Ideas to improve the upcoming landclaim announcer

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Hello everyone,

I have seen the reactions to the landclaim announcer so i thought like last time we can put our creative caps on and think up of ideas that the developers can use to make it better.

For example with my idea was with there being different info and range settings for it with pvp being the lowest to help small clans and solo players all the way to it being customized for private servers.

So what does everyone think and what ideas do you think will make this announcer better?

I like the lower radius for PVP.

Personally I think it will help people find those who exploit the undermesh issues.

Personally I am on PVE-C. It won’t matter. I personally think it should be disabled in PVP

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How about people walk around and use their eyes to find things and a repair hammer to ID it?


The lack of admins for official servers of course forces Funcom to introduce such features or other restrictions. Actually this contradicts the principles of a real Open sandbox gameplay, but unfortunately there are many people (I won’t call them players) who exploit the lack of admins or an unobservable rule to their advantage.
But maybe such a feature can be used for the beginning of a real diplomacy system.

  1. The pop up should only appear if you enter the base and reach a flag, positioned by the clan or owner of the base. This flag is necessary to begin with building, name the base and position this base on the mini map for the owner with a Marker.
  2. entering the base should also let popup a message for the owner, that somebody entered his claimed land.
  3. For further information exchange the owner and the visitor should meet each other
    Feel free to expand these thoughts…
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This is why I opened this thread to get people to post their ideas and opinions on what can be done to make it better or what can be done differently as everyone here has an opinion and I want all of us here to come together and share our ideas including yours and to find common ground.

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Yeah but I’ve been here since day 1 of early access, since this forum didn’t existed, since we where on the steam forums, the same things are being told over and over and over and it’s getting me so frustrated, you have no idea how many times the devs have been told about switching the claim system, but they keep on implementing stuff as it comes to their head in the morning.

I hope whatever this announcer thing is that it’s not like the HUGE banner of YOU ARE ENCUMBERED!!! I loath that thing with a passion!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It would be nice to see a radius when you go to build and also see where you cannot build lit up. And if it would also tell you how far out your radius of ownership would go as it has been talked about before on the forums.


Somehow I did not pursue the discussion you mentioned about the Landclaim system. But it sounds interesting. Would you describe these ideas here again?

@TwoJay a new bench where carpenters could be placed in, the bench is the claim block, it has a minimal radius, when carpenters are in it will also take care of autorepairing (very very VERY slowly, depending on carpenter thrall level) anything connected to the structure (following the same principles as decay) if materials are in the bench, in this bench could be also possible to craft banners or flags using for example tattoos materials (so you need to push for middlegame items) to widen the range of the claim to a certain limit, so people can’t claim the whole map.

In a pvp environment you could break and replace the claim bench to “steal” a base, or just take over abandoned bases, people will have to build smart and protect the claim bench (like in rust, i already imagine myself surrounding the bench with gas traps and honeycombs), banners/flags would decay instantly as soon as the claim bench is destroyed, make sense? the bench could have the hp as a vault so it’s not so easy to break them.
In pve and pve-c wouldn’t be any issue since you cannot break people benches

I could see an argument made that stealing bases in pvp could be bad, but what would you prefer? having to wait for bases to decay or farming like there’s no tomorrow to wipe all spammed foundations with explosives?

I’d also like the option for this to inform me of when I’m in my own clan’s claimed area. This would help PvE players to identify where we have gaps in our regions that could be exploited by those intent upon griefing us.

In terms of implementation, I’d go with something like the Shelter symbol, with the name of the land-owner being displayed below it. For a symbol, perhaps a flag (rather than the house used for Shelter) would be appropriate and intuitive, and (like Shelter) its fill level could help indicate how close to the edge of the land claim you are (i.e. low-fill = at edge, fully-filled = within actual structure).


From a PvP point of view, your suggestions are very useful. From a PvE point of view, however, this means a limitation for building. But maybe you could somehow bring both systems together.
By the way, I want to ask you as a PvP fan and fan of challenging combat what do you think of this mod?

I think that mod looks cool, during EA there was a similar mod with roaming thralls, it was laggy but it was very nice, I love game where you not only are against players and environment but can also use the environment against other players, let me make an example: I was in a 1(me) vs 3 of an enemy clan near the mitra oasis, i knew the black rino and the giant croc and the thralls where there, so I lured my enemies to the croc, aggroed the croc, run to the rino, aggro the rino, run to the thralls and let hell break loose, in the end i came out as a winner, I didn’t loot my enemies and I just mock them in chat something like “3 of you and it wasn’t enough still” :smiley:

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I’m on an official PvP server, and we usually just run around with a foundation until it says land claimed. So it won’t really change anything, other than help us identify WHO exactly is claiming said land. Plus a lot of people under mesh in PvP, so this will help a ton.

If you’re on PvE, then you can’t have an opinion about it on PvP servers, and I won’t say anything about it for PvE servers.

Actually, it does change a lot, with that addition, you don’t have to “work” to know if there are bases nearby running with foundations ready to be deployed and a building hammer to identify the owners.

People will discover hidden clains even if they were not looking for it, that goes against for PvP as hidden bases is a thing in PvP servers. The majority of the players don’t want it.

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Trust me, I can see how it would be an issue for many people, and I can only speak from my server. But everyone is trying to build big massive bases for fun pvp. but we have a couple clans who moved to the server just hiding in tiny bases, and all they do is do a little bombing each night. We’ve gotten most of them to quit the server, but a change like this will kind of force people to try and build big and defensive.

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Well then there should be compromise changes. Not just, PvE goes, who cares what happens to PvP servers

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