Suggestions for better land claim

I just made this topic to help collect suggestions and the devs can see, hopefully, a consensus.

My suggestion would be personal banners, yes I am looking at you solo players, and/or clan banners, because solo players can be in clan alone, with a limitation based on clan size. Now pve players may disagree but I am sure you have those clans on pve that are just going around dropping foundations you can’t fight with. This would overall help at least 75-90% of the player basis. And single player/co-op just have a function to turn it off. Everyone wins. Except the alphas because let us be honest a handicap for them would just make them cry because they can’t build denial walls everywhere.


This was suggested plentyful of times, at this point I’m almost sure they’re unable/don’t have the skills to implement a flag-based claim.

It should just be some kind tag? I mean that’s how they do the dlc items they’ve said it in an interview. Implement the flag and change the claim tags?

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