Claim stand/banner/flag

So the battle stendards where implemented for pve, right?

Why not implement a claim stendards? Remove the claim ability from building blocks and make a stendard that re-enable the claim to the building blocks connected, I don’t mean you need a claim stendard for each block, but that when placed it will reenable claim for all connected block

This will make that different clan member could work on buildings togheter, like arenas and such, without living their clan, plus adding a “capture the flag” mechanic to raiding.
Also it will make possible to squat abbandoned buildings instead of waiting for decay.

Make sense?

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I like the claim standard idea, but would prefer to see a different version of it:

  • Make it cover a certain surface area, instead of the whole base.
  • Make it use fuel instead of having a timer. You run out of fuel and your buildings can be damaged and destroyed.
  • Fine tune the fuel consumption formula for optimal balance.

in rust it calculate all the connected blocks for upkeep materials, it’s literally called “upkeep costs” in rust.
So the bigger the base, the bigger the upkeep cost.

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I like this idea for PvP. Destroy the flag and take over someone’s base. Also would help with spam.

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it’s since day 1 of early acces that i’m telling the flag idea, check my post history, what i think is that devs don’t want to look like “idea stealers” from rust, if only modders would jump on this bandwagon…

oh i’m with ya. i know that’s been floating around since EA. an old clan mate of mine was an avid rust player and talked about similar mechanics. it makes sense. there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to take the concept and tailor it to this type of game.

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I’ve posted land claim flag idea before, with no/some limits. This way a player only need log on, touch flag (which could have base info) It stop umbilical cords, and massive wall ins.

It seems like they got to much other things work on then redo land claim…

Yeah upkeep costs is better, so you either engage with the game or don’t play. The fact that you can just join and refresh the claim is moronic at best and take resources away from those who play the game, better to have upkeep costs, so at least every 48 hours you must come in to farm the materials.

Thats how it works now, (specially if your base is connected via roads) You log in and walk about base, and exit out. XD

Its meant to find balance between people who work, have kids, vacations and can’t be on 24/7 to farm fuel or run around map re-touching all there bases.

You might find it rude, but if people have “a life” they shouldn’t play a highly competitive game in a barbaric hardcore and unforgiving environment, they can get a private server or single player.
I stated this over a year ago, anyone not coming back to the server for more than 48 hours is taking away resources from other players, I know servers are free of charge, but because it’s free of charge you shouldn be so “arrogant” ( i’m arrogant too being one of those nasty :seedling: ) to expect to use computing and landscape resources away from other players who are actually playing the game.

Could you immagine if facepunch had that mindset with rust?

I start to feel like the guy who made the post “discontent is a feature” is right and funcom caring more to get every some months 100 players for 1 hour than 1 player for 100 hours. I don’t mean to offend (offence is in the eye of the beholder) but thats how I, and I think others, feel.

It’s not only rude, it’s disrespectful, counterproductive and ultimately not profitable. I don’t see anything that gives you justification to dictate which games other people should or should not play.

For the record, the decay timer has absolutely nothing to do with the competitive aspect of the game. In the competitive mode of Conan Exiles – PVP mode – you aren’t forced to wait for decay and are perfectly free to go and wreck someone’s base. In fact, that is what makes the game competitive.

PVE and PVE-C are where you’re restricted to waiting for decay, but those are cooperative and coopetitive modes, respectively.

I agree that the claim mechanics should change to put more pressure against huge claims and griefing and trolling, but that’s no reason for telling people they shouldn’t play a game.

It’s my opinion, and i have no rule over the game, it would be disrepectful if i was a dev, i mean it doesn’t depend on me if they want or can play nor I can rule the official server rules, so that’s why it’s an opinion, don’t be a tought police :P, what I also meant is that of course they can play, but if they don’t join a pvp server for 3 days don’t expect to find your base when you come back.

Of course it is, a flag system with upkeep costs will and should lead to base squatting, and it’s what I’m most looking forward, I mean, if the upkeep run out I’m just gonna slam the door in, place my flag instead of theirs and boom, squatted my very own base, no need to wait for decay to set in, no need to farm for base, just for weapons to go wreck some average joe. fastfastfast murdermurdermurder

And again, I’m talking about the official servers, not the game itself, if you don’t join for very long time you are taking computing and landscape resources from others, for free, and since the offi are not pay2play, and again don’t complain if the base is wiped, or squatted.

My 2 barbarian silver cents.

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It’s got nothing to do with being a dev or not. Opinions can be disrespectful and it’s not “thought police” to point that out. You were basically saying that certain kinds of people aren’t welcome here and if that doesn’t ring any alarm bells for you, then we have very different ideas about respect.

And again, if you don’t log in for a very long time, the decay timer will run out and someone will demolish your base. And of course you have no reason to complain if someone does that – unless it happened because the server was down and you couldn’t log in, or something like that.

The problem with the decay timer is that it doesn’t really scale properly, so it’s too easy to “defend” your claim.

And that’s great! It’s a new mechanic and it adds interesting gameplay. But it doesn’t change my point: PVE and PVE-C aren’t competitive modes. The decay timer is there precisely for the reason you mentioned – to make sure that shared resources aren’t forever occupied by people who don’t want to put a certain level of effort in maintaining their claim.

Demolishing someone’s base after the decay timer ran out is no more “competitive” than taking a shopping cart someone left in a parking spot. The same goes for the squatting mechanic you proposed. It’s simply the outcome of someone’s neglect. Competitive aspects of gaming involve skill :wink: Or at least, they do in well designed games.

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Of course, and I wasn’t on the pve-hating bandwagon. I don’t understand where you got that idea.

I can go with that.

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No, no, I wasn’t saying you’re hating on PVE. I was explaining that my original point is that decay timer is much less relevant in the PVP mode. And the reason I made that point originally is because I was replying to your claim that people who “have a life” shouldn’t be playing a “highly competitive” game. That’s really all I meant :slight_smile:

I actually agree with you that if the rest of my life interferes with my ability to play Conan Exiles to such a degree that I lose my base on an official server, then I have no grounds to complain about it :smiley:

So basically, if I had to boil down my side of this whole discussion to something short it would be: I agree that the claim mechanics should change, but please don’t tell me I shouldn’t play on official servers just because I have a kid and a job :wink:


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