How much is too much landclaim?

I went on a server and the entire south jungle is walled off all the way over to buccaneer bay. The demon spider boss on the island is despawned. There is land claim spider webbed cross connecting one clan’s bases all across the entire server from the jungle all the way up to the volcano and everywhere in between. This is on a PvP server. Based on this information, is this against the terms of service or is this perfectly acceptable? Not trying to “snitch” but trying to figure out what is okay and not okay.


Sounds like it’s against the rules to me, but I don’t play PvP. It’s probably worth getting pics and sending to the appropriate person/team with other necessary info for them to determine whether or not it’s a rule breaker.

  1. Demon boss spider island. Idk man. To me if youre gonna punish a player because their land claim tripped over a boss zone i feel like maybe that patch of boss spawn shouldnt be claimable and that is something the devs shoulda had more foresight on. Its not like they built a wall blocking off a dungeon entrance.

  2. Can you cross over the spider web with little to no climbing? Are their stairs and lighting on the spider webs? Is it foundation spam to connect bases or is it a road? Im in favor of roads. I know people get mad about it, but roads are kinda important to civilization sooooooo no surprise they pop up in building games?

Can you clarify that for me? Is it across the entire map or does it go from the jungle to the volcano. I think its very reasonable as the alpha to have a highway built for your tribe. Theres a couple of folks whod look real sharp wearing brown shirts that like to check in and to snoop around other servers to see if they can screech and get people banned, maybe they can come and give you a second opinion tho.

uh, if it is Alpha style spider web, it will lag the crap out of a server, or the minimum where you are rendered.

Road? Why does anyone ever need a road in this game. Map room takes care of any traveling issues. Daisy chaining is done for one thing, to connect refresh and block off as many prime PVP build spots.


This sounds to me like it is more than protecting a base from treb attacks or connecting bases
(Btw you can delete the connecting foundations afterwards without affecting the decay timers - that´s the noble way).

But I think it´s difficult to discuss without pictures.
Anyway the forum members will never be able to predict how the funcom stuff will decide.


My neighbor is serial theme park builder - he builds in all directions until reaches someone else. So I keep several pillars around my base and road to obelisk - otherwise I will wake up inside Disney castle backyard.

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Road? Do you own a car in conan? I can understand bridges, but roads? Ok, here is the thing, big clans have obelisk campers (stupid boys) that steal all the time farmers, so the leader can build like he owns the server. It is online, official for EVERYBODY. So if you want to play this way you have to respect all the others too. But respect is not on a known word for this persons. All they know is what the birds in finding nemo knew, mine, mine, mine. This is the iq here, sorry but it’s the truth. Your freedom stops where the others begin, it is a life rule, use it to your play style too, carry your character and not your ambition on your gaming. Because strong is the one that is beaten and rize up, not the one that lifted by others, remember this.


This isn’t a highway. It’s landclaim stretching from noob river, to the sinkhole, to the jungle, to the snow, all throughout the volcano. Most of which is too high to be a “road” or in weird areas that would not be feasible to make a “road”.

I’m trying not to post server numbers or pictures because the clan leader frequents these forums and I’d rather not start a massive argument. Just was curious if that type of behavior is allowed because what funcom posted wasn’t super clear to me.

I think the main question is: is the construction disruptive? Does it cause harm to other players? If it actually prevents access to a significant portion of the game area, blocks unique or hard-to-find resources or dungeons, or causes performance issues to the server, you can report it to Funcom. Let them decide if it’s too much or not.

spaghetti foundations, i’d call it. To me it is game breaking as mentioned in another post in General Discussion … needs to be fixed by funcom somehow

Well, this is the liberal way of interpreting the rules.

I am following the strict way of interpreting…

  1. It causes server performance issues - illegal acc. to server rules
  2. It creates a bad game experience - it does not even have to actually ‘harm’ anybody - but if you have to walk around that spaghetti wall 100ts of miles in order to get where you wanna go - it is illegal
  3. It is an exploit and partially hinders people to access where they wanna go, hinders to access resources, potentially can be used to create an unfair advantage - illegal

all from the official server rules. Not making this up… On single player server idc - they should leave it as it is so you can play how you want but on an official server this is unnacceptable.



This has been discussed time and time again.

There is no limit on landclaim (HOWEVER) blocking of in game content Dungeons/Obelisk is ban-able.

I don’t believe world bosses are considered game major game content so they might have the right to build there.

Any decent person would know there blocking the boss and should have some type of class to build around it so others can enjoy the fight.

How can you say that world bosses are not major content? They are UNIQUE game contents, an players blocking the spawn should be punished…

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Because its not major content… you dont need to kill any world boss to beat the game. You know how many of the big alligators are built over on my server… pretty much all of them no one really minds only because it not part of the story.

“UNIQUE” is all it is

your being a tad bit extreme to say they should be punished if the devs did not want of the spawns to be built over they would of had no build zones

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From the ToS: please remember that there are other players sharing the server with you. We reserve the rights to act upon in cases we deem necessary, such as but not limited to:

  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, resources and other areas of the game.

Copied straight from the ToS, it doesn’t specify “major content” just “content”. The only real solution is if someone has a problem with something and thinks it might be against the rules then report it and see what happens. Or alternatively try contacting the player/clan responsible and ask them politely to change what they’ve done.

Thats a weird argument to make. In that case you done need to make a base, its not part of the story and it’s not needed to beat the game.


that’s asking a lot. Have you met people online? Unfortunately some people ENJOY blocking resources, bosses etc just to troll and get a rise out of them. Relying on someone to just “have some class” is not a reasonable request.


I think it is reasonable to request Funcom define whether or not Worldboss spawn locations are fair game for builds or not. Some world bosses have unique items like the Nemedian that represent potential content lockouts.

I’m on a server atm that has the entire oasis foundation covered - with buildings reaching into the savannah, the Reaper queen blocked, the lion cubs blocked, the jaguar cubs blocked, etc. It’s not technically foundation spam, it can be circumvented, but it definitely erodes the game experience.


The rules are available to read, they’re not specific and I believe this is because Funcom don’t want to limit us unnecessarily. We are all expected to show consideration to others on the server and use a little sense when building. If you’re unsure about something the best bet is to contact Funcom and they will decide.