A call to end land claim feature

Land claiming should be done though battle not through placing and hiding foundations.

Right now, the most unrealistic part of this game (even though it’s a fantasy game world) is land claim restrictions. The fact that I can’t bring a soldier and release him in an area because it’s “land claimed” is just silly. Even worse, once we have mounts this week, what will happen when I try to jump off my horse in battle? Will it say I can’t place it here because of land claim?

Let’s face it, the land claim is a failure. It promotes spamming of altars, foundations and more. The fact that one’s “empire” is just a bunch of foundations is just silly. If you wanted to expand your area, you should have to fight for control.

We’ll use the middle ages for an example. If I were planning to assault one’s castle, there wouldn’t be anything preventing me from setting up camp and preparing for battle right outside someone’s walls…Except for archers and other defenses WHICH this game should keep and add more abilities to.

Land claim is just a silly feature and it should be removed entirely as there is no such thing as a land claim in real life without fighting or negotiating for the land.


I like your suggestion. Removing the land claim would certainly make the game more interesting. I’m sure some clowns would go walling in other people’s bases but realistically people will abuse any form of the game.

so yeah, I’d like to see the land claims removed too!

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The horse is automatically placed on “Following” when you mount it, and will remain following. So that at least will not be an issue.



In PVE and PVE-C, you can’t destroy other people’s buildings. Would you like to explain how I’m supposed to “fight for control”?


So, now I can build a foundation wall right up against your gate preventing you from using it? Or stand on a nearby hill or rock or nerd pole and plop down thralls in the middle of your base? Plus, you know, all the crap respawning in your walls. And as @CodeMage mentioned, there’s some serious PvE issues to consider.

Just want to make sure you know what you’re in for.


Yes, it would make solo players have more difficulty because a solo “king” has no subjects to rule. This is why you work to build alliances and clans. To build up protections and defenses. As in life, if you were a rogue knight you’d have a hell of a time defeating any army. Rome wasn’t built by a single person. It took team work, a massive military (which can only be done by being a clan in the game) and planning.

So yeah, solo players would best be served being more of a thief or something like that. Stay low and hidden and hope the empire doesn’t find you.

I get that it would be on follow automatically, however, I don’t want my horse to follow me into the base. I want to post it at our encampment which I shouldn’t need to have half a map away because someone placed a foundation under water or in some bushes hidden away.

My personal opinion about those other modes is they shouldn’t even be in the game. They’re just silly waste of programming power and time. Yeah it’s cool to build but making that the “game” is just silly. Again…in my own opinion. I’m sure there are plenty of building applications out there where people can build pretty houses. To me it’s a waste of time.

Being on a PVP server, we have plenty of pretty buildings BUT we’ve fought to build them. We’ve fought to keep them and we fight to maintain them. That’s fun as hell. Even when we get hit hard, we hit back hard. We plan for potential attacks. For strategic alliances and have replacement supplies and materials available all over the map and with alliance members. So, I don’t want to hear … you can’t build pretty things in PVP. You can but it takes planning and cooperation.

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LOL, you’re welcome to try. If it were real life, I’d probably see you building there and take you out before you could do that. Plus, you’d also have to get past my hidden mines (which definitely needs a tweak - they’re too noticeable in some areas)

And yes, if someone tried to wall me in my own base, I’d simply spawn in the desert and come in from behind them. As I said in another post…Plan ahead for the enemy. We have hidden chests with back up supplied in the event we can’t get into our base or out. Base planning would also have to be something players would have to get better at. Right now people (many not all) seem to just throw stuff up anywhere without any thought for defense. This game is truly about building for defense and then you work to expand your territory. Many treat defense as an afterthought. After this update, it’s going to need to be a lot smarter and more planned out to be effective.

It was suggeste SOOOOO MANY TIMES to implement something like Rust tollcupboard, for example with flags, no-go.
Then the battlestands for pve got implemented.
I would love to get a “claim flag” for each player of the clan, then you need to protect the flag, and players could work/build togheter battle arenas and such, in alliance, without the burden of building claim.
But did they listen? I think they don’t want to be called out for copying another game perhaps, or they want to move out of the survival genre into rpg genre.

In theory landclaim can be removed on server settings, just set the radius to the minimun.
To make a better case, we could have a server setup like this and let the pvp happen.

This might let to a new category of official pvp servers.

I agree it would add a new layer of pvp, which would not be restricted to silly raid times also.

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You know i like the land claim flag. Maybe something like the battle flags.
Where instead of decay timer for it, it “burns a certain fuel”. a few types of resources for people at different levels. 100 Ichor will give 72 hour timer. 200 Brimstone would give 120 hour timer. 100 Demon blood would give 168 day timer. Balance those as needed. But the idea is instead of just logging in to refresh bases, one would have to farm the fuel, and give a target to remove claim. For PVE, it could be turned off, or use way less fuel. for PVP, to defend it, i would need to build my defenses around that flag. And no limits on flags. They decay if they run out of fuel. The area one flag covers could be 5x5 squared area, since most buildings are squared.
Could people spam them. yes. But if the HP was really low, and could be damaged by weapons, it would still take actual resource like now to build up around them. But instead of having to meticulously take out one foundation at a time, i could find the flag, destroy it, and 24 hours later everything it covered decays, along with me being able to build on the land. Flags can’t be placed if someone elses structure (not thralls or pets) is in the 5x5 area.


I know of one game that still hasn’t been released, which used this mechanic during the short time I was involved with its development. I was playing Conan Exiles EA back then and I remember wishing CE had this same mechanic. I will always love that idea and lend my support to it however I can :slight_smile:

Please tell me you meant “168 hour timer” :laughing:

They don’t even have to decay – just let them behave like any other fuel-consuming crafting station: if it’s out of fuel, it’s not protecting the territory and the buildings can be damaged.


Yeah, 168 hour. oops.

Typical. One of the constants of gaming is that there’s always someone that’s all “RAWR!!! PVP!!! SCREW EVERYONE ELSE!!!”.

Well, to me and countless others, PvP is a waste of time. In contrast, however, we’re fine with it being there as long as it’s isolated from those of us who prefer not having to put up with some (the only appropriate words here are censored) who thinks it’s funny to use his maxed out character to slaughter new characters and generally prevent anyone else from playing the game.

You want to stop foundation spam, fine. So do we. But do it in a way that makes sense for both modes.


That would be a fine attitude if this weren’t a SURVIVAL GAME. This is not a modeling game. It’s a combat and survival game. So tell me again which mode is useless and a waste of programmer energy? The safe spaces player modes or the play with the big boys where we don’t care about your feelings and actually follow the motto of the game.

Survive, Build, Dominate

I had my hands dirty in the devkit, once you make a base and place the flag it could propagate the claim to all blocks connected to the block under the flag, and if it would be going like rust and like you said, with upkeep materials, the bigger the base the bigger the upkeep resources, so you need to come back in and farm the resources for the upkeep costs. :wink:


Makes perfect sense in full on PVP mode. It’s also ridiculous that there’s no siege ladders either. Bubble/pillar bases wouldn’t have been nearly as op if ladders existed outside of players standing on top of each other and then explosive/gas arrowing inside a bubble against the ceiling to break in. (Imagine having 10 dudes all standing on top of one another to break into a base that only one person was AFK defending) removing land claim spam and either nerfing the build speed or increasing building cost of foundations to be really high would negate a lot of unintended gameplay that we currently see.


The term “survival game” has nothing whatsoever to do with PvP. It’s an offshoot of the action/RPG genre focused on the idea of surviving in a hostile, open world environment with a focus on gathering resources, crafting, building, etc., often with additional mechanics like food, water, illness, etc. That “modeling” you think so little of is the game.

The PvP element is nothing but an add-on for people that think crouching on other players’ dead bodies is the height of skill and maturity.


Well it’s still in the code and the devkit(i think it’s still there), before climbing was implemented we did human pyramids, so the devs implemented that when you do human pyramid it sums the weight to the lower player and as soon as you go 500%(or something like that) encumbrance you splat in a bomb of blood. It’s still there, try to get 6 friends to climb of top of each other, the one below will die in a bloody mess.