think elegant.

Introduce the New Flag System.

When you want to claim a territory you need to build a Claiming Flag or Banner…
This can start from low level Banners made of raw elements like branches and straw , that can claim an area sufficient to build a small house to large banners tier 3 or 4 that have the wide area needed for larger bases .

Types of Flags :slight_smile:

  1. Main Flag
  2. Clan Flag
  3. Outpost Flag
  4. Siege Banner
  5. Neutral Flag
  • Main Flag — the main base flag that claims territory , has wider area than other flags and has free manteinance . Max 1 per clan. Cannot be destroyed or have a very very high hp.
    Only one main Flag is available per clan ( free manteinance ) Main flag can be upgraded or abandoned, if abandoned it will be set as inactive and will slowly decay its radius in time and disappear . Flags should be possible to be moved , for just technical reason to adjoust its position.

  • Clan Flags, Used to expand the territory around the main flag, max number = 3 x tier of main flag . They cannot be placed too far from the main flag border and require their area to touch the main flag area. They do not require manteinance but can be destroyed, very high Hp.

  • Outpost flags — they require manteinance , have a smaller circle of radius. Max number = Tier of main flag. Can be destroyed and once destroyed imediate decay will start for all buildngs around. Outpost banners can be used to enlarge the territory and expand the buildable reclaimable area. Those Banners need to be cared for and feeded with reinforcements every now and then to not make them decay apart the main one that will stay as long as the creator is around it . This forces clans to not spam around buildings everywhere but are forced to stay whitin limits of their own main flag , so they can choose to make an outpost for mining ,for thralls or for sieging someonelse, when the task is finished they could decide to keep or remove the outpost.

  • Siege Banner its used for besieging an enemy clan , its temporary , it requires manteinence constantly and can be destroyed , it has asmall area enough to build some structures and place siege weapons. Max number of Siege banners = tier of main flag

  • Neutral Flag This is a special kind of flag used for public works , like a usefull for everyone elevator , a bridge that crosses a river, it allows to build public works that everyone could use.
    It has a certain number of Hp according to tier level , so anyone can destroy if they want to do not allow for building doors and lockers or special stations around apart from certain ones, so no lockers, no doors, no siege weapons, but yes to teleports, stairs , elevators etc. Their decay time is subject to the use of it , if for example someone ueses the elevator resets the decay time etc . Neutral flags need to match the style of the dominating thrall clan around so you might need black hand banners, desert dogs, nordheimer or else to place them in those territories.

What do you think of this idea ? I hope you like it .
I think it could definetly solve the building spam , the griefing spam and so on .

This requires of course that any other item , foundation , building or station placed out of a flag radius will decay instantly according to the tier level. may be an hour , half an hour or 10 minutes.
Items placed no longer claim anything .
Items cannot be placed out of an area of a flag.

The only items that can stay out of this mechanic are:

  • bedrolls
  • tents
  • campfires
  • small palizades

temporary tents, bedrolls , small campfires etc , the campfires should be out of this mechanic.


So if I am able to put a siege banner right at your walls (effectively overriding claims) and put a treb on top of it - why do we even need all of those “Main flags”, “Outpost flags” etc.:thinking:

It is great and all I really like a flag or something “prettier”. But that way griefers will spam those whitelisted item into the claimed land to prevent building in the area.

With the current fcuked up decay system if you wanna claim land for future building you have to make a small house (or something bigger than a foundation) in order to get it up to the maximum 144h which is by itself ridiculous We aren’t allowed to go for a week holyday/trip whatever…

So that Funcom Griefing should be addressed first. :smiley:

You can’t put anything in the area of a main enemy flag , but you can place your siege flag at the borders .

Nope because you have a limited number of flags and some are temporary , so you cannot spam them around and must use wisely according to each situation.

The size and radius of the flags shoudl be object of testing to find the best compromise…

For example …

tier 1 main flag = 20 x 20
tier 2 main flag = 40 x 40
tier 3 main flag = 80 x 80
tier 4 main flag = 160 x 160

Note that this could or could not put a limit to height , so if you want to built in sky you need to place more outpost flags stacked one above the other at regular distances, same thing for the siege flags.

Since this might lead to unradiable bases for height siege ones could have a limit induced only by the top enemy flag in range.

No … Not the flags. :smiley: The bedrolls and other stuff you listed. (ON PVE that is a chore cuz the “land owner” cannot even build if a fireplace or a bedroll is in the way.)

The bedrolls you won’t be able to place inside enemy territory , but you could place anywherelse.

On pve I haven’t thought about but I guess there is not such e aproblem for griefing.

I can see it from the other side. There is no landclaim problem in PVP :smiley:
Because if you don’t like something just blow it up everything is destroyable…

Landclaim can only be an issue on PVE cuz you cannot do anything to the blocker. (except build a wall around his/her structure with climbing prevent stuff… and hope he/she doesn’t use his/her bedroll to prolong decay timer…)

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In PVP is creating griefing as well , with undecayable vaults, spam of tier 3 buildings everywhere, its seriously a poor situation that needs a solution , even aestetically its ugly to see all those blocks.
Something that could be solved with a flag system.

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No need for solutions to non existing or marginal at best problems.

Its not a non exhisting problem and surely not marginal as shows how Funcom itself tried to put a fix with the latest patch , on countrary that solution can not only fix the problem but also improve the gameplay .

I am wondering, do devs check the sugestion forum at all?

No, they just ignore the ones they’ll never ever do.

Realistically, you can only mitigate griefing by limiting how many territories players can claim, so in that respect, I think these ideas have merit. You cannot elimiinate the problem without moderation though.

Land claim areas are 2 dimensional so height isn’t relevant. Perhaps this is for performance reasons as well as to prevent people building over other people’s bases too.

You’d have to take great care when planting your flag in this system though, and presumably, some sort of visual indication of the claimed area would be necessary else planning your base would be very difficult.

Inevitiably, it would impede arbitrary base designs too and I think the feel of the game would change quite a bit. It’s also a lot less intuitive.

I suppose that in some cases, the flag would have to be a temporary placeholder else you’d have to build around it. Then the claim would only expire if you removed all items within it. (perhaps with a grace period before expiration). Some way to toggle the visual claim boundary might be necessary too.

I actually thought about suggesting build blocking but not spawn blocking flags to secure resource spawns, with some kind of maintenance mechanic (a distinctive torch that needs fuel for example). Perhaps even some kind of “earth blessing” flag that restores spawns in a small radius even when the area is ostensibly blocked by building claims.

The problem there is, people could abuse it by boxing in an area then procing the spawns with the flag, which might actually encourage griefing and resource denial.

Another possibility might be craftable resource nodes, perhaps only for basic resources. These could only be built on already claimed territory and would not themselves claim land. Perhaps only resources appropriate to their region could be placed too.

Personally, I was lucky when I picked a server and most people on it are helpful with respect to one another. I’ve built quite a few public service structures both to help players access areas and to protect others (to an extent). With your system, I may not have been able to do that as effectively, but perhaps it’s an acceptable trade off.

There is one problem though. You’d either need to wipe structures on every server, or leave legacy structures intact, allowing griefers to maintain the garbage they have already built. They might lose interest with their activities curtailed though.

So yeah, a few things that could be done. I don’t think they are likely to be implemented at this point for various reasons, not by Funcom anyway, but interesting to think about.

Good post.

Yes. The developers and CMs review the suggestion forum. This is why the created such a thing so they have a one-stop place to see what players are thinking, feeling, wanting regarding the game.

I do not want restrictions on land use. I do not want to have to spam flags to build out a place to live. I play mostly on solo (SP) and leave buildings all over the map for use later. I understand this is an issue for PvP and on some official PvE/PvE-C servers; but the solution must be convenient and functional for all play modes not just the PvP mode.

You might not need this in Solo if you don’t play online .

mate go check the share-your-shelter thread and check around post 70. thats why this is a bad idea. such rhings wouldnt be possible unless your flags will clam about 5% of the entire map

Perhaps a better solution would be…

The Cleanse: Similar to the Purge only it’s PvP based, and it’s up to the other players on the server to commence with the cleanse. The cleanse counter is filled up by claiming territory and once sufficiently full allows other players to raid your lands and destroy your structures…(Ending only once your claimed territory has fallen below the cleanse threshold set by the server admin…)

So basically you can still claim as much land as you want in PvE/PvE-C but if you claim too much you then have to worry about defending it as your structures become raidable.

What are your thoughts?

So instead of pillar spam, we’d get flag spam.

What’s the difference?