Land Claim Announcer changes

Hi Exiles,

I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend with many exciting plans :slight_smile:

First of all, thank you for the feedback on the current TestLive patch. It’s humbling to see how much you care about the development and how passionate you are about Conan Exiles.

One of the Feedbacks we saw coming in immediately is your concerns with the Land Claim Announcer Mechanic.

It seems that we missed the mark with what what we initially thought the idea for and interest would be in this feature. After seeing your feedback, we discussed and implemented a server side setting for the feature to be toggled off or on. This is currently internal only but will be patched to the TestLive servers with the next update.

Private Server admins will then be able to choose according to their communities’ preference and turn the mechanic on or off.

For official PvP servers we decided to have this setting OFF by default.

We would however love to hear your opinion about Official PvE and PvE-C servers.
Please help us make sure we do what’s in most players interest by voting on the poll below. Please also feel free to share it with your fellow players so we can get as many votes in as possible:

  • OFF for all official servers
  • ON for PvE and PvE-C
  • Only ON for PvE

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Thank you for helping us improve Conan Exiles and for being Exiles!


:clap: Kudos FC, I applaud you, thats the right interaction with your players.

Ps: If only you could do that reverting to the old Event Log. (for pvp servers)


i wished really they would be any option for server-admins, to turn on/off this featur.

I mean, if we chose to play in our nutshells, we have our reasons to do so, and also pay and invest time to set-up our privat servers. So it should still also be up to us if we enable or not such tools.

Options are still great, you can never satisfy all people with the same things, that’s simply impossible. But giving them choice make most more happier.

So my choice here, i’m sorry to say, is more ego driven, and i wishes i could do it in an other way.

My server set-ups are still pvp, so i vote for pve only. Fair ? no is not. But the only viable choice i have.

Apologies, I am not sure I understand you correctly but are you asking for private server admins to have the settings to turn this on and off?
That is what will be possible and what we have implemented. The poll is only for our official servers and what settings the community wants us to set them to.

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I was going to vote off for PVP, as that’s the only server type I play on I cannot say how it should effect PVE or PVEC servers.

My gut reaction is that either PVE or Clonflict servers should be fine with it as you can’t really destroy their bases or interact with their objects. So it doesn’t really do anything except help people find a place to build a base.

On PVP it could reveal a hidden base that would otherwise go unnoticed. Then it can be raided and make easier to find all bases for a clan or player and hit them all in the same raid window to wipe them off the map.


Good change. I don’t play PvP but it seems the right move to keep it off for those servers. PvE-C I don’t know, could go either way. PvE is fine with this setting IMO.

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We are of the general impression that it would be fine to have on on PvE and PvE-C. Obviously though we want to check with the community and not just assume :slight_smile:


I don’t see what the harm would be for PVE or PVE-C servers. While I haven’t been able to check it out with bases in all different locations on Testlive, I have always been close enough to see the base anyway when the pop-up occurs.

At first i really dislike the event log. After some time and learning it so to speak, it has bee really useful. If you want, in a private message i can give you some pointers on how to better utilize it.

I agree mate, it shouldn’t cause any game breaking issues.

Could this be a server side option for the server admin to choose the global setting but ALSO give the client machine an option to turn it off if it’s activated on a server?

The main reason I say this is that you’ll have players on PvE/PvE-C where the server has it turned on, but the player doesn’t want to see all the notifications. We have players not in Clans together but who have all built in the same area as a community, they will get plagued with messages just leaving their bases.

I’d also like to thank FC for the way you’ve communicated and listened to the community with this topic. A*

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Thank you for 1) allowing us to provide feedback, 2) reading our feedback, 3) taking our feedback to heart, and 4) in some cases (like this one) acting on it. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! :smiley:

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That’s the idea :slight_smile:

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awww, I’m on official pvp, and I was looking forward to this feature :disappointed_relieved:

Oh I know it is very informative, and thats the real problem I see existing in a game that you have the option to steal things from unprotected situations (unconscious players, stations, unlocked chests out in the open/near windows), you just can’t be a “zamorian thief” or “Subotai” stealing stuff without being unnoticed.

Before this new Event Log I had awesome moments stealing from people. If this game is ok you chopping out another players head, it should be ok stealing their loot if they’re not cautious without them knowing it was you, like it was when the game came out.

As some people suggested in another thread, they could change the “Player Name” by just “ A Player” got your stuff, when displayed on the Event Log, that way, it would bring back the “thievering” gameplay style that most players do when get the chance, the one who denies that does not (in pvp) is lying, after all, this is Conan, not The Sins.


Yes please. I want it gone except for debugging purposes. It spices things up in PvP not to have a snitch log.

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ok, so that’s great news for me !

It’s exactly what i was asking for. There is still also a big difference between heavy populated servers, and small privat servers, where we don’t have the need for such tools.
If as privat admin we can simply turn it off for the full server, that’s just perfect to me. All i want, i needed to know. Thanks !

Oh okay. I also agree. The looting should just be “looted”. Don’t even need by whom.

Event log should track like this.
Damage done–play name attached, along with clan (only way they can remove this is to remvoe the player list so noo one know anything unless they see it)

Friendly looting–player name (keeping an eye on those inside jobs!!!).

Unfriendly Looting–just say looted and time.

Religious warfare—keep as is. (maybe if possible, can only see religions you have unlocked personally)

all others i am okay with.

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Exactly, thats the perfect settings for the Event Log, I wish Funcom could refine it that way.

Agree we should get a thieving gameplay event log fix.
It really took away various gameplay styles from pvp. Aside from thief, you can’t be a nomad living off the land and using people’s workbenches when needed because it will log you stole some iron bars and leather, even it you mine the iron and smelt it yourself using someone’s furnace.

This gameplay was very different and I used to do it when first entering a new server, until I could level up a bit before stablishing a base.

And even then I would let my crafting stations in the open for people to utilize (without thralls of course).
Wich brings thw point again, thralls should not be open on workbenches even on pvp, want to steal a thrall break the workbench.

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I do think it is nice on PVE servers, but the problem I have with it in the current form is it spams to much. Inside my base, it keeps popping up with the message entered land ruled by Dogs of War. This is just when moving from one end of my building to the other.

Also, if someone in my clan moves out of our area and then back into our area we both get the message of entering land ruled by dogs of war. I am standing still and not moving.