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So, after reading the test live patch notes, is anyone else EXTREMELY disappointed in the addition of the land claim markers?

Seriously how much easier can you make this game for people? Why not just simply add map markers every time someone builds a base, to save people the time of actually playing the game and looking for people and their bases?

Im really losing faith in this game, its really sad to see it turn to the simplified, “child friendly” game that it is becoming. Build, survive, dominate. That was the slogan…but now lets add lines on the map and just point out base locations of your enemies, just in case your too simple minded to know how to find them. Its bad enough you cant even loot a players open crafting stations without the game snitching on you in the event log, telling you the player name, then using the player list to find their clan name…and now you walk around the map until the game tells you who owns a land claim.

Pathetic, it really is. Make this game hardcore like it used to be, this new version is terrible.


Land Claim Announcer

“You will now get a popup on your screen when you enter the area of another player, informing you who owns the area and structures placed.
You are able to toggle this feature on and off in the settings.”

You can always turn it off.

“You will now get a popup on your screen when you enter the area of another player, informing you who owns the area and structures placed.
You are able to toggle this feature on and off in the settings.”

Why do you guys keep killing stealth gameplay? Now Hidden bases won’t be hidden anymore!

Solo players and small groups are getting more and more disadvantage in this game.



Ya, that kinda sucks…

Having a small house hiding items up in nock of mountain, is not gonna be so hidden…or underwater base XD


I would suggest the other way round. The owner of a base gets a popup when another player enters his claimed land. The exchange of information should only happen when both playercharacters meat each other in game. And this should be only with the permission of each of the players.


this is really not a good idea for PVP solo players who are trying to hide their base locations, like @Nemisis states, why not just put markers on the map then…


Ok, so I can turn it off so the game is more “hardcore” if you will for me…that doesn’t prevent every other player on the server from using it and ID’ing locations of hidden bases of mine. Your point here is invalid because it doesn’t solve the issue that it is turning this game too easy, and making things one sided that I cant control, is stupid.

If this is the work around for people to ID stuff underwater, Im greatly disappointed.


Yeah, screw players in official servers right? Why not just shut down those already.


Is this a setting in-game, like the options menu? Or a server setting?

To everybody else complaining, there have been posts throughout Conan Exiles existence requesting a feature exactly like this. I assume this feature was introduced based on those requests.


While I can totally understand people’s complaints about this when everyone is playing as intended, this is a welcome feature for those who are trying to root out undermesh bases.


Can you use features already in the game to do that? We’ve done it for nearly 2 years. Run around with a foundation like you want to place it…when it turns red from land claim, you’ve found them. Done. No need to change this.


That was a comment made by one of the CM’s in our discord chat.

I tested this in my SP game and it does pop up as I near locations I have built on for testing things and missed removing something.

If everyone and the OP don`t mind if I throw my hat into this as I think I might have an idea that could solve this.

Do you mind sharing that idea?

Also I think that this kind of feature sounds interesting, but it should strictly be kept to PVE and PVE-C as there is no advantage gained through knowing someones base location on those servers. Also, add a server wide option for the private servers.

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Well thinking my idea does base around it but it involves new settings for said feature off, custom, Max, Medium and low.

Off - basically turns the thing off

Custom - basically customise the settings of this system as range of the land claim markers and how much detail it will tell you for example. Which this and off are perfect for Private servers.

Max - this is for PVE as it would have max detail and max range being what it is now.

Medium - Medium range with minimal detail most likely used for PVE-C.


Low - lowest land claim range and will barely give you any detail as all could happen is a pop up that says something like, “From your surroundings it seems there has been a lot of activity in this area.” As this would suit for PVP.

Though this is just my idea.

We are stealth experts we build our clan on that, eventho CE must be the worst game for stealth.

Its our defense against exploiters, griefers etc, lf they cannot locate you, you have an advantage.

One can walk past us not seeing a stone. we hide in builds of the game etc. we build extremely small.

Now walk past and youll get a popup about us beeing there lol.

Cmon please dont implie this our gameplay from years is ruined then.

Above that a personal note who in heavens name thinks of these imo 100% ridicoulous idea’s.


On officials…
When the enemy is the griefer… they will block you or other stuff. So no please not in pve or pve (c)
We play against players ánd griefers.

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land claim items have been requested, not zone markers to show everyone where you are.


I fail to see where they said anything about zone markers. All I see is that you, the player, will get a popup saying you entered a player land claim radius area. The exact update to testlive says

You will now get a popup on your screen when you enter the area of another player, informing you who owns the area and structures placed.
You are able to toggle this feature on and off in the settings.