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It seems that there are varying thoughts and feelings on the Land Claim Marker system that has been incorporated into TestLive. I have opened a poll to try and measure the feelings of the players on this new feature. I hope that the poll options are comprehensive enough. If not, please cast your vote (or don’t! :slight_smile: ), and reply to continue the discussion.


  • I am pleased with the Land Claim Marker notification system as it is implemented currently on TestLive.
  • I am displeased with the Land Claim Marker notification system as it is implemented currently on TestLive. I am concerned about giving away Land Claim information from small bases that are intentionally (and legitimately) hidden from view.
  • I believe that this system is workable. However, it needs to be adjusted to incorporate some kind of cost to the sweeping/scouting player, and to prevent legitimately hidden bases from being uncovered by this feature.
  • I am okay with this feature as-is for private servers, and PVE. However due to concerns of giving away hidden bases, I would like for this feature to be turned off on PvP Official servers.

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Its mix of. “Very neat, and welcome”
And… "why would you ruin ninja bases… "

Even on PVE, knowing were someones little 2x2 hut is, can have people block it in, or log out on it etc.

Trolls will be Trolls, so what ever benefit anyone “thinks” is gonna happen, is gonna be outdone by trash of community who one purpose is ruin others fun. I hide my base for a reason on PVE.
I’m sick of penis on my lawn and other hurtful symbols. -_-’

I get purpose of it, but long term effects of it… PVE or PVP… is not good.

I keep giving up on PVE servers cause of trolls… stop the trolls, not make it easier for them to find me, PLEASE!


Changed my vote, to be optional for private servers. But I would add that it should not be on PVE or PVE-C Official.

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There is no vote with which i would agree !

I don’t like it, not at all !
I run a privat server, and really i hope that if ever this featur should make to live-build, it will be optional for privat-server. Not only to turn it off for players, understand me well. But no landclaim feature on my server.

Why, one time more, should privat servers be punished for things going on on official servers ? My server is privat, protected by password, so i don’t need to hunt hidden illegal bases. So i don’t have a real concern about the hidden bases on official-servers.
Ever on official servers, i can imagine that many don’t like at all.

But i don’t play official, this for several reasons, that’s my choice. So for me there isn’t any benefice to introduce such featur at all.

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Land claim notification is needed to find and report bases hidden under textures.

No, what is needed is that to be fixed, having such a feature in PvP servers is to limit gameplay and that make less ppl play the game.


I chose the third.

I think the range of that reign marker should come with maybe half distance on pvp because then it should be fine.
(it seems to be ~3 foundations, if that was changed to 1 or 1,5 foundations, less hidden bases would be exposed)

When thinking about undermeshbases, it would be easier to find them as a noob, so I guess there will be a lot more reports about those…?

I would suggest a serversetting for this, which sets the reign marker distance to 0,5 on pvp and 2 on pve/pve-c. IMO for pve it is REALLY neat as a feature, and for pvp it might give away undermeshbases.
For pve it would be about… well pve and rp. However this would need trolls and stuff to be fixed.

But when it comes to certain… “people”… I guess there will be even louder demands of Funcom having to fix the issue of trolls, griefers and exploiters/cheaters.
As for the last I really have no clue how to fix it.
But trolls and griefers usually do so because they can.
-> Take the possibility away eighter by optional subscription and servers which are run by those subs but coming with admins OR create an additional serversetting which allows for a max number of any foundation per owner (meaning square and wedge foundations, fence foundations and pillars).

What does the land claim notification do in terms of the z-axis? If I walk under someone’s well hidden base that is still out of line of sight, would it alert me? That is problematic as well with exposing hidden bases that you haven’t actually and actively spotted. :frowning:

If it were trimmed to a range, that would need to be trimmed on the x, y, and z axis.

Protek, I disagree that this is needed in order to report/fix undermeshing. That would be like adding a feature to a car that allows the driver to alert the manufacturer when the engine is defective. The manufacturer needs to correct the defect - this should not be the players / consumers problem to fix.


completely agree, adding a kind of gameplay feature to conter undermeshing and other exploits is not the way to go.

I play mostly on privat servers where there are less people around, so these pop-ups are unneaded and unwished, but also immersion breaking.
Anyway, on privat server, there should be simply an option to turn this feature off. We have seen this with the halloween-event, some people may like, will other may not, so giving the option is the best way to go.

I just don’t understand how you think funcom. Make a change this big and just throw it out on a patch just like that. It changes the game in such a huge way. If you implement this you might as well add a notification when a player get near other players aswell. It’s at the same level.

I wonder do you guys really play your own game? Imagine all the solo players. I think allot of the player base are into pvp and play solo or in small clans. The only way to be able to play they game for many of thouse players are with secret bases. It’s also a way of playing the game that gets totaly impossible now. Allot of the time the only way to survive is to hide and rebuild. With this feature I personaly will have a hard time playing this game at all.


We noticed your concern here on the forums and it’s being processed. :slight_smile:


I really hope so, Tascha !

We saw with the Halloween-event that not giving an option will still upset a part of the player-base.
If you want this feature, make it optional for server-admins. Ever, if needed, also official servers, make some with it if you wish, and some without, so at least people have some choice.

I’m sure, some people will enjoy it, but really not all, so please !

Consideration should be given to the different styles of gameplay (PvP, PvE, PVE-C, SP) rather than a blanket change.


I already run around with a bedroll mine-sweeping for bases. So perhaps a survey tool which can be used to investigate claims and will discover them is held in hand while exploring.

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