Land claim issues and how to fix them

Most pvp or pve servers have a ridiculous amount on land claim like in the 3733 some people claimed nearly the entire dark forest and the majority of the snow area. If it is possible do you think you can make like a totem or a flag item to b built first before ppl can start building? Like for example lets say i put my flag down. I should only be able to build so far within a generalized area with the flag as the center of the area. This way i believe will control the amount of land claim ppl can do and amount of bases ppl can have. If u build outside the area. The decay timer should b no more or less then 7 hrs and it cannot be refreshed just by visiting it. Now if ur in a clan and all for each 2 players you should have a additional 1 flag item. Whoever is the clan leader should only have access to the building of flags unless ur appointted as a officer. As i have read in other threads i agree about the obelisks being unbuildable places but also believe that idea should b spread out to key locations as well such as the black ice area and the salt lake. Now if some1 destroys ur flag marker in pvp. The decay timer should stay at the exact time it was before it was destroyed but it should still not be refreshed till they place another flag. This would also curb the players who build alot but abandoned a server or their original base location cause they got attacked.

If you like my suggestions or have any of your own. Please feel free to post them on this thread


i like the idea with claim flags, in combination with building amount be a talent you have to put talent points in it would be a good and interesting solution gameplay wise

I like this idea also,

But I would add the option to claim the flag at the end of the decay cycle, instead of just demolishing everything.

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I think this is an interesting idea, although I would need it fleshed our a bit more before I can stand behind it completely. For example, how much area does the flag allow? Does it claim all land above and below it, or is it a sphere of a certain radius. Does a single player only get one flag meaning you can only really build one base, no fish huts? All and all it’s an interesting solution to I think a big problem with the current decay system.

I would say you can build as high and below as u want. As long as its in the radius. And to answer your question about the single player thing. Yes u can only have 1 flag so 1 really big base. You can make a fish hut and all but it will decay by the end of the day since it would be temporary. Unless you have ur own server or admin panel controls to allow for more flags to be built. Thats the only way i think that you could claim more land

Hmm that might work

This game has many different types of players. PvP, Casual, Role Player, Builders.

You sound like your only catering to one type and that would be the casual players.

Builders take up far more land then they should agreed but build and build only.
PvP are in it to have one main base with small offshoots in different locations.
Role Players build whole networks of kingdoms.
Casual come on complain about everyone else and try to change the game to met there game style then quit 2months later.


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Exactly thank u for explaining my point. As it stands right now there kinda is no limit on the building but it causes crashs for players if they build too much. Which is why i think this system would work. Sure it might piss off some ppl especially the ones who just wanna play bob the builder all day. But this is just a start of a idea that could b refined into something more

Talking about multiplayer, there even from a technical point of view a change must be made to stop people from building too much and useless structures, or what do you think why the server lags are rampant and on some servers you have player build structures so big, that you have diashow and in some cases your PS4 even quits to the system screen because its just too much for it.

Do you like areas plastered with 156 Set-temples and Vaults?
I do not…
Of cause in singleplayer mode everything can stay as is

That is exactly my point karsten thank you. I really do believe this would make moat servers run way better because there wont be super giant bases that almost look like a representation of the great wall of china. All im saying here guys is that u can build as much and as tall as u want. But it has to be within the circle.

I’ve been saying this since day 1 of early access. We need a claim system similar to rust tool cupboard. But it seems funcom are too “proud” to take inspirations by other games and prefer to keep this frustrating system.

I have to say that adding a mechanic that would allow members from other clans to work together on a build (when everyone is in agreement) would be really helpful, especially for RP, PVE and even PVE-C servers. I’ve been asked a number of times to help out with another players build, but I don’t want to leave my clan to do it, so I end up just consulting rather than doing what I do best, building. I am hopeful that whatever they do to change the decay system (Alex himself said in a recent stream it’s not working as intended) this is a feature that will be enabled.

As for as upkeep cost for maintaining the base. Good idea, so long as it is configurable for private servers.

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For sure Zeropoint, it should be configurable and not hardcoded.

But my fear is that the devs are too much proud to even remotely evaluating a mechanic similar to another game.

I think the land claim issues should be looked at and broken into several aspects.

Land claims around in game items.

Obviously smaller areas like node spawns and world boss spawns really have no protection. Ive dealt with clans who build over just about all spawns for every world boss, but having so many places to run to, it dies off as a grief soon into it.

Building in places making it difficult to pass. Common, ways to work around.

Obelisks. This one I am very upset about. Another clan and I have been battling and stressing over this until recently. Personally, I think FUNCOM should change the “building not allowed here” in a 20 foundation area around the obelisk. I know someone could still spend time building around to stop people from getting in or out, but wider circumference, less likely.

The nonsense troll builder is the type I’m upset about.
We currently have a clan who has a base near the black galleon. They enclosed both jungle obelisks, the sinkhole obelisk, attempting to close off the pass from the savanna, near the white tiger to the black galleon, built rows and rows of foundations from their base to the sinkhole and towards Teliths island, up the mountain to the green wall near the pocket and across to Mitra’s serenity.
These people 90% of the time only sign on to time up their claims. Nearly the whole server has them “kill on site” for their trolling. This is a PVE-C server, so destroying the clans base isnt something we can do.

This is why land claims should have limits. The flag system for pre-build claims sounds great!
A limit on foundations would, possibly, make building styles forced into changes in building, but when some clan like this one takes advantage of limitless use of foundations, any server can have issues from them. I doubt moderators on official servers will come to fruition. It comes down to what will FUNCOM decide.
They did change land claim stats after the silver mines were being blocked/ lived in, so maybe FUNCOM will do something similar?
As a builder, I would hate limits on building materials, but something has to give on the clans that do this sort of thing and don’t even show their faces to accept a challenge to die. :slight_smile:

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Me too, how can someone be so low and block or camp obelisks ? In addition to blocking some use the “lag factor” to camp and kill you when you teleport. this and the many other “harassment mechanics” this game features must be fixed asap.

The high number of abusers shows the truth about how sick the majority of mankind reallly is, as a person with morale and honour to a good extend I really feel like an alien.

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And that’s the crux of the problem, mainly video games having evolved a culture where people are proud of cheating. No one yells at Bicycle that it’s too easy to hide an Ace up your sleeve, and no one makes YouTube videos about how they cheated in a poker game.


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