Please some clarity on landclaim reveiling popups on Officials pve (c)

We would like to know if in official pve or pve -c the landclaim popups will be implied.

Its said about the upcoming testlive:"Pvp is off by default: (On officials) But noinfo about pve©

PVE - C Officials are just pvp, exploits are used all around,
griefers and griefer clans rule the official pve© servers.

The only way to stay safe in the long run is to hide,
we do so succesfully since EA.

We(our clan) just need to know if we should just stop and move on, as there is no use nor fun in playing on when locations are reveiled by popups.

Thanks in advance!

From what I’ve seen on testlive the popup radius is extremely small. I don’t really see it being an issue. I’ll point out that people can already minesweep with a bedroll, foundation or whatever to get “This land is already claimed” messages and that has a much larger radius than the popup.

No IMO that’s not a fair compare, noone walks around the map with a bedroll or a foundation, only when you scout for someone perhaps.
In this case even if you don’t intend to scout you are informed.

I do not get why this idea - when the game is riddled with bugs and subsequent griefers, the one thing man can think about is a popup when you enter or pass someones claim, who has build with the intention of stealth.

Why would one want that, gamewise?
The whole catch of playing stealth is what survival is about. (or have huge clans)

Some may catch what i mean…

There is an open poll from Funcom regarding land claim for pve and pve-c on officials, therefore I think they have not yet decided upon it. I’d suggest you keep an eye on that poll (link below):

WHY would anyone want this??

Why is there not a single explanation on this forum why it should be a benefit for the game?

Hide builds in trees would be gone, just walk past and youll be notified even is the build is invisible.

For now its disabled on pve-c it seems, and the poll clearly shows players want it disabled on official pve-c at least. Dunno bout pve as we dont play there.

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