Land Claim Fix Suggestion

so the block count decay idea well that helped a little for sure… but its still far from being fixed…

so here is my suggestion.

Land Claim Pillar - Each player is able to set down 1 pillar at any given time ( like a bed roll currently, though maybe have it a setting in the server settings for private servers on the # limit ). That pillar has a sphere in which it can be used to claim land… the sphere is not visible after you set it… but only as you trying to place it down…

The Pillar can have Various Tiers to increase the size of your land claim.

A player can still build anywhere in the map, but unless inside a land claim sphere, their buildings decay much faster as well as have 50% of their normal HP’s. You can also still build inside another players sphere as long as its not to close to their structures as the settings are now… but having even further increased decay time and only 25% of their normal hps.

Guild Spheres can overlap to help create ownership of larger areas for building.

Having Multiple bases around the map would only be possible if your in a clan and someone is using their sphere at other locations.

A sphere can not be placed over lapping another non allied players sphere.

It is a sphere there for has a horizontal and vertical limitation. so if someone builds up “high” and the area below their base is out of the sphere well then someone could build a base up there…

I am sure a lot of people will hate this idea, but I am also sure it will help greatly with land claim grieving.

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(at)Zaphieon this is the right direction, as it is now ppl simply started to build foundations and put a crate on it to do their dirty land claim griefing, i thought about a nice thing would be on top that you can build only so much building pieces per player (based on a perk?), this would also lower server load and reduce lag.

About the “sphere” you mentioned i think like Conan Exiles is made it probably easier and much more reliable if that “zone” is a cubic form,also because then the zone can be as high as the map allows but its width and length be limited to 30 foundation places (just as an example) .

I mentioned spheres because we already know they have god bubbles programmed in…
as well i wouldn’t want to allow land came infinite high or low… giving rights to someone that has built really high on the map to all the land below… Thus my idea for the sphere

i understand but you could cut the cube height too, what i am after is simply that a cubic form is more “accurate” matching the building parts wich are all based on cubic forms, however i like it to see that people come up with smart ideas about the mass building part spamming problem especially on official servers its a real mess